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crimes long survived the event. And even Allaood-Deen himself, though fortune smiled on him at first, yet in the end he suffered great distress of mind, being obliged to imprison his own children, and to put to death, one after another, the friends whom he loved most, and in whom he most confided. Julal-ood-Deen Feroze Khiljy reigned for a period of seven years and some months.


Consternation at Dehly. The Dowager-queen elevates her youngest son to the throne. Measures taken by Alla oodDeen to strengthen his party his profuse liberality to all classes. The Queen-dowager invites her eldest son, governor of Mooltan, to repair to Dehly; but he declines the contest with Alla-ood-Deen, who arrives at the capital. The young King, and his mother, fly to Mooltan. - Alla-ood-Deen proclaimed King in Dehly - entertains the people with public festivities - becomes popular - forms a new administration of the most able men of the state gives a donation of six months' pay to the army. Sends his brother to attack the princes in Mooltan they surrender under the most sacred promises of kind treatment are brought to Dehly, and all the males are deprived of sight by the King's orders, and subsequently put to death. - The Queen-dowager and the females are confined in Dehly. - Moguls invade India - are defeated by the King's brother, with the loss of 12,000 men. Guzerat invaded, and partially conquered. Mutiny in the Guzerat army. Defection of Mahomed Mogul takes refuge with the Raja of Runtunbhore. Mogul invasion repulsed by Zuffir Khan. Another invasion, by 200,000 men

reaches Dehly. - Great exertions of the King. Moguls defeated.

Zuffur Khan killed. Plot to assassinate the King, who is severely wounded, and left for dead. The King's great presence of mind, and good conduct. The assassin killed. Plot to raise a king in Dehly discovered and put down. The King's uneasiness. - Internal regulations in all branches of his government. Sends armies to Chittoor on the west, and to Tulingana on the south. - Mogul invasion of 120,000

- reaches Dehly without a check. The Moguls withdraw suddenly. - The King frames a scheme of finance. Regulates the price of all articles.

- Famine ensues.

Another Mogul invasion. - Moguls cut off in their retreat. VOL. I.



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The King sends armies to Guzerat, Malwa, and the Deccan. Success of his generals, particularly Mullik Kapoor, in the Deccan: Capture of Kowul Devy - also of her daughter Dewul Devy. - Siege of Jalwur. - Massacre of the Moguls in Dehly, by the King's orders. - Flourishing condition of the empire under Alla-ood-Deen.- The King becomes suspicious of his sons, and confines them. -- Misfortunes in the empire.- Dissensions in the provinces. Revolution in the Deccan. Death of the King.

INTELLIGENCE of the murder of the King having reached Ahmud Hubeeb, who was advancing with the army, he retreated to Dehly. Mullika Jehan, the Dowager-queen, imprudently, and without consulting the chiefs, placed the crown on the head of her youngest son, the Prince Kuddur Khan, entitled Rookn-ood-Deen Ibraheem ; the heir apparent, Arkully Khan, his elder brother, being then at Mooltan. The Queen accompanied the young prince from Kelookery to Dehly, and seated him on the throne in the green palace, though he was yet a boy, and altogether unacquainted with affairs of state: at the same time, she divided the provinces among her partisans. Arkully Khan, the real heir, who possessed all the qualities of a king, was greatly perplexed by these proceedings, but thought proper, for the present, to remain at Mooltan.

Alla-ood-Deen, having learned that affairs at the capital had fallen into the hands of his inveterate enemy the Queen, Mullika Jehan, and her infant son, no longer confined his views to an independent kingdom at Luknowty, but boldly aspired to the throne of Dehly, for which city he determined to

march in spite of the rainy season.

His first objects were to raise an army within his government, and to confer royal titles on his friends and followers. Almas Beg was honoured with the title of Aluf Khan ; Mullik Noosrut Jalesury with that of Noosrut Khan ; Mullik Hijubr-ood-Deen assumed the name of Zuffur Khan, and Mullik Sunjur, whose sister was married to Alla-ood-Deen, received the title of Rookn Khan. To these titles were superadded estates.

Alla-ood-Deen, by the advice of Noosrut Khan, distributed presents also among the army,

wher ever he encamped, and he amused himself by throwing golden balls from a sling among the people, so that his liberality soon brought abundance of soldiers to his banners. The Queendowager, in the greatest perplexity, owing to the information she daily received of Alla-ood-Deen's popularity, despatched an express to Mooltan, for her son Arkully Khan; but he returned for answer, that the time was past, for before he could arrive, the troops of the capital would join the enemy; that his coming now, therefore, would be of no avail. He observed, “a stream may be “ diverted at its source, but when it becomes a “ river, dams cannot oppose its current.”

Alla-ood-Deen made no delay in his march, but crossed the Jumna, below Dehly, and encamped opposite the north-east gate. The Prince, fluttering like a solitary bird, collected his forces, and marching out of the city, drew up his line before the enemy. But when he saw them preparing for battle, he retreated into the city, and during the

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