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A. H. 439.

Ally, ruler of Ghoor, and drove him into a fort *, wherein he was besieged and taken prisoner. This place was reckoned so strong, that no one had attempted its reduction for 700 years. When Ameer Bastugeen Hajib found himself master of the fort, he treacherously laid hands on the son of Yehya Ghoory, whom he came to support, and carried him in chains, with Aboo Ally, to Ghizny, where the King ordered both to be beheaded. Ameer Bastugeen Hajib was sent soon after against Byram Daniel, a chief of the Suljooks. He met the enemy in the districts of Boost, where

he engaged and defeated them. In the A. D. 1047. year 439 he was sent against Khoozdar,

the ruler of which refused to pay the usual tribute ; but he obliged him to comply with the King's demands, and returned with his army to Ghizny.

In the following year, Modood, on one and the same day, conferred the royal dress, drums, and colours, on his two eldest sons. These were Mahmood, whom he sent to Lahore, and Munsoor, whom he sent to the province of Burkistwar. At the same time, Aboo Ally Kotwal of Ghizny was deputed to command the army in India, and to maintain the conquests in that quarter. Aboo Ally first marched to Pishawur, and took the fort of Myhtilla, which had rebelled against the King's authority, from thence he sent a letter to Bheejy Ray, a general of the Hindoos, who had done much service in the time of Mahmood, inviting him to come to the court of Ghizny, whence he had fled on account of some political dissensions, and had taken up his abode in the mountains of Kashmeer.

* The name is not mentioned in any of my MSS.

While Aboo Ally was employed in settling the countries on the Indus, some malicious chiefs in his camp forwarded complaints against him to the King, who, having sent for him to Ghizny, imprisoned and made him over in charge to Meeruk, the son of Hoossein. This chief, moved by former enmity, as well as by a design to extort money, put him to the rack, on which he died. Fearing lest the King should enquire for the prisoner, and order him to be produced, he endeavoured to divert Modood's mind till he should be able to frame an excuse for the death of Aboo Ally. He prevailed with the Sooltan, in the first place, to undertake an expedition against Khorassan, by the way of Kabul. Modood proceeded by the route of Shujawund and Logur *, and reached the fort of Sealkote t, where considerable treasure had been deposited. Here he was seized with a violent bowel complaint, and was obliged to return in a litter to Ghizny, while his vizier, Abdool Ruzak, with the army, having marched into Seestan, opposed the Suljooks, and penetrated into that country.

On the King's arrival at Ghizny, he ordered Meeruk Hoossein to bring his prisoner, Aboo Ally, in order that he might be released; but Meeruk contrived excuses, and before the end of a week, Rujub 24.

* This place appears, in Mr. Elphinstone's map, 40 miles north of Ghizny, and about 20 south of Kabul.

+ This is not the Sealkote in India Proper.

the King died, on the 24th Rujub, in A. n. 441. the year 441, having reigned upwards Dec. 24. of nine years. Previously to his death, A. D. 1049. he had prevailed on the provinces of Bamyan and Mawur-ool-Nehr to unite all their resources in order to act against the Suljooks; but as the stars of this race were on the rise, they met with no obstacle to their final and entire success.


Ally Bin Rubeea raises Musaood, the infant son of Modood, to

the throne. Aluptugeen espouses the cause of Abool Hussun Ally, a son of Musaood the First. - The infant, Musaood, is deposed.

After the death of Modood, Ally Bin Rubeea, Khadim, formed a design to usurp the throne ; but concealing his intentions in the first instance, he raised Musaood, the son of Modood (a child of four years old), to the musnud. Aluptugeen Hajib, one of the principal officers of Sooltan Mahmood's court, not having been made acquainted with the measure, deemed himself insulted, and drew off with that half of the army which was in his interest. The troops, thus divided, came to action; in which Ally Bin Rubeea being worsted, the party of Aluptugeen Hajib espoused the cause of Abool Hussun Ally, one of the sons of the Emperor Musaood, who had escaped the resentment of Ally Bin Rubeea, and proclaimed him king, deposing Musaood, after a nominal reign of six days.

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