The Plays of William Shakspeare: In Ten Volumes : with the Corrections and Illustrations of Various Commentators : to which are Added Notes

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C. Bathurst; J. Rivington and Sons; T. Payne and Son; L. Davis; W. Owen; B. White and Son; T. Longman; B. Law; T. Bowles; J. Johnson; C. Dilly; J. Robson; G., G., J., and J. Robinson; T. Cadell; H.L. Gardner; J. Nichols; J. Bew; W. Stuart; R. Baldwin; J. Murray; A. Strahan; T. Vernor; J. Barker; W. Lowndes; S. Hayes; G. and T. Wilkie; Scatcherd and Whitaker; T. and J. Egerton; W. Fox; and E. Newbery, 1785

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