Stow: A Description of the Magnificent Gardens of the Right Honourable Richard, Earl Temple, Viscount and Baron Cobham. With a Plan of the House and Gardens

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J. Rivington, and B. Seeley in Buckingham, 1756 - 32 pages

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Page 19 - John Milton : whose sublime and unbounded genius equalled a subject that carried him beyond the limits of the world. 'William Shakespeare: whose excellent genius opened to him the whole heart of man, all the mines of fancy, all the stores of Nature ; and gave him power, beyond all other writers, to move, astonish, and delight mankind.
Page 20 - Pholofophers, underftood the Powers of the Human Mind, the Nature, End, and Bounds of Civil Government; and with equal Courage and Sagacity, refuted the flavifh Syftems of ufurped Authority over the Rights, the Confciences, or the Reafon of Mankind.
Page 23 - In his old age he retir'd to the house of a clergyman in the country, where he finish'd his earthly race, and died an honour and an example to the whole species. Reader, this stone is guiltless of flattery, for he to whom it is inscrib'd was not a man, but a grey-hound.
Page 23 - Livelihood, He hunted not after Fame, Yet acquired it; Regardlefs of the Praife of his Friends, But moft fenfible of their Love. Tho' he liv'd amongft the Great, He neither learnt nor flatter'd any Vice.
Page 22 - SIR WALTER RALEIGH, A valiant Soldier, and an able Statesman ; who endeavouring to rouse the spirit of his master, for the honour of his country, against the ambition of Spain, fell a sacrifice to the influence of that court, whose arms he had vanquished, and whose designs he opposed.
Page 29 - Comedy is the Imitation of Life, and the Mirror of Fafhion. The Poet's Effigies lies in a carelefs Pofture...
Page 19 - Sir Thomas Gresham: who, by the honourable profession of a merchant, having enriched himself and his country for carrying on the commerce of the world, built the Royal Exchange.
Page 22 - JOHN HAMPDEN, Who, with great spirit and consummate abilities, began a noble opposition to an arbitrary court, in defence of the liberties of his country ; supported them in parliament, and died for them in the field.
Page 20 - Genius, rejecting vain Speculation, and fallacious Theory, taught to purfue Truth, and improve Philofophy by the certain Method of Experi-ment.
Page 22 - Britons that ventured to sail round the globe ; and carried into unknown seas and nations the knowledge and glory of the English name.

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