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HYMN 23. C. M.

Moses lifted up the Serpent in the Camp of Israel. 1 So did the Hebrew prophet raise The brazen serpent high; The wounded felt immediate ease, The camp forebore to die.

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4 Ho! ye that pant for living streams, And pine away, and die;

Here you may quench your raging thirst,
With springs that never dry.

5 Rivers of love, and mercy here
In a rich ocean join ;
Salvation, in abundance, flows,
Like floods of milk and wine,

6 The happy gates of gospel grace
Stand open night and day;
Lord, we are come to seek supplies,
And drive our wants away.

HYMN 25. P. M.
For Thanksgiving Day.

1 O sing to Jehovah for light is advancing,
Exult in the Lord for his glory is come;
The sunbeams of truth upon mortals are glancing,
The wandering pilgrim is journeying home.
CHORUS.-Awake then from sorrow, arise from despair,
The night has been long, but the morning is fair.
2 Oh shout, for the day-star from heaven is shining,
The reign of delusion is over and gone ;
Love, peace, joy and hope are their tendrils entwining,
And justice and mercy combining in one.
CHORUS.-Awake then from sorrow, &c.

3 No more shall the wanderer, grooping in error, His vision beclouded with darkness and night, View life in despair, and the future with terror:

The beams of salvation have burst on the night. CHORUS.-Awake then from sorrow, &c.

4 Rejoice, for the earth is resuming her splendor,
The flowers of Eden are blooming anew ;
The tyrant of darkness his throne shall surrender,
And freedom revisit the Gentile and Jew.
CHORUS.-Awake then from sorrow, &c.

HYMN 26. P. M.
The Star in the East.

1 Hail the blest morn, when the great Mediator
Did from the regions of glory descend;
Shepherds go worship the babe in the manger,
Lo! for his guard the bright angels attend.

CHORUS.-Brightest and best of the suns of the morning, Shine on our darkness and lend us thine aid; Star in the east, the horizon adorning,

Guide where the infant Redeemer is laid.

2 Cold on his cradle the dew-drops are shining, Low lies his head with the beasts of the stall; Angels adore him, in slumber reclining,

Monarch, Redeemer, and Saviour of all. CHORUS.-Brightest and best of the suns, &c.

3 Say, shall we greet him with costly devotion, Odors of Edom, an offering divine, Gems from the mountain or pearls from the ocean, Myrrh from the forest, or gold from the mine. CHORUS.-Brightest and best of the suns, &c. 4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation, Vainly with gold would his favor secure ; Richer by far is the heart's adoration, Dearer to God are the prayers of the poor. CHORUS.-Brightest and best of the suns, &c.

5 He is our friend in the midst of temptation, Faithful supporter, whose love cannot fail; Rock of our refuge, and hope of salvation,

Light to direct us through death's gloomy vale. CHORUS.-Brightest and best of the suns, &c.

HYMN 27. P. M.

Spiritual Consolation in the lonely Night.
1 Oft in the lonely night,

When slumber's chain hath bound me,
Remembrance brings the light

Of love divine around me.
The still small voice,
Bids me rejoice,

In words of comfort spoken;
And o'er life's track,
My mind looks back,
To promises ne'er broken.
Thus in the lonely night,

When slumber's chain hath bound me,
Remembrance brings the light,

Of love divine around me.

2 When humbly I recall,

The tokens of his favor;
I see in him of all,

The Father, friend and Saviour:
And feel that he,
Whose love to me,
Has never yet abated,
Will never let

His grace forget,
A soul in love created.
Thus in the lonely night,

When slumber's chain hath bound me,
Remembrance brings the light,

Of love divine around me.

HYMN 28. C. M.

Triumph of the Gospel in Heathen Lands. 1 From Greenland's icy mountains, And India's coral strand, Where Afric's sunny fountains

Roll down their golden sand, From many on ancient river,

From many a palmy plain, They call us to deliver

Their land from error's chain.

2 What though the spicy breezes
Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle,
Though every prospect pleases,

And only man is vile;
In vain with lavish kindness

The gifts of God are strown; The heathen, in his blindness,

Bows down to wood and stone.

3 Shall we, whose souls are lighted With wisdom from on high, Shall we to men benighted

The lamp of life deny? Salvation! O Salvation!

The joyful sound proclaim, Till earth's remotest nation

Has learned Messiah's name.

4 Waft, waft, ye winds, the story,
And you, ye waters, roll,
Till, like a sea of glory,

It spreads from pole to pole;
Till o'er our ransom'd nature,

The Lamb for sinners slain,
Redeemer, King, and Saviour,
In bliss returns to reign.

HYMN 29. P. M.
Shepherds in Jewry.

1 As Shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheep,
Promiscuously seated, estranged from sleep,
An angel from heaven presented to view,
And thus he accosted the trembling few :
Dispel all your sorrows and banish your fears,
For Jesus, your Saviour, in Jewry appears.

2 Though Adam the first in rebellion was found,
Forbidden to tarry on hallowed ground,
Yet Adam the second appears to retrieve
The loss you sustain'd by the serpent and eve;
Then shepherds be joyful, this instant arise,
Go visit the Saviour and see where he lies.

3 This wonderful story no sooner was heard,

Than thousands of angels from glory appear'd;
They join'd in a concert, and this was their theme,
All glory to God and good will towards men;
Then shepherds strike in, join your voice to the choir,
And catch a few sparks of celestial fire.

4 Hosanna, the angels in ecstacy cry,

Hosanna, the wondering shepherds reply;
Salvation, redemption, all centre in one,
All glory to God for the birth of his Son;
Then make proclamation, declare it around,
Till both Jew and Gentile shall hear the glad sound.

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