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Instantly Relieved by New 8-Fold Treatment Which All Can Try

FREE 4/6 Package, which is Curing Thousands, Sent Prepaid to All Who Write.

To every person answering this advertisement at once we will send-Free to try-our complete new three-fold absorption cure for Piles, Ulcer, Fissure, Prolapse, Tumours, Constipation and all rectal troubles. If you are fully satisfied with the benefit re

ceived, send us 45. 6d. If not, we take your word and you send nothing; you decide after a thorough trial. This treatment is curing even cases

of 30 and 40 years' standing, as well ANTISEPTIC HEALING as all the earlier stages. Act now

and perhaps save yourself great

suffering. Our three-fold treatment cures to stay cured, because it is constitutional as well as local, and we want you to try it at our expense. Our valuable new Pile Book (in colours) comes free with the approval treatment, all in plain package. Send no money-only your name toDr. Van Vleck Co., 1041, Victoria Chambers, 65A, Holbord Viaduct, London. Write to-day.

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Stall's Books.

1. Saving a year's study.
2. Making accuracy certain.
3. Producing the highest speed.

Send for free Illustrated Booklet,

Handbook Dept,,

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The way to purity is through knowledge. 225th Thousand.

The Self and
Sex Series

has the unqualified

endorsement of
Dr. John Clifford,
Rev. C. M, Sheldon,
Rev. F. B. Meyer,
Rev. T Spurgeon,
Dr. Robt. F. Horton,
Fred A. Atkins,
Dr. Theo. L. Cuyler,
Dr. Francis E. Clark,
Frances E. Willard,

Lady H. Somerset,

Eminent Physicians and Hundreds SYLVANUS STALL, D.D.

of Others. BOOKS TO MEN, By Sylvanus Stall, D.D.

What a Young Boy Ought to Know.
What a Young Man Ought to Know.
What a Young Husband Ought to Know.
What a Man of 45 Ought to Know.

By Mrs. Mary Wood-Allen, M.D., and BOOKS TO WOMEN.

Mrs. Emma F. A. Drake, M.D.
What a Young Girl Ought to Know.
What a Young Woman Ought to Know.
What a Young Wife Ought to Know.

What a Woman of 45 Ought to Know.
45. net per copy, postage 4d. Send for table of contents.


Vir Publishing Co., ?R, ImperiaLangede udgate

The Home Pen.

How often, when mother is writing, curiosity gets the better of a child, and an upset inkstand means spoiled frocks and furniture. Inkstand accidents are things of the past if you use an “Onoto " Safety Fountain Pen that fills itself in five seconds. It holds sufficient ink to write 20,000 words.

The ink flow can be regulated to suit the writer's needs.

The “Onoto ” is so perfectly balanced it will not tire the
writer's wrist. The nib is gold, pointed with iridium and
cannot wear out.

Price 10/6 and upwards, of all stationers, etc.
Booklet about the “Onoto " Pen free on application to
Messrs. T. De La Ruc & Co., Ltd., 206, Bunhill Row, E.C.

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British made by British labour, the Empire Typewriter costs you £13 25. 60.--the fair and reasonable price for a typewriter in these days of low manufacturing costs. You save £9 by purchasing an Empire, and you obtain the most serviceable writing machine for all commercial or private work.

H.M. Government now use over 1,000 Empires. Scores of the largest firms and corporations like the Canadian Pacific Railway, London and North-Western Railway, Manchester Ship Canal,

Bovril Limited, &c., have purchased the Empire in preference to all other high-grade typewriters. With this evidence before you, can you doubt that the Empire will do your work satisfactorily?

Write to-day for booklets and particulars of our Free Trial Offer.

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Miscellaneous Advertisements.

Rate 11d. per Word. Minimum charge (36 words) 48 Bd.

Address Advertisemeħt with remittance : JOHN HADDON & A Great Money-making Novelty.

CO., Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, E.C. Twenty people can see the cinematograph picture at once. The pictures are 12 times as large as the slot machines. Pays for itself in a week. For Markets, Fairs, AN OPPORTUNITY to cam from És per week upwards. Learn to Seaside, Bazaars, &c., there is nothing to

employed students post free. - Page-Davis Advertising School (Dept. F), compare with it as a money-taker. Shows

195, Oxford Street, London, W.
beautiful Still Life and Animated Pictures.
Price £21 10s.

ASTROLOGY. --Life Horoscope of Character, Business, and Money

prospects, Marriage partner described, Future Events,

Changes, &c., accurately foretold. Send birth date, 1/- P.O., and stamped The Latest Invention in Animated envelope.- Mdme. VERNON (R.S.), Somerville Drive, Mount Florida, Pictures is the

Glasgow. Satisfaction guaranteed. "BREWSTERGRAPH” ASTROLOGY. – Reliable Horoscope of character, marriage and business. The King of Cinematographs.

Zetella, Glen Villa, Cleadon, Sunderland. Your future given with above

horoscope. RockSteady, no Flickering, Reverses

and Repeats all Films, New Lever in Mechanism, Double Optical Systems, BUNIONS REDUCED. Immediate relief guaranteed ; Cusic Plasters,

box, Sims, Surgeon Chiropodist, As used by Dr. Harry Guinness. 49, Deansgate, Manchester.

50 Guineas. Grandly Illustrated Catalogue of all COSMOPOLITAN CORRESPONDENCE CLUB. -For Col. Cinematographs, Cameras, Developing

lectors, Apparatus, &c., post free, ed. Grandly Esperantists, Students, Journalists, Tourists, &c. Members in all parts of Illustrated Film List, post free, 7d.

the World. A splendid exchange medium, well worth joining. 16 page

illustrated prospectus free from Ashby, City Road, Winchester. Mention The Great Lantern House for Optical



-Send your old jewellery, false teeth, diamonds, Brewster House, 82, Mortimer Road,

pearls, platinum, and other valuables to Allen Kingsland, London, N., England. Daws, Goldsmiths, 80, London Street, Norwich, who will send you cash

offer. If offer not accepted goods immediately returned. References

Bankers, Barclays. USE THE "BLACK

KNITTED CORSETS (improved). Support without pressure. Also

new invention Boneless Corsets, Unbreakable. For reproducing CIRCULARS, Pure Woollen, Pine Wool and Sanitary Cotton Underclothing. Surgical PLANS, SKETCHES SPECIFICATIONS, Hosiery:-Write for List and Free Patterns, Knitted Corsetfand Clothing Co., QUANTITIES, MUSIC, &0., in

Nottingham.-Mention Review. equal to Lithography. Ordinary THE FIFTY BEST SOLOS IN THE ORATORIOS, including pen and paper used in writing or drawing the original. Copies far of the “Messiah," the "Elijah," the “Creation," " St. Paul," " Judas superior to those by any other Maccabæus,” “ Samson," Theodora," and others. Bound in cloth, 1/6; copying apparatus. From 35/ in paper, 17. (Postage 2d extra.) Contains 190 pages of clearly engraved

music.-Egerton & Co., Savoy House, 115, Strand, London, W.C. Use

"PHOTO-AUTOCOPYIST," a simplified form of Collotype, furnishing a number of Splendid Permanent

MUSIC BY MAIL. We will send any Musical Publication post free

by return and charge lowest current rate. New Prints in any colour, equal to Silver, Platinotype, or Bromide Prints. Great saving of time and expense,

Violin Music Catalogue (nearly 20,000 publications) free for 3d. postage: From 558.

published 1/-:-Murdoch Murdoch & Co., Hatton House, Hatton Garden, Send for Price List and Specimens, or call and see these useful inventions.


OLD ARTIFICIAL TEETH bought Call or forward by post: full

value by return.- Messrs. Browning,
Manufacturing Dentists, 63,Oxford Street, London, opposite Rathbone Place.
Established 100 years.
TALKING MACHINE and Gramophone Enthusiasts. Why not have

your records on approval before purchase ? A Personal Narrative.

I supply all makes. Write for lists of machines and records. Sent to all
parts of the world.-Dawson Goodey, 24, Legard Road, Highbury, London.

Bankers : London and South-Western.

THE BRITISH TYPEWRITER CO. will supply for a limited

period only their perfect High-grade Armstrong Typewriter on a week's approval for 10/-. Work equal to that of Twenty-Guinea Machines. The leading points

of the Armstrong are its Solid Strength, Durability, Portability, Beautiful Writing, and

Simplicity. Personal inspection invited at our London offices, or Art CataONE SHILLING NET.

logue with full particulars of this remarkable offer will be sent free.-Dept. 8,

British Typewriter Co., 195, Oxford Street, W.
Post Free, 14 Stamps.

WHY BE FRIENDLESS, ships at home and abroad by joining the

when you can secure Friends and FriendAddress : THE PUBLISHER, 39, WHITEFRIARS ST., E.C.

CORRESPONDENCE CLUB, 350, Mansion House Chambers, London,
E.C. Founded by W. T. Stead. Annual Subscription, ros. ód.


the ...


6 Letters from Julia.”

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-the concentrated nutriment of fresh milk-is so strengthening and so
easily assimilated, that a spoonful a day added to other food will supply
anyone with the nourishment necessary to health.

Plasmon is prepared in powder form and should be added to all food
during cooking.

Ask your Grocer for Plasmon itself as

well as Trade Mark

Plasmon Cocoa clearly

and Chocolate, stamped on

Plasmon Oats, every packet.

Plasmon Biscuits,

Articles of every day use already combined

with Plasmon.



The Art of Cake making at home

-It is simple

To do the raising and ensure

light and dainty cakes use
2 oz. of “the sure raising powder"-

GREAT BARGAINS for Sale, Hire, or

Exchange. Shorthand and Typists sent out with Machines

from £1 per week.

Ring up-4881 Holborn. MSS. Copied

8325 Bank. 7093 Central. TAYLOR'S LTD 3.

74, CHANCERY LANE. And at 92, QUEEN ST., E.C. (Cheapside End).

“Paisley Flour”

12 Art Panels 2/6

(Trade Mark)
-to 1 lb. of ordinary flour.
Home baking with Paisley Flour is not only
more wholesome but costs less than buying
from the shop or using cake mixtures.

Exquisite reproductions. Size, 7 X 10. These

entrancing Studies of the Human

Form Divine
are real gems—the Most Exquisite Portrayals
of “Women Beautiful ever shown in one
collection. We send the full set of 12 complete,
prepaid. together with 50 life-like miniatures of
other beautiful art pictures for only 276 Money
Order. Send at once, to-day, to

Dept. R. 1209 Foster Ave., Chicago, U.S.A.

Money returned if not satisfied.
Free Order at once and we will include

absolutely free and complimentary an extra picture entitled "The Dream Maiden."

“Paisley Flour" is sold in
id., 3%d. and 7d. packets,

recipes. A id. packet will
raise ilb. of flour.

with many

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