A History of the Late Province of Lower Canada, Parliamentary and Political, from the Commencement to the Close of Its Existence as a Separate Province, Volume 2

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Page 262 - His Royal Highness the Prince Re-gent, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty...
Page 262 - Honourable gentlemen of the Legislative Council and gentlemen of the House of Assembly : — I have...
Page 26 - This inconsistent and unjustifiable threat of refusing quarter for such a cause as being found in arms with a brother sufferer in defence of invaded rights, must be exercised with the certain assurance of retaliation, not only in the limited operations of war in this part of the King's dominions but in every quarter of the globe, for the national character of Britain is not less distinguished for humanity than strict retributive justice, which will consider the execution of this inhuman threat as...
Page 233 - Government of this realm, during the continuation of his Majesty's present indisposition, and no longer ; and under the style and title of Prince Regent of Ireland, in the name of...
Page 55 - Soldiers, you are amply provided for war. You are superior in number to the enemy. Your personal strength and activity are greater. Your weapons are longer. The regular soldiers of the enemy are generally old men, whose best years have been spent in the sickly climate of the West Indies. They will not be able to stand before you when you charge with the bayonet.
Page 327 - ... the privileges attached to the writ of habeas corpus ; legal and equal security afforded to all, in their person, honour, and property; the right to obey no other laws than those of our own making and choice, expressed through our representatives; all these advantages have become our birthright, and shall, I hope, be the lasting inheritance of our posterity. "To secure them, let us only act as becomes British subjects and free men.
Page 26 - ... of its first settlers, the intrinsic value of its commerce, and the pretensions of its powerful rival to repossess the Canadas, are pledges that no peace will be established between the United States and Great Britain and Ireland, of which the restoration of these provinces does not make the most prominent condition.
Page 115 - I am to acquaint you, that his royal highness the prince regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty, to approve and confirm the finding -and sentence of the court.
Page 25 - Settled not 30 years by a band of Veterans exiled from their former possessions on account of their loyalty, not a descendant of these brave people is to be found, who under the fostering liberality of their Sovereign, has not acquired a property and means of enjoyment superior to what were possessed by their ancestors.
Page 175 - Majesty's armies and fleets on the coast of America have received instructions to prosecute the war with unmitigated severity against all Cities, Towns and Villages belonging to the United States, and against the inhabitants thereof, if after this communication shall have been duly made to Major-Gen.

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