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collections. And we wish our friends to understand that every penny so contributed, and sent to the Treasurer, JAMES SPICER, Esq. ; to the Hon. Secretary, the Rev. Dr. G. SMITH; or to the Editor, will go, without any deduction, to the relief of worthy men who have grown old in the service of our common Lord and Master. There are Churches who have no poor of their own; let them remember that there are poor and afflicted ministers, to whom their bounty may be a source of great comfort. There are other Churches which can spare occasionally, without injury to their own members, a moiety or a fourth part of a collection. And we are very desirous by such means to augment the Fund which our Trustees have the happiness of administering.

One word more. Let our ministerial and diaconal brethren understand that such a magazine as ours cannot stand its ground in the face of the almost desperate competition of the day, without their personal aid and influence. Our denominationalism shuts us out from the general public. And yet our denominationalism is an essential feature of our magazine. And there is no other magazine through which such Congregational histories and discussions as ours can reach the Churches. Will our brethren keep this in view, and take an early opportunity of laying our claims before the members of their Churches ? With all the improvements we contemplate, the “ Christian Witness" will cost only Four Shillings per annum.



November, 1868.


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[blocks in formation]

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Tick, Tick, Tick," 424.

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