The mosaic workers, to which is added The orco. Tr. from the Fr. of George Sand by E. A. A.

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Page 145 - He shuns contention, and the gloomy throng Who blast the joys of calm domestic life, And flies when Discord shakes her brand with quarrels rife. Oh ! he will tell you that these quarrels bring The ruin, not renewal of his flame: If oft repeated, lo ! on rapid wing He flies to hide his fair hut tender frame ; From violence, reproach, or peevish blame Irrevocably flies.
Page 61 - The priest then spoke to the knight: ' Sir bridegroom, I leave you alone with her whom I have united to you in marriage. So far as I can discover there is nothing of evil in her, but assuredly much that is wonderful. What I recommend to you in domestic life is—prudence, love, and fidelity.
Page 39 - mid a sky serene, And bids bright lustre sparkle o'er the tide ; The clear blue ocean at a distance seen Bounds the gay landscape on the western side, While closing round it with majestic pride, The lofty rocks 'mid citron groves arise ; " Sure some divinity must here reside," As tranced in some bright vision, Psyche cries, And scarce believes the bliss, or trusts her charmed eyes.
Page 121 - Huldbrand murmured in a voice expressive of the embittered state of his mind: ' So I must become a prisoner in my own castle? and not be allowed to breathe a moment but while the fountain is covered? Would to Heaven that our frantic union ' At these fatal words, Undine pressed her fair hand on his lips with the most touching tenderness. He said no more, but, assuming an air of composure, pondered on all that Undine had lately warned him to avoid.
Page 45 - The loneliness of his situation strongly impressed also young Huldbrand with the feeling, that he was already Undine's bridegroom. It seemed to him, as if, beyond those encompassing floods, there were no other world in existence, or at any rate as if he could never cross them, and again associate with the world of other men ; and when at times his grazing steed raised his head and neighed to him, seemingly inquiring after his...
Page 144 - Its sobbing face, and there in sleep forgets its woes. Oh ! fondly cherish then the lovely plant, Which lenient Heaven hath given thy pains to ease ; Its lustre shall thy summer hours enchant, And load with fragrance every prosperous breeze ; And when rude Winter shall thy roses seize, When nought through all thy bowers but thorns remain, This still with undeciduous charms shall please, Screen from the blast, and shelter from the rain, And. still with verdure cheer the desolated plain.
Page 65 - Toward evening Undine was hanging upon the knight's arm with lowly tenderness, while she drew him gently out before the door, where the setting sun shone richly over the fresh grass, and upon the high, slender boles of the trees. Her emotion was visible: the dew of sadness and love swam in her eyes, while a tender and fearful secret seemed to hover upon her lips, but was only made known by hardly breathed sighs.
Page 55 - What a strange being is man ! Suppose the worst to happen : our state would not be different, at any rate your own would not, dear wife, from what it is at present. For have you, these many years, been...
Page 84 - The bliss of parents' fondness,' it was beyond our power to give you." — " But we must hear also, what happened to the poor parents," said Undine, as she struck the chords, and sung : " Through her chambers roams the mother, Searching, searching everywhere ; Seeks, and knows not what, with yearning, Childless home still finding there.
Page 57 - Each golden curl resplendently appears, Or shades his darker brow which grace majestic wears. ' Or o'er his guileless front the ringlets bright Their rays of sunny lustre seem to throw, That front than polished ivory more white ! His blooming cheeks with deeper blushes glow Than roses scattered o'er a bed of snow : While on his lips distilled in...

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