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Battle between Theseus and a Centaur, from a design of Flaxman 7 Warrior, in the undress of the heroic age

37 Head of Hercules, from a Camarinæan coin

ib. Medal of Caligula .

119 Profile of the Emperor Paul

162 Cosmo di Medici, from a Florentine medal

163 Lorenzo di Medici, from ditto .

203 Giuliano di Medici, from ditto

ib. Head of Napoleon, from the series of Napoleon medals

204 Medal struck by Napoleon after the retreat from Moscow, from ditto 256 John Sobieski, King of Poland, from a medal struck after the deliverance of Vienna

. 257 Medal struck by the Dutch, after the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Above is the name of Jehovah encompassed by a glory, from
which the Pope, Cardinals, and Monks are Aying in grand confu-
sion. Motto, “Whom God will destroy with the breath of bis

348 Another medal struck by the Dutch on the same occasion, representing

the Pope, Cardinals, and Catholic Princes, sitting in conclave,
blindfold, and trampling upon iron spikes. There are two mottos,
“It is hard to kick against the pricks.” “O the blind minds, the
blind hearts of men !”

392 Bust of Miltiades, from Visconté, Iconographie Grecque

393 Bust of Themistocles, from the same




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All the medals have been engraved from the originals preserved in the British Museum.

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