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for she was

a merry lass.

wheron shee sate, poore silly soule,

to rest her weary bones.
this maid shee was noe whitt affraiyd,
but shee caught him ffast by the : stones :

wheratt he vext & greiued was,

soe that his fflesh did wrinkle;
this maid shee was noe whitt affrayd,
but caught him fast hold by the : pintle :

which hee had on his chin likwise ;-

but lett the pimple passe ;
there is no man heare but he may supposse

shee weere a merry lasse.
he boldly ventured, being tall,

yet in his speech bu[t] blunt,
hee neuer ceast, but tooke vpp all,

& cacht her by the Cun: plumpe. And red rose lipps he kisst full sweete:

quoth shee, “I craue no sucour.” which made him to haue a mighty mind

to clipp, kisse, & to : ffuck : plucke her into his armes. “nay! soft !quoth shee,

“ what needeth all this doing ? ffor if you wilbe ruled by me,

you shall vse small time in wooinge.



He delayed,


so she offered to arrango herself


· These and the similar colons following are those of the MS.-F.

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