Annals of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association

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Page 221 - Fulton, whose memory will dwell in the grateful recollections of posterity, when the titled and laureled destroyers of mankind shall be remembered only with detestation. — Mechanics of America, respect your calling, respect yourselves. The cause of human improvement has no firmer or more powerful friends. In the great Temple of Nature, whose foundation is the earth, — whose pillars are the eternal hills, — whose roof is the star-lit sky, — whose organ-tones are the whispering breeze and the...
Page 155 - COMINS made a donation in 1855 of $500 to be held in trust by the Chairman of the School Committee, the Mayor of the city and the President of the Common Council, who are constituted ex officiis trustees of the fund, the income to be expended for the library of the Comins Grammar School for girls situated in the former limits of the town of Roxbury.
Page 155 - Beheld with love, with veneration heard. This task perform'd — he sought no gainful post, Nor wish'd to glitter at his country's cost ; Strict on the right he fix'd his...
Page 149 - NOW to the God, to whom all might And glory, in all worlds belong, Who fills unseen his throne of light, Come, let us sing a general song.
Page 66 - That the annual income of said corporation shall only be employed for the purpose of relieving the distresses of unfortunate mechanics and their families, to promote inventions and improvements in the mechanic arts, by granting premiums for said inventions and improvements, and to assist young mechanics with loans of money.
Page 8 - To the Honorable the Senate and the Honorable the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: The...
Page 261 - Conference to meet that object,' beg leave to report, that they have attended to the duty assigned them, and present the following, as the result of their investigation.
Page 352 - Davis, who was present, had been appointed a Regent by the President of the Senate to fill the vacancy. Professor Bache, after a series of appropriate remarks, offered the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted : Resolved, That the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution deeply mourn the loss of their distinguished fellow-regent, James Alfred Pearce.
Page 164 - Our navies hold Their thundering way. Great Source of every art ! Our homes, our pictured halls, Our thronged and busy mart That heaves its granite walls, And shoots to heaven Its glittering spires, To catch the fires Of morn and even, — These, and the breathing forms The brush or chisel gives, — With this, when marble warms, With that, when canvass lives, — These all combine, In countless ways, To swell thy praise...
Page 218 - I hold in my hand, (a watch,) and the other modern instruments for the measurement of time, various specimens of which are on exhibition in the halls. To say nothing of the importance of an accurate measurement of time in astronomical observations, nothing of the application of timekeepers to the purposes of navigation, how vast must be the aggregate effect, on the affairs of life, throughout the civilized world, and in the progress of ages, of a convenient and portable apparatus for measuring the...

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