The History of the Lives and Bloody Exploits of the Most Noted Pirates: Their Trials and Executions

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Empire State book Company, 1926 - 295 pages
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Page 128 - Tho', damn ye, you are a sneaking Puppy, and so are all those who will submit to be governed by Laws which rich Men have made for their own Security, for the cowardly Whelps have not the Courage otherwise to defend what they get by their Knavery...
Page 128 - ... to be governed by Laws which rich Men have made for their own Security, for the cowardly Whelps have not the Courage otherwise to defend what they get by their Knavery; but damn ye altogether: Damn them for a Pack of crafty Rascals, and you, who serve them, for a Parcel of hen-hearted Numskuls.
Page 245 - That you be carried from hence to the place from whence you came, and from thence to the place of execution, and there to be hanged by the neck till you are dead ; and may the Lord have mercy on your soul...
Page 67 - Nicholas Churchill, James How, Robert Lumley, William Jenkins, Gabriel Loff, Hugh Parrot, Richard Barlicorn, Abel Owens, and Darby Mullins, were arraigned for piracy and robbery on the high seas, and all found guilty except three : these were Robert Lumley, William Jenkins, and Richard Barlicorn, who, proving themselves to be apprentices to some of the officers of the ship, and producing their indentures in court, were acquitted. The three...
Page 11 - Government, and shew'd, that every Man was born free, and had as much Right to what would support him, as to the Air he respired. A contrary Way of arguing would be accusing the Deity with Cruelty and Injustice...
Page 67 - ... committing an act of felony or piracy. A pirate is not to be understood to be under constraint, but a free agent ; for, in this case, the bare act will not make a man guilty, unless the will make it so. Now a servant, it is true, if he go voluntarily and have his proportion, he must be accounted a pirate, for then he acts upon his own account, and not by compulsion. And these persons, according to the evidence, received their part, but whether they accounted to their masters for their shares...
Page 64 - Kit chased her under French colours, and, having come up with her, he ordered her to hoist out her boat and to send on board of him, which, being done, he told Wright he was his prisoner ; and informing himself concerning the said ship, he understood there were no Europeans on board except two Dutch, and one Frenchman, all the rest being Indians or Armenians, and that the Armenians were part owners of the cargo.
Page 14 - Caraccioli objected that they were no Pirates, but men who were resolved to assert that liberty which God and Nature gave them, and own no subjection to any, farther than was for the common good of all.
Page 129 - I am a free Prince, and I have as much Authority to make War on the whole World, as he who has a hundred Sail of Ships at Sea, and an Army of 100,000 Men in the Field; and this my Conscience tells me...
Page 264 - He frequently came so near as to tear my skin and deluge me with blood ; but by the mercy of- Providence I escaped from every danger. At this moment a heavy flaw struck the schooner, and I heard one of the pirates say, " Voila un vaisseau !" They all retreated precipitately, and gaining their own vessel, was soon out of sight.

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