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Christian Life;





Beginning and Progress



In Order to its

Beatifick VISION.


By the Right Reverend Father in God,

Late Lord Bishop of St. Afaph.
Written by him in his Riper Years, and Printed

from his Original Manuscripts.
LONDON, Printed for R. SMITH, in Exeter-

Exchange in the Strand. MDCCXII.
With Her Majesty's Royal Privilege.

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He kind Reception which

has been given to all the other Works of this incomparable Author, particularly to his Privaté Thoughts, written in this younger Years, has encouraged the Publishing of another Yolume of his Thoughts, upon Subjects of the most importance to the Christian Lifo, in all the chief Scenes of it'; and those compos'd when Age and Experience in the Course of his Parochial Ministry had taught him, what Directions were molt nécef, fary fôr the Conduct of every Difciple of Christ, through all the Stages of that Race

that Race that is Jet ber fore use that he fo run that lię

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may obtain. Accordingly the Reader is here furnish’d, not only with such Instructions, as are most proper for the Entrance upon this Race, and the early Discipline of those who are new lifted under Christ's Banner; but also with such other Points both of Faith and Practice, as are most fit to be afterwards inculcated and press’d upon them, for their successful carrying on of this. Holy Warfare, and finishing their Course, so as at last to attain the Crown of Righteousness, lạid up for all those that continue Christ's faithful Soldiers and Servants to their lives end.

As in his Private Thoughts and Resolutions, this Excellent Bishop seems to have chiefly aim'd at settling his own Principles, and regulating his Practice, as became a Follower of the Holy Jesus, and

a Minister of his Gospel : So in These which are more Publick, he carries on the fame pious Delign with respect to others, and Exe: cutes that Sacred Office, for which Those were to prepare him. Ina deed, great and indefatigable - as his Labours were (for few ever labour'd more) the End of them was always the Salvation of Souls. And as that Spirit of Piety which runs through all his Writings; "to gether with his plain, unaffected, familiar, and yet molț folid way of Argument and Perswafion, are both admirably adapted to this great End : (io say nothing of all his other daily and unwearied pains in the Ministry while living) fo, through God's great. Blessing up on his. Endeavours, they were then, and have been fince crown< ed with great Success

ccess; and it is the Hopes and Prayers of all good Men, that they may continue fo

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