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When Scortching Phæbus.

[Page 313 of MS.]

Venus went to hunt,


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WHEN scorching Phoebus he did mount, —

to-Iaur bonne tannce,2then Lady Venus went to hunt,


melio shannce ;3
to whom diana 4 did resort,
with [a]ll the Ladyes 5 of hills & valleys,

of springs & ffloodes,
to shew where 6 all the princely sport,
with hound imbrued, & harts pursued,

throughe groues & woodes.
This tender barted louers Queene,-

to-iour bonne tannce,
such wandring sports had seldome seene,


melio shance.
shee tooke noe pleasure in the same,
to see hounds



ffor want of breath.
quoth shee, “I like better that game
where ladyes bewtyes do pay their dutyes

to loues sweete death."

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She was dry,

They aire was hott, & shee was drye,–

to-iour bonne tannce ;and went to

to Bacchus court shee fast did hyeBacchus 24

par melio shance· The Birth of Priapus. a little loose. Qu.-P. Evidently parmi les champs.-P.

W. L. B. 2 Tous-jours bon temps, or beau temps. 4 The old English word for Nymphs. Qu.-P.

-P. 3 Par meilleur Chance or Champs. 5 With all the L'.-P. 6 her.--P.

her ffaint & weary hart (to'] cheirsh,
which was soe fyered, that shee descryed ?

to quench her thirst,
& cryed,helpe Bacchus, or else I perish!”
who still did hold her, & plainly told her

he wold 3 kisse her ffirst.

to quench her thirst.

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She did,


Att last this butte did run a tilte

to-iour bonne tance.-
quoth shee, “ one drop shall not be spilt,

par melio shance,
ffor itt doth pleasing tast soe well,
my hart doth will me ffor to fill me

of this sweete Vine;
I wold that I might alwayes dwell

in this ffaire Arbor! heeres soe good harbor,

& pleasant wine.”


and drank


Shee drunke soe long, ere shee had done,

to-iour bonne tance,her belly swelled like a tunn,


melio shance.

į to.-P.
? desyred.-P.
3 he'd.-P.

4 Turn'd himself.-P.
5 Which was so sp.-P.
6 taste.-P.

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who she

His emptye caske wold yeeld noe more,–

to-iour bonne tannce,ffor shee had sucked itt ffull sore,


melio shance.
quoth she 1 "god Bacchus, change thy shape;
ffor now thy rigour, & all thy vigour,
Is cleane decayd.

(page 314)
behold [thou] here this new borne babe,
who when he is proued, heele 2 be beloued

of wiffe & maide.”

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This bellye god that wold be drunke

to-iour bonne tannce,-
and being a goddesse, proued a punke,3

par melyo shance,
her lusty bastarde stiffe & stronge,
was made & framed, & alsoe named,

god Bacchus heyre.
he had a nose 3 handfull Long,
with one eye bleared, & all besmeard

about with hayre.

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He is the god of rich & poore

to-iour bonne tannce ;he openeth euery womans doore,

par melio shance ;


| MS. the.-F. Quoth she, God.-P. 2 will.-P.

3 Thus of a Goddess made a punk.-P.

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