The Inquisition in Spain, and other countries

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Religious Tract Society, 1853 - 16 pages

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Page 183 - But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them.
Page 165 - On the second morning after my arrival, I was surprised by my host, the Inquisitor, coming into my apartment clothed in black robes from head to foot : for the usual dress of his order is white. He said he was going to sit on the Tribunal of the Holy Office. ' I presume, Father, your august Office does not occupy much of your time ? ' ' Yes ', answered he , ' much. I sit on the Tribunal three or four days every week.
Page 170 - The inquisitor answered nothing, but beckoned me to go with him to a door at one end of the hall. By this door he conducted me to some small rooms, aki thence to the spacious apartments of the chief inquisitor.
Page 170 - I now began to suspect that it had been in the mind of the Inquisitor from the beginning to...
Page 75 - ... their maladies. I will not enlarge on the cruelty and the avarice which they frequently experienced from the masters of the ships which transported them from Spain. Some were murdered to gratify their cupidity ; others forced to sell their children for the expenses of the passage. They arrived...
Page 171 - I am about to take my leave of you, and to thank you for your hospitable attentions,' (it had been before understood that I should take my final leave at the door of the inquisition, after having seen the interior), ' and I wish always to preserve on my mind a favourable sentiment of your kindness and candour. You cannot, you say, show me the captives and the dungeons; be pleased then merely to answer this question ; for I shall believe your word : — How many prisoners are there now below, in...
Page 170 - to the inner building, and let me pass through the two hundred dungeons, ten feet square, described by your former captives. Let me count the number of your present captives, and converse with them. I want to see if there be any subjects of the British government to whom we owe protection.
Page 165 - I had thought for some days of putting Dellon's book into the inquisitor's hands ; for if I could get him to assent to the facts stated in that book I should be able to learn, by comparison, the exact state of the Inquisition at the present time. In the evening he came in, as usual, to pass an hour in my apartment. After some conversation I took the pen in my hand to write a few notes in my journal ; and, as if to amuse him while I was writing, I took up Dellon's book, which was lying with some others...
Page 157 - Pinteyra, were burnt alive, and the other two first strangled. The execution was very cruel. The woman was alive in the flames half an hour, and the man above an hour. The present king and his...
Page 164 - I should not be able to accomplish my design without difficulty; since every thing relating to the Inquisition was conducted in a very secret manner, the most respectable of the Lay Portuguese themselves being ignorant of its proceedings; and that, if the Priests were to discover my object, their excessive jealousy and alarm would prevent their communicating with me, or satisfying my inquiries on any subject.

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