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to you

you to tell you how to conduct the worker for God, and very useful in
suit, and every few minutes gives you leading poor sinners to Christ.”
the benefit of his counsel, and dictates Mr. Pincent authorized Mr. Taylor

should attend to your

to state these circumstances, adding, own business. What would you do, “ So much of my life has been wasted sir ? You would return him his brief that for the rest of it I wish my time, straightway! Now that illustrates talents, and testimony, all used in any your treatment of “our Advocate with way that will promote the glory of the Father, Jesus Christ the right- God and the salvation of sinners.” eous.” If a client understood the Before the close of his campaign, business, he would not employ an Mr. Taylor tells us that Bishop advocate, and when he employs one Colenso called at the house of his host he thus admits that he does not in D'Urban, and said to him, "I understand it, but that his advocate wanted to see you, and shake hands does, and having faith in his advocate, with you before you leave. God has allows him to conduct the suit in his given you your work to do, and you own way, and is not concerned to

are doing it, and He has called me to know the intricacies involved, but the another work, and I am doing my successful issue.' This being the work. You don't suppose that all last point in the penitential struggle those who have been brought in at of my lawyer, he thus saw it clearly, your meetings will stand, do you?" and at once gave his case fully and Mr. Taylor replied, “I certainly do unreservedly into the hands of his

suppose that the most of them will heavenly Advocate, and that very day stand to the death, but a few of them, he got his discharge from the death- owing to their very bad habits, bad sentence of the law, in the court associations, and the influence of bad Divine, certified in his heart by the examples, may relapse into sin.” Holy Spirit. The very moment God "Our interview being short,” Mr. saw that, under the leading of the Taylor adds, “but little passed between awakening Spirit, he fully surrendered us beyond the facts given. I could himself to God, and accepted Christ readily see how by his kind, gentleat the instance of his o Advocate,' manly manner he won the friendship the Father justified him freely'- of many persons, who say they changed his relation from a condemned receive him as a gentleman without criminal to an adopted child, and then any reference to his ecclesiastical being a son, 'He sent forth the character and relations.” Spirit of His Son into his heart, cry- There can be no doubt that it is ing, Abba, Father.'

Mr. Taylor's gospel, and not Dr. “From that Brother Pincent became Colenso's, that is fitted and destined decidedly active as a witness and to convert the world to God.

OUR MAID SERVANTS. BETSEY, the cook, Sarah, the house too low, the hour to be up and the maid, Caroline, the nurse, come here, hour to be in are too early, every situI want to speak with you. Do you ation is a “hard place,” and to no know what the world thinks of you ? mistress is it possible to “give satisDo you know what is written about faction.” They have a nice discrimiyou in the papers ? Don't be offended nation. All work, regular and irwith me if I tell you. Listen to me regular, is classified with an accuracy till I have done, and let neither mis- of discernment which the British Assotress, nor maid, pronounce judgment ciation must pronounce admirable. till she hears all that I have to say. Ann will scrupulously avoid the do

I have heard and read a great deal main of Mary, and cook would not about servants, the substance of which think of preparing baby’s pap, that is may be given in few words: “indis nurse's grand prerogative. In the dopensable evils-necessary nuisances." mestic republic, rebellion has created “What is? Who are ?”

a North and a South, the entrance to “Why, you servants."

the kitchen stairs being the frontier “Me?”

line. Below, you find another climate; “Yes, your mistress says that is the the public opinion prevailing there best description of you she can find.” rests on a basis not recognised up

"I'll give her a month’s warning the stairs, and is very vigorously mainnext time the bell calls me to the par- tained and propagated. Master and lour.” “So will I," "and so will I.” mistress - No; these words are ex

Stop a bit. You won't reverse the punged from their vocabulary—Mr. world's judgment in that way. Let Brown and Mrs. Brown have their me advise you to think of the matter ascertained reputation in that all-judgcalmly. What everybody says, we ing republic, Mr. Brown usually standare told, must be true, and almost ing better than Mrs. Brown. He is a everybody says this about you. East, little reasonable, he can speak a kind west, north and south, as wide and word, though a little stern sometimes. as long as the land we live in, spreads Every member of the family is weighed this sore evil. In large towns and in the balances, and most of them, small, in the metropolis and in the especially the ladies, found wanting. country I have inquired: “Do you The grievances, the hardships, the know anything of servant-troubles wrongs discoursed of might move here ?" and the almost uniform answer your pity for those most oppressed is, “I think we do, there's no part of and ill-used of their kind. But the country where the evil is greater the doleful tale, you will remark, is than here.The evil.“What evil?” told by young women of flourishing "Why you can't get a servant when physique and finance, sitting by the you want one, you can't keep her fire, faring sumptuously, and so well when you have her, you can't mention clothed that visitors are in danger of one fault if you see a hundred, privileges mistaking them for the ladies of the are taken as rights, wages are always house This grievance-grumbling below has its echoes upstairs, with growing unsatisfactory, like a machine this difference, the wrong has changed with some undetected mischief in it, sides. The ills that mistresses are causing frequent stoppages, and puzheirs to are the topic of many a zling repairers. Yet the principle of morning call. When they meet, their the machine is sound and the parts sympathies are stirred, and their fluent good ; the construction and manageconfabulations conclude at length in ment only are at fault. Cause and the unanimous conviction, that foremost cure here also are closely related. amongst the evils of these times must Fairly answer the question-How has be placed the inefficiency, uppishness, this come to

pass ? and you are near and unmanageableness of servants." to knowing how it can be put away.

If this be not an absurd exaggera- Nobody need be surprised at the tion-and who will affirm that it is ?- fact. Common sagacity could have then there is a sore evil under the said, at the beginning of the century, sun, into the causes and cure of which mistresses will have unusual trouble it is important to inquire. Obsta with their servants before it is over. principiis (resist beginnings) is good. A gipsy Huldah could have spelled as a maxim, but does not seem to be out this prophecy from the hand of acted upon in social science. Politi- either, they were both getting white cal reform is deferred till the clouds so fast. The evil is one which, if it ever of popular discontent gather, and ought to have appeared, is certainly blacken, and mutter thunder. Not in ' place in the second half of the till pestilence, with her dreadful im- nineteenth century. It is the strike" peratives, orders it, will men obey the spirit reaching the kitchen. Emlaws of health, and the modern ployed labour has now been for some malady, called "servantgalism," has time in chronic unrest; and if the reached the intensity which makes it

farm-labourer has caught the ague of hardly safe to defer the search for a quivering unsettledness and one canremedy any longer. A remedy as- not regret that he has--we can hardly suredly there is. If no other, there hope for a perfect equilibrium, in the is the rough one of doing without nervous system, of the tens of thous. servants altogether. How my lord ands of their more susceptible sisters would like to groom his own horses, in domestic service. and my lady to cook her own dinner, But what has given the impulse? and her daughters to scrub their own The spirit of the century—the moverooms, will not be the question. If ment which marks the times. Serpresent symptoms develope, it will vants don't perhaps hear much of come to this, or to a worse thing- spectral analysis, electrical tests, ocean the old anomaly, precursor of revolu- telegraphy, Nyanza Lakes, household tion, which the shrewd Koheleth saw suffrage, Hyde Park railings, and Inand augured ill from—"servants rid- dustrial Exhibitions. But they have ing upon horses, and masters walking shared in the upheaval of which these as servants on the earth."

things are signs. They know that a For some reason or other the re

parasol can be bought for å week's lations of mistress and maid have, for wages, that a letter goes anywhere for the last twenty of thirty years, been a penny, that for the same coin weekly

an exciting novel may be read all the there would have been much less to year through, and that if they can dress complain of and to fear in the constrikingly, a hundred admiring or en- dition of modern society. Science vious eyes will be on them on Sunday. has lengthened the keel of the ship,

The soaring and diving of science, and raised the masts, and widened the the prying of discovery, the swelling yard-arms, but the Church has not of commerce, the tale-writing and in like measure done her work of penny printing, the better living and supplying the ballast. The moral better dressing, the general waking and spiritual have lagged behind the up and self-assertion of man, has intellectual. Man has enlarged himgiven to the nineteenth century its self, and has not been taught at the peculiar spirit-bold, self-sufficient, same time to enlarge his views of the self-gratifying, sceptical—which has Infinite God. Never perhaps was the little respect for age or antiquity; idea of the Master in heaven less little for superior intelligence or sta- present than now to the minds of tion, little for established usage or masters and men on earth. But this opinion, and not much for the con- is the all-adjusting, all-healing idea. clusions of religion or the claims of Even when it exists only in the imGod. This spirit spreads and ope- personal form of a strong sense of rates far beyond the sphere of its the right, reasonable, and fair, it prebirth, and carries away in its eddies vents collision and facilitates the many who know nothing of its source. settlement of disputes. But when The aforesaid phenomena, presented God is enthroned in the heart, and by the relation of the democracy of the divine love and law embrace, after kitchen to the oligarchy of the parlour, the Christian idea, all the relations are evidences of its


there. and incidents of life, all the evils we This is the main cause of the al- are deploring disappear. And there leged evil, and it is one which can- is no other remedy. The intellect not be removed. You can no more need not be impoverished, but the repress the spirit of the


conscience must be reinforced. The can undo its work. We would no throne of Christ must be set


in the more recall the mental stagnation of restless republic of servants too proud the past, than we would destroy the to serve, and of masters too self-willed Atlantic cable, hide again the sources

to think of their Master. of the Nile, raise the postage, or fetter It is indeed said that of all servants, the

press. The tide of human thought those who are members of churches is on the "flow;" may the “ ebb" are the most disagreeable and unnever come ! Destroy the movement manageable. I know some ladies in we cannot and would not; direct and whose judgment church-membership supplement it we may and must. The in a candidate for their service would development which the century has be a disqualification. Nor can it be given to the mind is one-sided. It is denied that some ground exists for such the little knowledge which is a dan- à conclusion. It does great injustice gerous thing. The fault lies mainly indeed to a large number of faithful at the door of the Church. Had she Christian servants, who adorn the been equally moved and improved, doctrine of their Saviour in all things

but that a prejudice should exist them, they have less than half the against servants who profess religion hours and advantages of the day. is a sadly suggestive fact, and quite But there are Servants' Classes. sufficient to show that the Church has Yes, and fine examples of zeal and failed in her duty towards them, both wisdom many of their conductors are. in her collective capacity, and in the Many, I say, not all. Some, knowing action of her individual members. the spirit of the young women, are

Some Christian mistresses carefully afraid to give them the only teaching exclude religion from their dealings likely to do them good. It must not with their servants, never give them be even called a “servants' class,” and any instruction in the Scriptures, nor the Christian duty of being up early inquire into their spiritual state, nor in the morning, of being clean, remake a direct effort for their salvation, spectful, honest in little things, dilinor allow them more than the slen- gent, obedient, and serving the Lord derest opportunities of public worship. in the kitchen, must hardly be menSome servants never go to worship at

tioned. The class wouldn't stand it. all, and very many are allowed out This heavy pressure of God's word only on the Sunday afternoon, the would push it over altogether. The sleepiest hour of the day, and when, as kindly and pious teacher assures them a rule, the sleepiest of preachers preach, that in the Church all are equal, and the dullest of services are held. and that Christianity knows no differ

Let the Sunday disadvantages of ence of social grade ; she lovingly servants be duly considered. They exhorts them to come to Jesus, and are entitled to all the force there is in having come, to sing “happy day this plea, in bar of a severe judgment. that fixed my choice, on Thee my The large majority of them have, and Saviour and my God,” and to tell perhaps unavoidably, one half of the Him that He shall hear daily reHoly Day taken from them, and that newals of the solemn initial vownecessarily spent in such a way as to but that that vow involves a dustless diminish the value of the half that moulding, a tidy person and room, remains. In what mind for worship a punctual and well-cooked dinner, an is the cook, who has spent the morn- economical use of fuel, a quick answer ing of the Sabbath before a roaring of the bell, and a silent bearing of fire and steaming pots and revolving a consciously deserved rebuke, they joints? or the maid whose only hour are never told, and perhaps would for the sanctuary is taken from a dozen never suspect. This absence of dithat she must pass with noisy children rect teaching makes the class powerin the nursery? From confusion she less against the evils which hang on goes, back to confusion she returns, the skirts of all such gatherings. It and seven days must pass before that requires strong virtue and a firm brief hour come again.


government of the “ little member" judging of the faults of our maids, not to talk of wages and grievances, and we must not forget that though their family secrets, when thirty girls from imperfect education, and the monotony thirty different households meet, after of their lives, make the stimulus of seven or fourteen days' separation, and the Sabbath doubly necessary to have nothing else particular to say.


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