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Authors and Book-sellers, in the different parts of the Union are requested to send their communications (post paid) to the care of Mr. E. Sargeant, No. 39 Wall-Street, New-York, by the 25th of each month later than this date they cannot be inserted for the next succeeding month.

ORIGINAL WORKS. A collection of the Essays on the subject of Episcopacy, which originally appeared in the Albany Čentinel, and which are ascribed principally to the Rev. Dr. Linn, the Rev. Mr. Beasley, and Thomas Y. Howe, Esq. with additional notes and remarks. New-York. T. & J. Swords.

An Experimental Inquiry into the Chemical and Medical Properties of the Statice Limonium of Linnæus. By Valentine Mott, citizen of the state of New York, and president of the American Æsculapian Society. T. & J. Swords.

A Catalogue of Plants contained in the Botanic Garden at Elgin, in the vicinity of New York. Established in 1801, by David Hosack, M. D. professor of Botany and Materia Medica in Columbia College, and Fellow of the Linnæan Society of London. T. & J. Swords.

The Catechism of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. To which is annexed, a Catechism, designed as an explanation and enlargement of the Church Catechism : recommended by the Bishop and Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the state of NewYork. The third edition. T. & J. Swords.

The Domestic Chaplain : being fifty-two short Lectures, with appropriate hymns, on the most interesting subjects, for every Lord's day in the year. Designed for the improvement of families of every Christian denomination. By John Stanford, M. A. T. & J. Swords.

A Collection of Hymns for youth ; by John Stanford, M. A. T. & J. Swords.

Means of preserving Health, and for preventing Diseases, founded principally, on an attention to air and climate, drink, food, sleep, exercise, clothing, passions of the mind, and retentions and excretions ; with an Appendix, containing observations on bathing, cleanliness, ventilation and medical electricity ; and on the abuse of medicine ; enriched with apposite extracts from the best authors Designed not merely for physicians, but for the information of others : To which is annexed a Glossary of the technical terms, contained in the work. By Shadrach Ricketson, physician of NewYork. 12mo. Price $1 25. New-York. Collins, Perkins & Co.

The Medical Repository, and Review of American publications on Medicine, Surgery, and the auxiliary branches of Science. 38th quarterly number. By S. L. Mitchill, M. D. and Edward Miller, M.D. T. & J. Swords.

The History of Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor of the French, and king of Italy ; with two engravings, &c. &c. by George Bourne. Baltimore. Bourne. Price $2.

Geographical compilation, for the use of schools ; being an accurate description of all the empires, kingdoms, republics, and states in the known world with an account of their population, government, religion, manners, literature, universities, history, civil divisions, ecclesiastical hierarchy, and principal cities. The whole arranged in an alphabetical form. By D. L. C. Teacher of Geography, Baltimore.


Massillon's Charges to his Clergy, translated from the French. 1 vol. 8vo. Price $1 75. New-York. Brisban & Brannan.

The Life of Malesherbes. 12mo. Price bound 87 1-2 cents. Brisban & Brannan.

Memoirs of Richard Cumberland ; written by himselfcontaining an account of his life and writings, interspersed with anecdotes and characters, of several of the most distinguished persons of his time. Price $2. 8vo. and $1. 12mo. Brisban & Brannan.

The Christian Institutes : or, the sincere Word of God. Being a plain and impartial account of the whole faith and duty of a christian. Collected out of the writings of the old and new Testament: digested under proper heads, and delivered in the words of scripture, by the Right Rev. Father in God, Francis, late Lord Bishop of Chester. New-York. T. & J. Swords.

Observations on the disease called the Plague, on the Dysentery, the Ophthalmy of Egypt, and on the means of prevention. With some remarks on the Yellow-Fever of Cadiz, and the description and plan of an Hospital for the reception of patients affected with Epidemic and contagious diseases. By P. Assalini, M. D. one of the chief Surgeons of the Consular Guards, &c. Translated from the French by Adam Neale, of the University of Edinburgh, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of that city, and late Surgeon of the Shropshire Regiment of Militia. To which is added, a Letter concerning the Seasoning,

or Yellow Fever of the WestIndies. By George Pinckard, M. D. T. & J. Swords.

The Works of the Right honourable Edmund Burke-To, be comprized in 4 vols. 8vo. from the last London edition Vol. firs $2. Boston: J. West and O. C. Greenleaf.

Sermons on different subjects ; left for publication by John Taylor, L. L. D. late Prebendary of Westminster, Rector of Bosworth, &c. Published by the Rev. Samuel Hayes, M. D. Usher to Westminster School. To which is added a Sermon by Samuel Johnson, L. L. D. for the funeral of his wife. Price bound and lettered $1 50. Walpole, Thomas and Thomas.

The Stranger in France. By John Carr, Esq. Third American edition, common paper.

Price 87 1-2 cents-Fine paper, one dollar. Brattlebro. W. Fessenden.

Poems, written on different occasions, by Charlotte Richardson; to which is prefixed an account of the author, by Catharine Cappe. Price 50 cents. Philadelphia, Kimber, Conrad, &c.

The Christian Character Exemplified from the papers of Mary Magdalen A-S. late wife of Frederick Charles A-S. of Goodman's Fields—selected and revised by John Newton, Rector of St. Mary, Woolmoth. Kimber, Conrad, & Co.

In the Press of T.& 7. Swords, New-York. Darwin's Botanic Garden, 2nd edition.

Poems, by Richard B. Davis, a work which has been long expected.

Fowler's Exposition of the Book of Common Prayer. A selection of Hymns for the use of Ebenezer Church, New-York.

In the Press of Brisban & Brannan, New-York. Life of Dr. Beattie, by Sir James Forbes, in 2 vols. 8vo. Carr's Stranger in Ireland, i vol. 12mo.

West's (Mrs.) Letters to a young Lady on her entrance into the world, in 1 vol. 12mo.

A,Voyage to Terra Firma, on the Spanish main, in South America, during the years 1803 and 1804, by F. Dupon, formerly agent to the French government at the Caraccas, in 3 vols. 8vo.

In the Press of Collins, Perkins & Co. New-York. A Quarto Family Bible, with Ostervald's notes, and Brown's Concordance, accompanied with historical engravings, &c. N. B. This work will be ready for delivery in the course of the present month.

The Introduction to the English Reader, by Lindley Murray a new edition.

French Homonyms—by John Martin, professor of languages in New York.


John Conrad & Co. of Philadelphia, have issued proposals for publishing by subscription, a translation from the German of M. A. Wickaid's work, entitled the History of the Practice of Medicine, with notes and observations; by Benjamin Shultz, M. D. in two vols. 8vo. price $2 per vol.

Messrs. John Conrad and Co. have also announced their intention of publishing,

under the direction of Mr. Brown, an annual register of the United States. To commence the first of the present month.

A humorous work is announced from the Battlebros' press under the title of Political Farago ; or a Review of Politics in the United States, by Peter Dobbins, Esq. R.C.U.S.A.

The trials of Col. Smith, and S. G. Ogden have been prevented from being published by inevitable obstacles—but they are now in the press of Brisban and Brannan and will soon be given to the Public.

E. Sargeant will publish in about fifteen days, “The life of the Right Hon. C. J. Fox, interspersd with a great number of original anecdotes, by B. C. Walpole Esqr.” A relation of the celebrated family of that name.

Belsher and Armstrong, of Boston, will very shortly publish the trial of T. O. Selfidge Esqr. for the murder of Austin, It will be received for sale by E. Sargeant of this City. Col. Trumbull

, of this City has issued Proposals for publishing by subscription, (early next summer, price ten dollars.) two small prints, one presenting the death of General Warren, at the Battle of Bunker's-Hill; the other, the death of General Montgomery, at the Attack of Quebec,

Samuel Wood, of this city, proposes printing by subscription a pathetic work, entitled, the Penitential Tyrant ; or Slave Trader Reformed : a Poem in four parts. By Thomas Branagan. This work has had one impression, but is now enlarged, by the author, and corrected.

NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. The person, who signs himself IGNATIUS must excuse us from inserting his communication in our Magazine, which shall never be used as the medium, through which ought tending towards impiety, or obscenity is to be conveyed to the public. We are alike at open war with blasphemy and ribaldry, and all their supporters,

from the archtheomachists Voltaire, Diderot, D'Alembert and Condorcet, down to those illiterate, vulgar, ignorant scribblers, ycleped Thomas Paine, and William Godwin.

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