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Never mind. Come on again.


Once againe to try your forces,

thus I dare thee to the feild ; time is lost that time diuorces

from the pleasures loue doth yeeld. Ah ha! fyee, fye! itt comes yett still ! itt comes, I, I! doe what


will ! my breath doth passe, my blood doth trickle! was euer lasse in such a pickle ?



A maid & a younge man.

[Page 197 of MS.]

A man and a maid

A MAN & a younge maid that loued a long time
were tane in a frenzye ithe Midsommer prime;
the maid shee lay drooping, hye;
the man he lay whopping, hey, the man he lay

whopping hoe.

came to a shady place.

Thus talking & walking the came to a place
Inuironed about with trees & with grasse,
The maid shee, &c.

He shifted his hand wheras he had placet,
hee handled her knees instead of her wast,
The Maid, &c.

He tickled her,


He shiffted his band till hee came to her knees,
he tickeled her, & shee opened her thyhes,
yett s[t]ill shee, &c.

He hottered & totered, & there was a line
that drew him on forward; he went on amaine ;
yett still shee, &c.


He light in a hole ere he was aware !
the lane itt was streat; he had not gone farr,
but shee fell a kissing, hye !
& he lay drooping, hoe, & he lay drooping, hoe.

she kissed him,


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“My Billy, my pilly! how now?" quoth shee; ;

gett vp againe, Billy, if that thou louest me; yett still he Lay, &c.

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a creature for ffeature.

[Page 199 of MS.]

I met a lass 50 pretty and kind.

But I was dull.


She may tell

A creature, for feature I neuer saw a fairer,
soe witty, soe prettye, I neuer knew a rarer;
shee soe kind, & I soe blynd,
that I may say another day
“I did complaine, & I mett a swaine,
but [he] knew not how to wooe me nor doe mee,
he was soe dull conceipted.

gaue a smile him to beguile,
I made a show to make him know,
I pincht his cheeke to make him seeke
& find some further pleasure, whose treasure
needs not to be Expected.


how she tempted me,


and I only kist her.


“I stayd him, & praide him, & proffered him a
he kist mee, & wisht me to beare with his be-

but hie tro lolly lolly, le silly willy cold not doe.
all content with him was spent
when he had clipt & kist me, & mist me,
& cold not .. kisse [line cut off by the binder]
then thought I, & thought noe lye,
perhapps his pipe is not yett ripe;
yett an hower


haue the power
to make itt grow in full Lenght & full strenght;
but fooles are led in blindnesse.


She waited for me to serve her,


1 ? she.-F.

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