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The sea Crabb.

A wife who was

[Page 462 of MS.] ITT:

was a man of Affrica had a ffaire wiffe, ffairest that euer I saw the dayes of my liffe :

with a ging, boyes, ginge! ginge, boyes, ginge! 4 tarradidle, ffarradidle, ging, boyes, ging !

This goodwiffe was bigbellyed, & with a lad,
& euer shee longed ffor a sea crabbe.

ginge &c.

pregnant wanted a crab.


Her goodman

The goodman rise in the morning, & put on his hose,
he went to the sea syde, & ffollowed his nose.

ginge &c.


Sais, "god speed, ffisherman,' sayling on the sea, 12 hast thou any crabbs in thy bote for to sell mee ?”

ging &c.

bought one

“I haue Crabbs in my bote, one, tow, or three;
I haue Crabbs in my bote for to sell thee.”

ginge &c.


The good man went home, & ere he wist,
& put the Crabb in the Chamber pot where his wiffe


and put it in the jordan.

ging &c.


The good wiffe, she went to doe as shee was wont;
vp start the Crabfish, & catcht her by the Cunt.

It caught hold of his wife.

ging &c.

| MS. ffishernan.-F.


Alas!" quoth the goodwiffe," that euer I was borne, the devill is in the pispott, & has me on his horne.”

ging &c.


“If thou be a crabb or crabfish by kind,
thoule let thy hold goe with a blast of cold wind."

ging &c.



He blew on it to make it let go,

The good man laid to his mouth, & began to blowe, thinkeing therby that they Crab wold lett goe.

ging &c.

[blocks in formation]

“Alas !” quoth the good man, that euer I came

hither, he has ioyned my wiffes tayle & my nose together!”

ging &c.

[blocks in formation]

They good man called his neigbors in with great

to part his wiues tayle & his nose assunder.
ging &c.


Last night I thought.

[Page 463 of MS.]

I dreamt last night

that I kist

my love,

LAST: night I thought my true loue I caught;

when I waket, in my armes I mist her; my sleepe I renued, & my dreame I pursued;

till I ffound out my loue, & I kist her. but if such delights belong to the nights,

when the head' hath Phebus in keepinge, how is he blest with content in his rest

that can find but his Mistress sleepinge?


If I enjoyed that,

to proue

what must the real thing be?


If shadowes can make the braines for to ake,

when the spirritts haue their reposes, the substance hath power


procure all the pleasures that loues incloses. Nights sable shroud, with her bonny cloude,

will defend thee from Tytanus peepinge, & helpe thee to shade all the shiffts thou hast made

ffor to find out thy Mistress sleepinge.


I since found her sleeping,


Then since the aid of the Cynthian mayd

doth assist vs with her endeauour;
light to the moone till the suffering be done;

shees a ffreind to the ffaithfful euer.
though shee denyes, shee pishes & shee cryes,

leaue not thou of ffor her weepinge ;
ffor if shee ffind that affectyon be kinde,

shees thine owne, boy, awake or sleepinge!

and didn't leave her for her weeping.


[blocks in formation]

| Thetis, q.-P.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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