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vulsive twitches; we see the heavy form rolling; we hear it puffing; and then comes the “Why, Sir!” and the “What then, Sir?” and the “No, Sir!” and the “You don't see your way through the question, Sir!"

What a singular destiny has been that of this remarkable man! To be regarded in his own age as a classic, and in ours as a companion! To receive from his contemporaries that full homage which men of genius have in general received only from posterity! To be more intimately known to posterity than other men are known to their contemporaries! That kind of fame which is commonly the most transient is, in his case, the most durable. The reputation of those writings, which he probably expected to be immortal, is every day fading; while those peculiarities of manner and that careless table - talk, the memory of which he probably thought would die with him, are likely to be remembered as long as the English language is spoken in any quarter of the globe.




GOLDSMITH : The Vicar of Wake- H. KINGSLEY: Ravenshoe 2v. Austin field; Poems; Dramas (w.portr.) 1v. Elliot 1 v.

MRS. GORE: Castles in the Air 1 v. LANGDON: Ida May 1 v. The Dean's Daughter2v. Progress and LEMON : Wait for the End 2 v. Prejudice 2 v. Mammon 2 v. A Life's LEVER: The O'Donoghue 1 v. The Lessons 2 v. The two Aristocracies Knight of Gwynne 3v. Arthur O'Leary 2 v. Heckington 2 v.

2v. Harry Lorrequer 2v. Chs. O'Malley "JOHN HALIFAX,"AUTHOR OF: John 3 v. Tom Burke of “Ours” 3 v. Jack Halifax 2 v. The Head of the Family Hinton 2 v. The Daltons 4v. Dodd 2v. A Life for a Life 2 v. A Woman's Family 3v. The Martins 3 v. Glencore Thoughts 1v. Agatha's Husband 1v. 2 v. Roland Cashel 3 v. Davenport Romantic Tales 1 v. Domestic Sto- Dunn3v. ConCregan 2v. One ofThem ries 1 v. Mistress and Maid 1v. The 2 v. Tiernay 2 v. Sir Jasper Carew 2 v. Ogilvies 1 v.

Barrington 2 v. A Day's Ride 2 v. SIR H. HAVELOCK, by Brock, 1 v. G. H. LEWES : Ranthorpe 1 v. The HAWTHORNE: The Scarlet Letterlv. Physiology of Common Life 2 v. Transformation 2 v.

"GUY LIVINGSTONE,” AUTHOR OF: HOUSEHOLD WORDS conducted by Guy Livingstone 1v. Sword and Gown Chs.Dickens.1851-1856. 36v. Novels 1 v. Barren Honour 1 v. Border and und Tales reprinted from Household Bastille 1 v. Words. 1856-1859. 11v.

LONGFELLOW:Poet. Works(portr.)3v. WASHINGTON IRVING :Sketch Book LUTFULLAH, by Eastwick, 1 v. w.portr.) 1 v. Life of Mahomet 1y. LORD MACAULAY: History of Eng; fuccessors of Mahomet 1 v. Oliver land (w. portr.) 10 v. Critical and Goldsmith 1 v. Wolfert's Roost 1 v. Historical Essays 5v. Lays of Ancient Life of Washington 5 v.

Rome lv. Speeches 2v. Biographical G. P. R. JAMES: Morley Ernstein (w. Essays lv. WilliamPitt, Atterbury lv. portr.)1 v. Forest Days lv. The False MACLEOD : The Old Lieutenant 1 v. Heirlv. Arabella Stuart 1v. Rose d'Al- LORD MAHON:History of England 7v. | bret 1v. Arrah Neil lv. Agincourt 1 v. "M. MAITLAND,” AUTHOR OF: M. MaitSmuggler 1 v. Stepmother 2 v. Beau- land 1v. The last of the Mortimers 2v. hamp 1 v. Heidelberg 1v. Gipsy lv. MANSFIELD: The Water Lily 1 v. Ehrenstein 1v. Darnley 1 v. Russell CAPT. MARRYAT: Jacob Faithful (w. v. The Convict 2v. Broughton 2 v. portr.) 1v. Percival Keene lv. Peter DOUGLAS JERROLD: St.Giles and St. Simple lv. Japhet lv. Monsieur Violet Wames 2 v. Men of Character 2 v. 1v. The Settlers 1 v. The Mission 1v. JOHNSON: Lives of the Poets 2 v. The Privateer's-Manly. TheChildren MISS KAVANAGH:Nathalie2v. Daisy of the New-Forest 1v. Valerie 1 v. Burns 2v. Grace Lee 2v. Rachel Gray MRS. MARSH:Ravenscliffe2 v. Emilia lv. Adèle 3 v. Two Sicilies 2v. Seven Wyndham 2v. CastleAvon 2v. Aubrey lears 2v. French Women of Letterslv. 2 v. Heiress of Haughton 2 v. Evelyn English Women of Letters lv. Queen Marston 2 v. The Rose of Ashurst 2 v. Mab 2 v.

MELVILLE:KateCoventry1v. HolmKIMBALL: St. Leger 1v. Romance by House 2 v. Digby Grand 1 v. Good of Student Lifelv. Undercurrents lv. for Nothing2v. The Queen's Maries 2v. KINGLAKE: Eothenlv. Crimea v.1-4. The Gladiators 2 v. CH. KINGSLEY: Yeastly. Westward MILTON: Poetical Works 1 v. bo! 2v. Two Years ago 2v. Hypatia2v. THOMAS MOORE:Poetical Works 5v. Alton Locke 1 v.

The price of each volume is 1/. Thaler (Is. 62.)



MRS, STOWE: Uncle Tom (w.portr. MORIARTY: Selections from British 2 v. A Key to Uncle Tom 2v. Dred 2 v Authors 1 v.

Minister's Wooing lv. "NO CHURCH,"AUTHOR OF: NoChurch SWIFT: Gulliver's Travels 1 v. 2v. Owen 2y.

BARONESS TAUTPHOEUS: Cyrilla 2 v HON. MRS. NORTON: Stuart of Dun- The Initials 2y. Quits 2v. At Odds 2 leath 2 y. Lost and Saved 2 v.

TAYLOR: Tara 3 v. OSSIAN: The Poems 1 v.

TEMPLETON: Diary and Notes 1 v. POPE: Poetical Works (w.portr.) 1v. TENNYSON: Poetical Works 4 v.

CH. READE: "It is never too late to THACKERAY: Vanity Fair 3 v. Penmend” 2 v. "Love me little, love me dennis 3 v. Miscellanies 8 v. Henry long" 1 v.

Esmond 2v. The English Humourists RICHARDSON: Clarissa Harlowe 4v. lv. The Newcomes 4v. The Virginians REV. F. W. ROBERTSON: Sermons 3 v. 4v. The Four Georges; Lovel the RUFFINI: Lavinia2v. Doctor Antonio Widower1v. Adventures of Philip 2 v. 1v. Lorenzo Benoniiy. Vincenzo 2 v. THOMSON: The Seasons(w.portr.) 1. W. SCOTT: Waverley (w. portr.) 1v.

TROLLOPE: Doctor Thorne 2v. The The Antiquary 1v. Ivanhoe lv. Kenil- Bertrams 2 v. The Warden 1v. Barworth 1 v. Quentin Durward 1 v. Old chester Towers 2 v. Castle Richmond Mortality 1v. Guy Mannering lv. Rob 2v. The West Indies 1v. FramleyParRoy 1v. The Pirate 1v. Fortunes of sonage 2 v. North America 3 v. Orley Nigel1 v. Black Dwarf; Montrose lv. Farm 3 v. Rachel Ray 2 v. Bride of Lammermoor 1 v. Heart of WARBURTON: The Crescent and the Mid-Lothian 2 v. Monastery1v. The Cross 2 v. Darien 2 v. Abbot 1v. Peveril of the Peak 2 v. WARREN: Diary of a late Physiciar Poetical Works 2' y.

2v. Ten Thousand a-Year 3.v. Now MISS SEWELL: Amy Herbert 2 v. and Then lv. The Lily and the Bee lv Ursula 2v. A Glimpse of the World 2v. WETHERELL: The wide, wide World

SHAKESPEARE: The Plays and 1v. Queechy 2v. Shatemuc 2 v. Say Poems (w. portr.) compl. 7 v. and Seal 2 v. The Old Helmet 2 v. SHAKESPEARE's Plays may also be had in 37 A WHIM and its Consequences 1 v numbers, at 1/10 Thlr. each number.

WHO BREAKS - PAYS," AUTHOR OF SMOLLETT: Roderick Random 1v. Who Breaks, Pays lv. Skirmishing in Humphry Clinker 1 v.

MRS.WOOD: EastLynne 3v. The Chan STERNÉ: Tristram Shandy 1 v. A nings2v. Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles2 Sentimental Journey (w. portr.) 1v. Verner's Pride 3 v. Ashlydyat 3 v.

"STILL WATERS," AUTHOR OF: Still WRAXALL: Wild Oats 1 v. Waters 1 v. Dorothylv. De Cressylv. MISS YONGE: Heir of Redclyffe 2 Uncle Ralph 1v. Maiden Sisters 1v. Heartsease 2v. Daisy Chain 2v. Dyne Martha Brown 1 v.

vor Terrace 2 v. Hopes and Fears 2 SUNBEAM STORIES 1 v.

Young Stepmother 2 v.


for general use. By W. James. Fourteenth Stereotype Edition. 80.11/3 Thlr. A COMPLETE DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH AND FRENCH LANGUAGE

for general use. By W. Jumes & A. Molė. Seventh Stereotype Edition. 8o. 2 Thlr. A COMPLETE DICTIONARY or THE ENGLISH AND ITALIAN LANGUAGE for general use. By W. James & Gius. Grassi. Third Stereotype Edition. 80. 13/4 Thlr.


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