The Genesis of Germs: The Origin of Diseases and the Coming Plagues

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New Leaf Publishing Group, 2007 - 192 pages
The concept of disease and germs can be dfificult for Christians to understand in a creationist worldview. The author sheds light on the origin of germs and how they fit into a Biblical worldview and the possible function of these microbes before the fall. He also considers how these constantly mutating pathogens are not evidence for evolution, but rather of de-evoution. Every year seems to bring an impending threat of a new disease outbreak. The spread of these scary diseases, from avian flu to SARS to AIDS, is a cause for concern and leads to questions, such as: Where did all these germs come from? How do they fit into a biblical worldview? What kind of function did these microbes have before the Fall? How can something so small have such a huge, deadly impact on the world around us? Dr. Alan Gillen sheds light on these and many other questions in this revealing and detailed book. He shows how these constantly mutating diseases are proof for devolution rather than evolution, and how all of these germs fit into a biblical worldview. He also shows how germs are symptomatic of the literal Fall and Curse of creation as a result of man's sin, and the hope we have in the coming of Jesus Christ. - Publisher.

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Love this book! A perfect addition to our Apologia Science library and offers even greater understanding to our Biology studies. Easy to understand and great pictures. Glad to read material that offers a biblical worldview and engages the learner to THINK! Read full review

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Ahahahaha, that's some good crazy. Gillen, ironically employed at the fake "Liberty University" with a fake degree in science education (should be "science" education, but whatever), embarasses himself with this sad effort to shoehorn microbiology into young earth creationism.


Microbes by Design
Beneficial Bacteria Bacteria Part 1
Bacteria in a Fallen World Bacteria Part 2
Protista A Zoo in Pond Water
Fungi Recyclers of Nutrients and Sources of Treasures
Viruses Fallen Genes Coated with Protein
Immune System Created to Interact with Microbes
Emerging Disease Plagues of the Present and Future
The Origin of Disease A Creation Perspective
Plagues and Pestilences of the Future
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