Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 122, No. 4, 1978)

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American Philosophical Society

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Page 253 - The invention all admired, and each, how he To be the inventor missed ; so easy it seemed Once found, which yet unfound most would have thought Impossible...
Page 253 - Receive thy new possessor ; one who brings A mind not to be changed by place or time. The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. What matter where, if I be still the same?
Page 255 - Remarks on the Employment of Oblique Riders, and on other Alterations in the Construction of Ships. Phil. Trans. 1814, p. 303; the substance of a Report before presented to the Board of Admiralty, relating to Sir Robert Sepping's Improvements, with some additional illustrations.
Page 256 - Rudiments of an Egyptian Dictionary in the ancient Enchorial Character ; containing all the words of which the sense has been ascertained.
Page 253 - ... his first appearance before the Public. The criticism was admitted by Dr. Burney to be correct. 2. In the Gentleman's Magazine for April, 1792, Observations on the Manufacture of Iron ; an Attempt to remove some Objections to Dr. Crawford's theory of Heat, which had been advanced by Dr. Beddoes. 3. Entomological Remarks ; Gentleman's Magazine, December, 1792 : on the Habits of Spiders ; on a Passage of Aristotle, with an Illustration of the Fabrician System ; and a Plate of the mouth of an insect....
Page 238 - ... commemorat adhiberi, ne Silvanus deus ' per noctem ingrediatur et vexet, eorumque custodum significandorum causa tres homines noctu circuire limina domus et primo limen securi ferire, postea pilo, tertio deverrere...
Page 208 - ... England and in Scotland, where the course of generations has now taught us, not as a dream or a theory, but as practice and as life, that the best and surest foundation we can find to build upon is the foundation afforded by the affections, the convictions, and the will of the nation ; and it is thus by the decree of the Almighty that we may be enabled to secure at once the social peace, the fame, the power, and the permanence of the Empire.
Page 198 - Geographical and Comparative List of the Birds of Europe and North America.
Page 234 - salvo grata puella viro.' Tarpeium nemus et Tarpeiae turpe sepulcrum fabor et antiqui limina capta lovis. lucus erat Felix hederoso conditus antro multaque nativis obstrepit arbor aquis, Silvani ramosa domus, quo dulcis ab aestu fistula poturas ire iubebat oves.
Page 253 - Fresnal, for having applied it, with some modifications, to the most intricate phenomena of polarised light. 17- A Bakerian Lecture on the Theory of Light and Colours ; Phil. Trans. 1802, p. 12 ; developing the law of interference, and entering into all the details of the theory to which it leads ; dwelling, at the same time, upon the difficult points, with somewhat more of candour than might have been consistent with his object, had he been anxious to obtain proselytes.

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