Henslowe's Diary: Commentary

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A. H. Bullen, 1908

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Page 228 - THE HONEST WHORE : with the Humours of the Patient Man, and the Longing Wife; as it hath beene acted by her Majesties Servants with great applause.
Page 193 - BATEMAN'S TRAGEDY, OR THE PERJUR'D BRIDE JUSTLY REWARDED, being the history of the Unfortunate Love of German's Wife and young Bateman. London, Printed by Tho. Norris at the Looking-glass on London-bridge, nd In prose and verse, with wood-cuts.
Page 230 - Besides, it will show ill-favouredly to have a grocer's prentice to court a king's daughter. Cit. Will it so, sir? you are well read in histories! I pray you, what was Sir Dagonet? was not he prentice to a grocer in London? Read the play of "The Four Prentices of London," where they toss their pikes so.
Page 214 - The Blind-Beggar Of Bednal-Green, With The merry humor of Tom Strowd the Norfolk Yeoman, as it was divers times publickly acted by the Princes Servants.
Page 74 - Whereas it was thought meet that during the time of the Infection and continewaunce of the sicknes in the citie of London there shold no plaies or Enterludes be usd, for th'avoiding of th'assemblies and concourse of people in anie usual place apointed nere the said Cittie.
Page 91 - A Juste a cownt of all suche money as J haue layd owt for my lord admeralles players begynyng the xj of october whose names ar as foloweth borne gabrell shaw Jonnes dowten Jube towne synger & the ij geffes 1597...
Page 72 - A most pleasant and merie new Comedie, intituled A Knacke to Knowe a Knave, newlie set foorth, as it hath sundrie tymes bene played by Ed. Allen, and his Companie. With Kemp's applauded Merrimentes of the Men of Goteham, in receiving the King into Goteham. Imprinted at London by Richard Jones, dwelling at the signe of the Rose and Crowne, nere Holborne bridge. 1594." We may be sure, therefore, that Kemp had rendered these
Page 363 - Oldcastle. 1602 The True Chronicle History of the Whole Life and Death of Thomas, Lord Cromwell.
Page 363 - M. William Shake-speare, His True Chronicle History of the life and death of King Lear, and his three Daughters.
Page 261 - This would seem to be borne out by the fact that the baptism of a Dunstone Tunstall is entered in the Register of St.

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