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the premises laid down by Mr. Randolph, yet are they not applicable, or even plausible, in all cases. When the general sentiment, but in particular that of the enlightened part of the community, is opposed to usurpation and tyranny, and when the claims of a demagogue would not pass without close examination, and instant exposure, the country has little to fear from this quarter; and that government, which refuses to resent reiterated insults, from nations in a professed amity, under the pretext of endangering the constitution, holds out at the same time the evidence of its own weakness, and the strongest possible inducement to future depredations.

In a popular government, like ours, where the proceedings of the executive have often been divulged with the most childish garrulity; where the people have been flattered with the vain, the impracticable idea of receiving full information on every subject connected with their political welfare ; when the very infancy of the government itself, seems to preclude the probability of collusion among its officers, for the establishment of an influence, independent of, and adverse to the constitution, it may appear not a little strange, that, according to Mr. Randolph, the very reverse should, at this time, have taken place. That a cabinet had been formed, not for the patriotic purpose of openly declaring their opinions to the representatives of their country; but an invisible, inscrutable, irresponsible cabinet, which, indeed defied the touch, but which, notwithstanding, pervaded, and decided every measure, that was brought before the house. Against this vile, this secret, overruling influence, Mr. Randolph inveighed in · lauguage as severe, as it was necessary and just. He boldly protested against the assumption of a power, the dangerous consequences of which would always be in exact proportion to the crafty talents of those who wielded it ;-would be secure in proportion to the darkness in which it was enveloped ; and would lay its plans, and take its measures, with the more certainty, from the privilege it had usurped, of covering every design under the impenetrable shield of concealment. From such a cabinet, the accursed offspring of the Bute faction in Britain, may Heaven long preserve our country! For like the moth, it corrupts unseen, and unless it be crushed while in

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embryo, it will soon leave nothing of the constitution but the disjointed shreds.

From the extensive view, which Mr. Randolph had taken of the question, and the arguments he had been able to adduce, adverse to the resolution, he inferred the high folly, and the flagrant impolicy of suffering it to pass the house.-It was finally negatived by a majority of 70 against 47.

Hitherto, we have not been able to follow the exact order of chronology, in our history of the passing times, owing to our being obliged to depend upon the daily newspapers for dates : -in future, we hope to be more accurate, in this respect, as we have established a correspondence, at Washington, by which are to be transmitted to us, all the public documents, necessary for the execution of this very important part of our work.






* Authors and Booksellers in the different parts of the Union are requested to send their communications (post paid) to the care of Mr. E. Sargeant, No. 39 Wall-street, New York, by the 25th of each month-later than this they cannnot be inserted in the next succeeding month.

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to be

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E. Sargeant, of New-York, is making arrangements for publishing Dr. Gregory's Cyclopædia, in numbers. The prospectus of this valuable work will soon be laid before the public.

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