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of his own officers; so whilst he lived some receive so much more than others? he was wont, as the historiographers The chief reason—not by any means report of him, at the terrible thundering the only one—but the chief reason is, and lightning, not only to cover his that we do not make an honest surhead but also to get himself under his render of ourselves and ours to the bed, and there to hide himself with fear. and are not willing to be brought Whence, I pray you, came this fear into those exigences where alone He can

on him ; but that his own conscience do great things for us. Perhaps an did tell him, howsoever, in words per- honest scrutiny would show that no one chance he would not affirm so much, thing in our inventory is entirely at that there was a God in heaven, able to God's disposal !

No one thing, unless quail and to cast down his pride, and it should be “the torn, and the lame, all the emperors of the world if He and the sick." Alas! some bring listed; whose thunderbolts were nothing to the altar except what the terrible as that justly by his own ex- shamble rejects. If our self-surrender ample He showed He was to be feared were sincere—if, according to the motto of all the world.Henry Smith.

on Calvin's seal, we have “given all to

God-kept nothing for ourselves,” how FULL-GROWN AND CRADLE CHRISTIANS.

is it that there is never a demand on

God's part without a struggle on ours ? Some of God's children seem to have How is it that we shrink, as if by a attained unto the measure of the stature sinful instinct, from every strait where of the fulness of Christ; they are full- the arm of the Lord might be made grown men, can bear a man's burden, bare? And thus struggling, and thus and do a man's work. These favoured

shrinking, we still ask, Why hath not ones look down on the storm; they the Lord done greater things for us? have pitched their tent higher than We want Joseph's patience without the clouds can climb, and live on that going into the pit. We want Daniel's sunny summit where the darkness

faith without entering the lions' den. and the light no more divide the day. We want Paul's joy without passing in Others of God's children seem to be to the inner prison. We want John's stunted from the birth. If they grow raptures without an exile in Patmos. at all it is so slowly as not to be per- We sigh for Abraham's faith, pray

for ceptible to an ordinary eye. I have it, wonder that it is not given, when the seen a child, nearly twenty years old, « voice and the vision of God could not in a cradle; and I have seen a Christian, bring us one step towards Moriah. We who numbered as many years of the would have the waters part, without new life, in a cradle. He never leaves approaching the sea-eat the manna the cradle, eating only as he is fed, and and drink of the water which comes sleeping only as he is rocked, living for from the rock, without entering the no purpose unless it be that others may desert—and feast on the clusters of have something to do. Cradle Christians Canaan, without foregoing the flesh-the Church of God is full of them. pots of Egypt.–J. B. Shaw, D.D., Now whence this difference? Why do New York.

Pages for our Young Friends.


TREASURE. Dear Young FRIENDS,—WE begin these matters nothing. Only perhaps I should pages for you with a letter, a genuine say that the letter went from Scotland to letter, written some years ago by a father London. And, omitting a few bits of it, it to his children. Who the children were, is as follows :or who the father, we don't mean to tell “ To J., A., and W., three little boys all you. If you choose to guess you are as in a circle around their mother's knee, likely to be wrong as right. But this their loving father sends greeting. Last

Saturday I went to to preach on Sunday. I lived in a house in which there were eight children; three of them are girls of ages corresponding with yours, or a little younger. And on Sabbath evening these girls delighted me by singing some beautiful hymns. They have a sister a little older than themselves who interested me very much, and I will tell you why. She has never walked, never spoken, perhaps never thought, in her life. And I could not help thinking, oh! if Jesus were in the world now, working miracles as of old, how we should bring this dear child to Him to be healed, and how lovingly and kindly He would say, ' According to your faith so be it unto you.' And then we should see her standing on her feet, and fixing her large eyes on her father and mother, which she has never been able to do, and opening her mouth to sing the praises of Jesus. When this little child was born, her neck was dislocated, and this injured her spine and her brain, so that she has never had the least power over a single limb or muscle of her body. But yet her body has grown, and is now nearly as big as -- _'s. She is carried in her nurse's arms, cr rolled about in a little carriage. Her mind is a prisoner in that poor body of hers. Whether it can think, and, if it can, what sort of thought it has, no one can discover. Of one thing we are sure—that the mind exists, though its communication with the outer world is cut off—and of another thing I have no doubt, that the same Jesus who healed so many afflicted ones of old will redeem that imprisoned mind, and make it pure and perfect, and give it a very different sort of body to dwell in, on the morning of the glorious resurrection of which the Bible

Thou wilt mark her and seal her for Thine own, and that at last Thou wilt take her to be with Thyself for ever!'

“In our Sabbath evening conversation in this child's father's house many anecdotes were told, and one of them will interest you if I can tell it. There was a family near G-, in which there was a boy who was almost idiotic, so imbecile least as to be generally treated as being without reason. This boy never took his place in the parlour with the other child. ren, but was always kept about the kitchen or in his own room, and very few visitors knew of his existence. A new minister came to the place, and he heard somehow of this boy and wished much to see him, but had some difficulty in con. triving a way that should not hurt the feelings of the family. At last, when calling (for he was the minister of the family) he said he should like to see the children. And the children were brought in.

". Are these all ?' he said.

"No,' was the reply, 'there's another, but'-and there was then stammered out some apology for not calling him in.

"Oh! I should like to see him,' said the minister. And poor Geordie was sent for. On coming in, Geordie was bewildered with the fine pictures on the wall, and with the other fine things in the drawing-room, for if he had ever been there before, it was so long ago that everything was new to him.

« • Isn't that grand, Geordie ?' said the minister, pointing to a picture at which Geordie was looking. And in this way he went on for a time talking in a kind, homely way about things in the room. Then he said, “Hae ye a soul, Geordie ?'

“Nae-nae,' said the boy.
“500, what hae ye done wi' it?'

". I sellt it, I sell't it,' said the boy, with great emphasis.

“ To whom did ye sell it, Geordie ?'

.« To Christ—to be sure,' said the poor half-witted boy.

“Where did ye sell it to Christ ?'
“ Behind the bush, behind the bush!'

“Now came out what had been a mystery. George was often seen going to a particular bash not far off, and his going

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tells us.

At family worship I was much moved to pray for this child, and I said something like this, ^ Blessed Jesus, if Thou wert on earth now we would bring this afflicted child to Thee to be healed, and we know that Thou couldst and wouldst heal her. Thou art the same now that Thon wast when on earth. And though we do not ask of Thee to perform a miracle, we commend this dear child to Thy sympathy and love, we pray that

to it had actually trodden down a foot- good man once entered a house in Ger. path. But his reason for going there many, and found it very wretched-no could not be divined. The fact was that fire, no furniture, no food. Everything one of the servants, who had charge of bore the appearance of utter poverty. Geordie some time before, loved Christ But glancing round, he saw in a neglected and loved to speak of Christ to him, and corner a copy of the Bible, and, when he had taught him about Christ and His went away, he said to the poor inmates, love and power. And we may well sup- “There is a treasure in this house that pose that the poor boy was taught by would make you all rich.” After he had Christ Himself, and was now wise unto gone, the people began to search the house salvation. Henceforward Geordie was for what they thought must be a jewel or no longer excluded from the family. In a pot of gold, and, finding nothing, they fact the parents were ashamed, and were went to dig up the very floor, in hopes of as much surprised as the minister by the discovering the hidden store of wealth. conversation which had revealed the All in vain. One day after that the simple-hearted piety of the too long mother lifted up the old Bible, and found forgotten child.

written on the fly-leaf of it, taken from its “Whether this story has ever been own pages, these words, “Thy testipublished, I do not know. But Mr. monies are better to me than thousands my host, received it from persons who of gold and silver.” Ah!” she said, knew the minister who had thus been the can this be the treasure the stranger means of restoring Geordie to his right spoke of ? So she told her thought to place.”

the rest ; they began to read the Bible, So far, the part of the letter which became changed in character, and a blessrefers to this matter. And we hope the ing came in to stay with them. The children who read it now will be as stranger came back to find poverty gone, much interested in it as those who read it contentment and peace in its place, and a first.

hearty Christian welcome, while with

grateful joy the family told him, “We With a story for parents and children, found the treasure, and it has proved all told by Dr. Edmond, we conclude. A that you said to us it would."

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Quarterly Record. The Home Missionary Society conducts gate, Herne Bay, Folkestone, Grimsby, its operations now through County Middlesborough, Hersham, New PeckAssociations, and in three departments ham, Rugby, Canningtown, Potton, of Christian effort. The first lays hold Slough, Silloth, Brixham Lincoln, of new and rising populations—the Portland, and Hornsea. At Rugby a second, of villages contiguous to each new chapel has just been opened; and other, which are grouped and formed at Canningtown a new chapel is in into mission stations—and the third progress. In Dowlais, Glamorganshire, provides for the thorough visitation of a new interest has been formed; and at manageable districts, by means of lay

Swansea another is about to be estabevangelists.

lished. Most of these stations are now

self-supporting: other fields of effort NEW DISTRICTS.

are in their first experience, especially As regards the new districts, the two in South Wales; and did the funds Society has been the means of estab- admit of doing more in this direction at lishing Congregational Churches in Mar- present, there are loud calls for help to Brompton, near Chatham; to Cromer, to say that we have raised a neat in Norfolk; and from one or two places sanctuary, gathered a congregation, and in Kent, which would be at once re- formed a Sunday school in such a sponded to.

village; and that seventy-eight members,

nearly all from the world, are in church GROUPED STATIONS.

fellowship.” The grouping of villages is carried

In Dorset there are other two grouped into effect as small and feeble village

stations which have been greatly blessed; churches become vacant, and can be

one of them is in the centre of a popuinduced to unite with others around a

lation where, six years ago, there was common centre. In some counties this

only one Evangelical clergyman within work has been in successful operation

a radius of seven miles; and with the for years. In Somerset, for example, exception of two rooms occupied by the there is a grouped station where the

Wesleyans, the only other place where missionary has seven villages and

the gospel was faithfully preached was hamlets under his care; and where, by at the station of the Home Missionary the help of voluntary lay preachers, he Society. To meet the pressing wants has been enabled to do a most blessed

of this locality, two districts were work. Of this station one agent reports grouped, and agencies equal to the wants

“I am now in my full winter work, of each district were supplied. One of and thankful to say that at the very the agents thus writes, under date commencement there are some buds of December 2nd :-“My congregations, promise. Several seem to be impressed although not so crowded as they were, with the importance of religion, and I are yet encouraging. Our school is well hope are sincere inquirers after salva- attended, with a band of young teachers. tion. Last evening we had a special I attend and open the school every prayer meeting in the schoolroom, and

Sabbath morning and take a class, in a deep and solemn feeling prevailed ; addition to preaching morning and five persons prayed, and all present evening at home, and at a village in the appeared heartily to join. I made a afternoon. On Monday I have an adult few remarks between the prayers, gave class—Tuesday, a Bible class—Wedan address at about the middle of the nesday, lecture and prayer meetingmeeting, urging sinners then and there Thursday, preach at a village, and to decide for Christ. This made my Friday, meet the choir. I have during fourth service yesterday, and I hope to the last two months visited seven vilhave five more during the week.

lages from house to house, and am now “On Thursday last we held the an. going through M-N-. Last week niversary of our school at M- and

we admitted three members to the quite a delightful season it was. The church; and, upon the whole, matters chapel was crowded to excess. In the are in a hopeful state. Above all, I evening we had a social tea party, have to record that, within the last few which was followed by a public meeting months, I have, through grace, been Addresses were delivered by several visited with a gale of the Spirit in my speakers, and prayer and praise offered. own soul. Marvellous is the love of

“Great difficulties are experienced in God, that, without any hopeful antethis village. A church clothing club, cedents, the love of Jesus and of day school, &c.—all exclusive-carry perishing souls seemed to sweep through a wonderful influence. Nonconformity my spirit. It has made a throne of on principle, the people, many of them, grace very dear to me.

It has made do not understand, therefore they are the word of God exceedingly precious. swayed by circumstances. I am thankful “ The High Church party in this

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neighbourhood carry themselves higher A few weeks ago he opened a neat little than ever. Close to M


the new chapel in one of the villages, where rector had to bury his own sister, brought a good work has been done. You will from a distance. In this service the be glad to learn that many sittings are church was lighted up with candles in taken at the new chapel by strangers to broad daylight. A large wooden cross the old place; and that the report of was borne before the corpse, and several last Sabbath by Mr. P., the preacher, other irregularities and follies were is that it was to him a happy day, and practised. The people were generally the evening service was densely crowded disgusted with it.

with attendants. Of course this con“Some time since a poor woman in a tinued thronging will subside; but it is village called C-- was in a decline, clear proof that there are people in that and I was requested by her friends to locality disposed to hear the word of visit her. I accordingly went, and God.” happened to meet with the clergyman of the parish at her house. He at once

LAY EVANGELISTS. stated that if I visited her he would not The work done by the seventy evansee her any more. I said if the person gelists in the field in connection with herself desired me not to come I would the Home Missionary Society during not. By persuasion, though I could see the

year is most encouraging. In with great reluctance, she consented Sussex, for example, there are ten that I should not come again. On the evangelists. The Committee of the very next Sabbath, as I was going to Sussex Home Missionary Society, at preach at a village further on, and was their Annual Meeting held lately, said: obliged to pass her door, her friends “The last report showed that there came out and besought me to come to were nine evangelists employed. Since her, for she was under terrible con- then,” continued the report, “ there have victions of sin. I went and prayed with been ten; and the following have been her, &c., and she became quieted. She the noteworthy modes of their doing told me afterwards, though her life had Christian work, and its ascertained been far from moral, that the clergyman results :—Towns, villages, and hamlets had told her she was all right if she under visitation, 121 ; population, believed in the prayer book, and if she 52,487; visitable families, 3,582; visits really wanted to see Christ, he would paid to familes, 28,047; hours employed, bring a picture of him next day; but 12,651 ; meetings held, 1,102; number was indignantly declined. After this of attendants, 33,766; times read the the rector never visited her more, Scriptures during visit, 8,738; open

air although his sister did so occasionally, services, 20; attendants, 1,168 ; I continued my visits to her until the dresses given, 848; visits to the sick. end, and I cannot but hope that she 2,207; deaths of those visited, 47 ; has been accepted through Christ and Scriptures sold, 37; persons induced to is now in glory.

attend public worship, 90; periodicals “ This is a sample of the pernicious sold (such as Band of Hope, Cottager, influence of High Church teaching and British Workman), 742; rooms occupied practice, and proves what a blessing for cottage meetings and public worship, your Society must be in such unhappy 170." districts."

In every other county where this The other agent has succeeded in agency has been employed the results supplying nearly all the region round have been most gratifying, and such is about with the gospel, chiefly by his own the demand for evangelists by County efforts and the help of a lay evangelist. Associations, with offers to provide for


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