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A. H. 839.

the King an opportunity of expelling Ibrahim Shah Shurky from his dominions; he accordingly gave orders to collect his army, and caused his tents to be pitched outside the city of Dehly. A few days elapsed in the necessary organisation of his forces, during which time the King continued to visit the new works : he was, however, little apprehensive of the event which soon after took place, never having given offence to his nobility, except in changing or removing them from their

governments when they misbehaved.

On the 9th of the month of Rujub, Rujub 9.

in the year 839, according to custom, Jan. 28. he went to worship at a mosque lately A. D. 1435. built in the new city, with only a few attendants. On which occasion, Meeran Sudr, and Kazy Abd-oos-Sumud, with a band of Hindoos clothed in armour, entered the mosque; while Sudanund, the son of Gungoo Kutry, with another party of Hindoos, kept guard without, to prevent people from either going in or coming out. Although the King perceived the conspirators were in armour, he took no immediate notice of them ; till at length Sidpal, one of the Hindoos, drawing his sword, rushed on him, and the rest following his example, they basely murdered this worthy and excellent Prince. Meeran Sudr, instantly quitting the spot, repaired to the house of the Vizier, and acquainted him, according to agreement, with what had happened; and Survur-ool-Moolk, who had previously arranged matters with Mahomed, one of the grandsons of Khizr Khan, raised that Prince to the throne.

Syud Moobarik reigned 13 years, three months, and 16 days. He was esteemed a man of good talents, and on most occasions just and benevolent. His temper was so equal, that it is notorious he never spoke in anger to any person during his life. The Towareekh Moobarik Shahy was written to commemorate the events of his reign.


The King's son, is raised to the throne by the minister. The

King's murderers are created governors of provinces. Disaffection of the officers. - Insurrection in Sumbhul. - Kaly Khan sent to suppress it - he joins the insurgents, and marches to the capital. The minister is slain. Kaly Khan minister. The murderers of the late King punished. Rebellion in Mooltan. Bheilole Khan Lody assumes independence in Lahore. Defeats the King's troops sent against him. Insurrection in all quarters. The King of Joonpoor seizes some of the King's districts. The King of Malwa leads an army against Dehly. - Bheilole Khan Lody is called in to assist the King. The Malwa army retreats.

Disagreement between the King and Bheilole Lody - the latter quits the court returns and besieges Dehly for six months. The King falls sick his death.

ACCORDING to the practice of the universe, which cannot subsist without order ; on the same day which gave to Moobarik his death-wound, his son, the Prince Mahomed, was seated on the throne. The ungrateful assassin, Survur-ool-Moolk, vizier, received the title of Khan Jehan; and having secured the King's treasure, the regalia, and other effects, he dismissed all the old ministers from office, and appointed new ones, more suited to his views.

Kaly Khan, the deputy-vizier, and other chiefs in the camp, called a council, on hearing of the King's death, and

A. H. 839.
A. D. 1435.

resolved, rather than incur the horrors of civil war, for the present to submit to the new King, and to wait for a more favourable opportunity of taking revenge on the conspirators ; so they accordingly came into the city, and paid their respects to Syud Mahomed. The first preferment which was made, in order to promote the Vizier's views, was the elevation of the Hindoo conspirators. ' Sudanund and Sidpal were raised to the government of Byana, Amroha, Narnoul, and Kohram, and other pergunas in the Dooab. Meeran Sudr was dig. nified with the title of Moyin-ool-Moolk, and received a considerable jagier. The son of Syud Salim was ennobled by the title of Khan-Azim Syeed Khan, and the government of several districts was assigned to him ; while the officers of the late King were persecuted, and some even lost their lives under false pretences.

One Ranoo, a slave of the Vizier, beRujub 12.

ing nominated collector of the revenues of Byana, endeavoured to obtain pos

session of the fort, but Yoosoof Khan Lody opposed, and slew him. At the same time, also, some of the nobles of the late reign, who had served under Kbizr Khan, perceived a design to deprive them of their jageers; and the following chiefs, Mullik Joomun, governor of Budaoon; Mullik Alla-dad Lody, governor of Sumbhul ; Meer Ally Goozeratty, and Ameer Khan Toork, combined, and went into open rebellion.. Mullik Survur-ool-Moolk, deceived by the behaviour of his deputy, Kaly Khan, intrusted him with the


A. H. 839.

Jan. 31. A. D. 1435.

A. H. 839.

command of the army to suppress the revolt, and. Syeed Khan, Sudánund, and the Vizier's son, Yoosoof-Khan, went along with him. On arriving at the village of Birrun, Kaly Khan, who had resolved to take revenge on Sudanund, and Yoosoof Khan, for the murder of the King, informed Mullik Alladad-Lody of his intention. The latter, therefore, made no movement to oppose the royalists. Kaly Khan's design, however, became known to the Vizier, who sent Mullik Hooshyar, one of his own slaves, with an additional force, as if to reinforce Kaly Khan, but in reality with secret instructions

to watch his motions. Kaly Khan, howA. D. 1435. ever, united his forces with those of

Mullik Alla-dad-Lody previously to the arrival of Mullik Hooshyar, who was in consequence deterred from approaching, and Yoosoof

Khan and Sudanund fled to Dehly. Rumzan 30. Kaly Khan, together with the malcon- . April 15.

tents, now marched to Dehly, which they reached on the last day of Rumzan.

In this dilemma, the Vizier, Survur-ool-Moolk, took post in the citadel of Siry, wherein he stood a siege for three months; but the party of Kaly Khan daily gaining new partisans, the Vizier was reduced to the last distress. The King also perceiving that his own affairs would be ruined if he adhered to the Vizier, opened negotiations with the besiegers, and only waited an opportunity either of making his escape, or of cutting off his minister. The Vizier, discovered the plot, and determined to anticipate the King's intentions ; accordingly, on

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