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and praying
her to
grant me
her favors,


But yett by prayer & ernest suite

I moued her att the Last;
yett cold I not inioye the ffruite

that hath soe pleasing tast.
but when, but when, that motyon I bewrayd;

shee still this answer said,
“O no! O no! O no! I will dye
ere I loose


maiden-head !”


i dreanes in the MS.-F. 2 ninde in the MS.-F.

3 Only half an n in the MS.-F.



She let me touch her,


Yett did shee giue me leaue to tuch

her ffoote, her legg, her knee; a litle ffurther was not much,

they way I went was ffree.
"Offye ! Offye ! your are to blame !" shee sayd,

66 thus to yndoe a maid ;
but yett, but yett, the time is so meete,

[line cut away here by the binder.]

[blocks in formation]

But alas!


40 But when Aurora, goddesse bright,

appeared ffrom the east,
& Morpheus, that.drowsye wight,

withdrawen him to his rest;
O then, O then, my ioyes were altered cleane!

which makes me still Complaine ;
ffor I awaked, for I awaked, ffor I awaked ; and I

all this was but a dreame!


when I woke,

it was all a dream 1

A Mapden heade.

[Page 508 of MS.]

Sit down,

and lose thy maidenhead,

as the sparrow

COME, sitt thee downe by these Coole 1 streames
neuer yet warmed by Tytans beames !

my tender youth thy wast shall clippe, 4 & ffix vpon thy Cherry lipp;

& lay thee downe on this greene bed,
where thou shalt loose thy mayden-head.

See how the litle Phillipp Sparrow,
8 whose ioynts doe ouer-fflow with marrow,

on yonder bough how he doth proue
with his make 2 the ioyes of loue,
& doth instruct thee, as hee doth tread,
how thou shalt loose thy maidenhead.
O you younglings, be not nice!
coines 3 in mayds is such a vice,
that if in youth you doe not marry,
in age young men will lett you tarrye.
by my perswasyon then be led,
& loose in time thy maidenheåd.

teaches thee to do.



marry in youth, or you'll be left


in age.

Clothes that imbrothered be with gold, 20 if neuer worne, will quicklye molde ;

if in time you doe not plucke
the damisine or the Apricocke,
in pinching Autume theyle be dead ;
then loose in time thy maidenhead !



Then lose your maidenheads soon,

I colde.-P.

2 A.-S. mace, a wife.-F.



Tom Longe.

[Page 508 of MS.]

In Mr. Payne Collier's Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers' Company, 1557-70 (Shaksp. Soc. 1848) are two entries, on pages 46, 58, under the year 1561-2, which may relate to this song, but probably don't.

“Rd. of William Shepparde, for his lycense for pryntinge of a ballad intituled, Tom Longe, y Caryer.

iiijd. Rd. of Thomas Hackett, for his fyne, for that he prynted a ballett of Tom longe the Carryer.

ijs vjd. [“ Tom Long, the Carrier” had been licensed to William Shepparde (see p. 46), and Thomas Hackett must have invaded Shepparde's right. The fine was considerable for the time, comparing it with other impositions of the same kind.]”

Come all you men of every kind,

COME in, Tom longtayle, come short hose & round,
Come ffatt gutts & slender, & all to be ffound,
Come fflatt Capp and ffether, & all to be found,

Strike home thy pipe, Tom Longe.


Come lowcy, come laced shirt, come damm me, come

[ruffe !!]
Come holy geneua, a thing with-out Cuffe,
Come dughtye dom diego, with LINENS enough,

Strike &c.


and bring each a bit of a girl

Bring a fface out of England, a backe out of france,]
A belly ffrom fflanders, come all in a dance !
pinn buttockes of Spayne, aduance ! aduance !

Strike &c.


1 ruffe.-P.

to make one to fit every nation,

Come bring in a wench shall ffitt euery natyon,
ffor shape & ffor makeing, a Taylors creatyon,
& new made againe to ffitt euery natyon.

Strike &c.


and then dress her up.

the day,

Come tricke itt, and tire itt, in anticke array !
Come trim itt, and trossel itt, and make

for Tom & nell, nicke & Gill, make vp the hay !

Strike &c.


Here's a health to all

A health to all Captaines that neuer was in warres,
thats knowne by their Scarletts, & not by their scarres ! cowards

a health to all Ladyes that neuer used Merkin,2 24 yett their stuffe ruffles like Buff lether ierkin !

Str[ike &c.]

and honest courtiers, and idlers!

A health to all Courtiers that neuer bend knees !
& a health to all schollers that scornes their degrees !
a health to all Lawyers that neuer tooke ffees !
& a health to all welchemen that loues tosted Cheese!

Strike home the pipe, Tom Long ! ffinis.


1 ? MS.-F.
? Merkin, counterfeit hair for a woman's privy parts. Phillips.-F.

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