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and lungs to the nuisance ; often have I been objects of their desire. But in going thither they more than half strangled by it, and compelled to resolved to take their own time. Scores of times lie with my face to the ground as the only endur- had the poor captive, in the course of their aimless able position. The chief and his numerous house- wanderings, to rehearse an account of the splendid hold, however, seemed to enjoy immense satisfac- presents which he proposed to bestow upon them tion; and jabbered, and grunted, and played their as soon as he should reach the el-dorada of his antics, and exchanged grimaces, as complacently as hopes ; and sorely was he tantalized by the longif they breathed a highly exhilarating atmosphere." deferred performance of the journey. The mys

The captain's first meal with the savages, even terious and shadowy " Holland" of the savages at the chieftain's board of course using that word was the mirage that was continually exciting and metaphorically-was calculated to deepen the dis- mocking his expectations. gust already felt, and proved the Patagonians to In the slight space that remains, we can only be a race in whom almost every vestige of hu- throw together a few facts respecting the nature of manity was extinct. The meat, hacked by an old the country and the character of its inhabitants, as copper knife from the carcase of some animal

, was drawn from Captain Bourne's observations. The inserted on the forked ends of crotched sticks and part of the land traversed by this tribe, on the warmed and smoked at the fire, after which it was Atlantic side, is bleak, barren, and desolate in the torn into fragments by the dirty hands of one of extreme. Low bushes and a wiry grass are the the squaws, and pitched into the midst of the chief productions of its light, sandy soil. Streams ravenous assembly, who enjoyed it with as much of water are rare, and the natives draw their supgusto as if Soyer or Ude had been the culinary plies chiefly from the brackish springs or pools artiste. The old chief remarking the aversion of the valleys. The variety of animal is nearly with which his captive regarded the disgusting as limited as that of vegetable productions. The viands before him, exclaimed in colloquial Spanish, guanaco, a quadruped allied to the lama, whose “Why don't you eat your meat ? _This meat very flesh is the chief support of the natives; the cougar, good to eat very good to eat. Eat, man! eat!” or American lion, whose chase affords a favourite Fearing the effects of his resentment should his though dangerous sport; foxes, mice, the condor, hospitality be despised, the captain forced a morsel and the cassowary, a species of ostrich, are almost into his mouth, the flavour of which he found not the only beasts and birds of the region. The so disagreeable as its offensive mode of preparation climate of the country is very severe. The Pahad led him to expect.

tagonians are of gigantic stature, their average During the earlier portion of his captivity, he height being nearly six and a half feet, while some made several ineffectual attempts to escape, though are said to be not less than seven feet high. They the country, being almost entirely destitute of are as imitative as monkeys, and are dreadfully trees, afforded no facilities for concealment. These addicted to lying. The youngest seem to inherit efforts to recover liberty were usually made at the taint, and vie with the oldest in displaying it, night, when the whole household and tribe were while the detection of their falsehood or treachery apparently wrapped in profound slumber. He appears to give thern no uneasiness. They never generally found, however, on such occasions, that wash themselves, and the colour of their skin can the glaring eyes of the vigilant old chief followed only be seen as the ancient deposits of dirt someall his movements; or, if he managed to elude times crack and fall off. The men, too, bedaub their them, no sooner had he stepped stealthily into the faces and breasts with a kind of red earth, while midst of the encampment than he was arrested by charcoal is also used as a cosmetic, the women the barking of a hundred dogs, their howling rendering themselves hideous by the application of “making the night hideous.” For some time a pigment of clay, blood, and grease, which is occasional visits were paid to the coast, to look out apparently as precious in their eyes as the finest for any vessels that might be passing, the chief's Parisian pomade. Such, indeed, is their passion for acquisitiveness having been excited by fresh pro- grease, that no woman will consent to marry unless mises of tobacco, bread, etc., on condition of the the suitor will guarantee to supply her largely captive being restored to the society of white men. with that indispensable article. So much for the Some vessels were descried and hailed ; fires were ladies. The great recommendation of the man, kindled on the beach, and his flannel shirt was when soliciting the hand of a Patagonian maiden, hoisted as a signal ; but all in vain. After despe- is, that he should be an expert stealer of horses. rate endeavours and agonies of suspense, they | As a race they are indolent to the last degree, and swept by in the distance, inflicting a death-blow to will seldom go on a hunting expedition until goaded all hopes of relief; for after this period the tribe forth by hunger and menaced by famine. In instruck their tents and commenced their migrations vention they are absolute babes, and have no from spot to spot. Captain Bourne urged them mechanical skill. When they were first allowed now to take him to some white settlement-for to listen to the ticking of the captain's watch, they instance, to Port Famine, a penal settlement of were transported with delight, and there is little Chili, on the Straits—where he suggested they doubt that it aided materially in saving his life on might turn his liberation to profitable account. more than one occasion, when the people seemed This, however, they peremptorily refused, and not bent upon sacrificing him to their jealousy or their without good reason, as afterwards appeared, för fears. Many of the women, too, were his invetenot long before they had visited that part of the rate and sleepless foes, and, but for the greedy country on a horse-stealing expedition. They pro- chief's protection, would have accomplished his mised, however, to take him to a place which they destruction. The captain intimates his conviction called “Holland,” where, they remarked, “there that they are addicted to cannibalism, and men. was plenty of rum and tobacco "—the grand | tions the fact, that after a widow had been delibe


rately murdered in order to seize upon the horses |

THE WIND'S VOICES. she possessed, some "strange flesh" appeared at the royal board, of which, contrary to the usual

“MAMMA, what makes your face so sad ?

The sound of the wind makes me feel glad; practice, he was not allowed to partake. Such is But whenever it blows, as grave you look, Patagonia ! But such, or very nearly so, was Great As if you were reading a sorrowful book.” Britain two thousand years ago; and we have confidence that the same missionary effort which

“A sorrowful book I am reading, dear

A book of weeping and pain and fearhas raised the one, will, if faithfully applied, in A book deep printed on my heart, due time raise the other.

Which I cannot read but the tears will start. To return to Captain Bourne, however. After

That breeze to my ear was soft and mild innumerable disappointments, the crisis to which

Just so, when I was a little child; all his diplomacy and questionable use of fictitious But now I hear in its freshening breath promises had been directed, drew near. He one The voices of those that sleep in death." day mounted his horse, attended by a reduced

“Mamma," said the child with shaded brow, escort, and after travelling many hours reached a “What is this book you are reading now? river, at the mouth of which, near the Atlantic, was And why do you read what makes you cry?". a small island, which the Patagonians affirmed was My child, it comes up before my eye. the long sought. Holland.' Several small huts were

"Tis the memory, love, of a far-off day dimly discerned upon its surface. An English When my life's best friend was taken away ;flag, which had been saved from some wreck, was Of the weeks and months that my eyes were dim hoisted, and the bushes on the beach were kindled, Watching for tidings-watching for him. to attract the attention of the islanders, the chief Many a year has come and past meanwhile being concealed in a thicket, from which, Since a ship sailed over the ocean fast, with cat-like vigilance, he watched every movement. Bound for a port on England's shore ; After a long period of disheartening suspense, a

She sailed—but was never heard of more." boat was seen approaching; whereupon, in order “ Mamma"-and she closer press'd her side, to make sure of the captain, he was ordered back “ Was that the time when my father died ? to the camping-ground. Setting the mandates of Is it his ship you think you see? the chief at defiance, however, he started off at full

Dearest mamma-won't yon speak to me?" speed towards the boat, the Indians following in The lady paused, but then calmly said, hot pursuit. He reached the shore-parleyed a “Yes, Lucy--the sea was his dying bed. few moments with the men who were drawing And now, whenever I hear the blast, near-leaped into the water-and, after a despe

I think again of that storm long past. rate struggle, was drawn into the boat half dead The wind's fierce howlings hurt not me, with exhaustion and terror. The disappointed But I think how they beat on the pathless seanatives vented their vexation in hideous shouts and

Of the breaking mast-of the parting rope Findictive cries, but did not dare to follow, although

Of the anxious strife and the failing hope." they lingered menacingly on the coast for some “ Mamma," said the child with streaming eyes, weeks afterwards. The asylum on whose shores “My father has gone above the skies, Captain Bourne now found himself was called Sea And you tell me this world is mean and base Lion Island, and contains a small settlement of an

Compared with heaven-that blessed place."
English company, established for the purpose of “My daughter, I know I believe it all,
collecting guano and preparing it for exportation. I would not his spirit to earth recall.
He was treated with the greatest kindness during

The blest one he-his storm was brief, his sojourn on the island, which extended to a

Mine, a long tempest of tears and grief. period of several weeks. The islanders were very I have you, my darling I should not sigh. anxiously awaiting the arrival of a vessel belonging I have one star more in my cloudy skyto the company, which was to bring them some

The hope that we both shall join him there, fresh stores, those in their possession having be

In that perfect rest from weeping and care.' come alarmingly short. At length, after considerable suspense, a whaling vessel touched upon the

CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE.—Mr. Anderson was lately de. coast, by means of which Captain Bourne was puted by the Crystal Palace Company, of which he is a restored to his country and his family,

director, to visit the shores of the Mediterranean and make We regret to have to remark, that the policy arrangements for the transmission of Cleopatra's needle to often pursued towards his Patagonian custodiers the Sydenham Palace. It would appear, however, from was such as did not accord with Christian principle communications which have been received from him, that or the dictates of the highest wisdom. He sought ment of antiquity have presented themselves. The needle to secure his safety and purchase his freedom by is actually built into a part of the sea-wall and ramparts dazzling promises, which he certainly never in forming the fortification of the city of Alexandria, and to tended to fulfil; and although he ultimately eluded pull down so much of the fortification as would be retheir grasp, the influence of his example upon Wards to rebuild the wall, would not only occupy a great

quired to disinter the obelisk and to launch it, and aftertheir minds will be unfavourable to the character space of time, but must involve a considerable amount of of the white men, and may recoil retributively upon expense not originally anticipated. In addition to which, other unfortunate beings who may hereafter fall it is stated that the Viceroy himself has a very strong into their power.

We are sorry also to observe a objection to a breach of such a nature being made or spirit of revenge cleaving to him after his escape, politics. The Pasha at the same time assured Mr. Ander

I left open for any time in the present state of European It surely would have been more magnanimous and son that every facility should be given to any person comlovely to have pitied and forgiven. Captain Bourne, missioned by the company to collect works of art in however, it is evident, is not Captain Gardiner. Egypt.


"I AM A Lost Max.”—Under this sub-head we gave CONSUMPTION OF TOBACCO.-If the population of the insertion, on page 240, to a passage from the Rev. M. B. earth be taken at 1000 millions, and the consumption Grier, in which he comments with great seriousness upon reckoned as equal to that of the kingdom of Denmark, or what were alleged to be almost the words of Marshal seventy ounces a head, the produce of the whole world will Bugeaud. Since its publication a correspondent, in an in amount to near two millions of tons (1,953,125) a year. telligent and candid letter, has written to explain that the Seventy ounces a head, of course, far exceeds the average construction put upon the expression is incorrect, and cal consumption of Europe, in most of the countries of which culated to convey a wrong impression respecting the “latter tobacco is heavily taxed. It is certain, however, on the end” of this celebrated warrior. The occasion on which other hand, that it falls far short of the consumption of the words were used appears to have been this. A short Asia, containing the majority of mankind, where women time before his death, the medical attendant being about and children smoke as well as men, and where the article to apply the stethoscope to the patient's heart, the marshal, is, moreover, untaxed. Near half the British tonnage conscious of the incurable nature of his disease, said in a which "entered inward” or cleared outward” last year natural voice, " Je suis un homme perdu"- ?-an idiomatic would be reqnired to convey the above quantity of this phrase equivalent to, “ It is all over with me." We regret American weed, of which the value, at twopence a pound, that such a misconstruction should have arisen.

will amount to nearly thirty-six and a half millions ster. MANUFACTURE OF PAPER.— There are at present up

ling, 36,462,5001.-Journal of the Statistical Society. wards of 700 paper mills in the United Kingdom, three

Mons MEG.-An account was recently communicated fourths of them constantly at work, and the estimated to a meeting of the Archæological Institute, of the mon. value of the paper made is about 4,000,0001. The


ster cannon preserved at Edinburgh castle, and known as tity charged with excise duty in 1850 was no less than Mons Meg. This ancient piece of ordnance was formerly 141,032,474 lbs.

kept at the Tower, from whence it was conveyed back to

Scotland, by order of George iv, in 1829. It closely reEDUCATED WueaT.-We are informed, in a recent sembles the huge bombard at Ghent, supposed to be the number of the “Literary Gazette," of a singular discovery same which is mentioned by Froissart. Mons Meg is first that has been made in France by a M. Fabre, a humble named in the reign of James iv, having been used at gardener of Ayde, but of some local note as a botanist. the siege of Dumbarton in 1489; but tradition affirms that It appears that an herb, named cegilops, which produces the piece existed long prior to that time. The construction a species of grain resembling wheat in form, though much is very curious ; long bars of iron are welded together, like smaller, has long grown abundantly on the shores of the the staves of a cask, and strongly hooped with welded iron; Mediterranean, but has hitherto been considered as worse the length is upwards of fifteen feet, and the enormous than useless. In 1839 M. Fabre sowed a quantity of this weight ndered this cannon almost unmanageable in the grain, and he was struck by observing that the produce of field. It has been supposed, with much probability, that it seemed to bear a close affinity to wheat. That produce it was fabricated at Mons, in Flanders, whence James II, he sowed the next year, and the yield was still more like king of Scots, imported in 1460, as chroniclers have rewheat. He went on sowing the yield in this way year corded, a celebrated bombard, called the Lion. after year, and each year found a marked improvement in the produce, until at last he had the satisfaction of getting visited this eminent historian, remarks that everything in

MR. PRESCOTT AT HOME.--A recent traveller, who as fine a crop of wheat, and of as good quality, as he could his abode reminds us of his occupation. In the hall there wish to see. At first he produced his crops in a garden, but his later sowings were made broad-cast in an open knights, meet our eye on the walls, and a rich historical

is a portrait of Cortez; Spanish princes, queens, and field. Thus then a wild and mischievous herb, which is library,"containing the works of Spain and her possessions particularly destructive to barley crops, can be educated in the sixteenth century, with a large collection of manuinto excellent wheat.

scripts of that period, fills his study. Mr. Prescott was, by FEMALE SOVEREIGNS AMONG THE ARABS.-In a letter the natural weakness of his eyes, and perhaps likewise by from Col. Rawlinson, dated Baghdad, Feb. 15th, is an an.

the amiable mildness of his temper, prevented from taking nouncement of the curious discovery, that the northern an active part in politics, or from becoming a regular busiArabs about the head of the Red Sea were really governed ness man. He devoted his time to literature, and, starting by queens, and that Solomon's queen of Sheba no doubt from the Spanish conquest of Mexico and Peru, his recame from that quarter, about the Gulf of Akaba, and not searches led him to the history of the splendid reign of from the southern extremity of the peninsula. The proof Ferdinand and Isabella. He is now occupied on that of of this is found in a list of the Syrian tributaries of Pul, Philip 11. It is a gigantic task; for the history of Spain or Tiglath Pileser, where the last name after Hurim or under that king is also the history of Protestantism in Hebron is “Sabibim, queen of the Arabs.” This list, Germany—of independence in the Netherlands--of liberty which has been made out by joining Layard's fragmental in England–of the struggle between the power of the inscriptions, is very curious, and, taken in connexion with crown and the local institutions in France and in Spain. Sennacherib's Syrian tributaries, etc., give a complete ta. A family relic in the dining room of Mr. Prescott has a bleau of the great cities and provinces bordering on the peculiar interest, as an evidence of the impartial way Mediterranean. By recent accounts it appears that a in which Bostonians look upon their revolutions. Two number of sepulchral jars have been discovered, all con- swords, crossing one another on the wall, are those of the taining small rolls of sheet lead, inscribed with 'Chaldean grandfather of Mr. Prescott and of the grandfather of his legends, in very minute writing.

wife, both officers in the battle of Bunker Hill-the one in

the American, the other in the English ranks. RELIC OF BARBARITY.-In former times, one of the extraordinary and barbarous modes of punishment for sa

WASHINGTON IRVING AT HOME.-“We had,” says M. crilege was by nailing the skin of the offender, in terrorem, Pulszky, in his “ Sketches of Society in the United States," on the door of the church. Tradition has usually con

a most pleasant dinner party, where we met Washington nected this practice with the tiines of the Danes. Such a Irving, whose name, ever since I have been acquainted with door, of which both sides have once been covered with English literature, was connected in my mind with such human skin, is still to be seen at Westminster Abbey; genuine freshness of conception, that I fancied the author and it was pointed out by Mr. E. Cooke, the artist, during of the "Sketch Book,' and of the radiant pictures of the the visit to the abbey last year, under the guidance of Pro Alhambra, must remain always young. I was, therefore, fessor Donaldson, for the inspection of the royal tombs.

rather childishly surprised to see a gentleman, on whose

lofty brow years have impressed their traces, and to hear VALUE OF MANUFACTURED IRON.-The spring of a that he was the man whom my imagination had endowed watch weighs 1536 of a grain, and a pound of iron makes with the unwithering vigour of youth. But listening to 50,000. The pound of steel costs 2d.. and a single spring his conversation, full of hope and warmth, I found that 2d.; so that 50,000 will produce 4161. 138.

my early impressions had not been wrong.

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