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[blocks in formation]

He'll cashier all that can't be warranted.

2 whenches, doe you heare ?

heare? I tell you not a ffable; all you that doe appeare, & be not warrantable,

heele Casheere !


Prostitutes discussed : 1. Nan Wright.

As for Nan: wright, though her dealings may com

pare h[er ;] yett, for her parts below, theres not a woman ffairer

to the showe.

[blocks in formation]

Litle Ales is found 7 yeeres to haue been a trader; yett Tom Todd wilbe bound, whom as they say did spade h[er,]

that shees sound.

3. Garden.

Gardens neere the worss, though shee hath made her

Co[ney] as common as the Bursse; yett still shee hath they



in her pursse.

1 ? MS. Pray.-F.

2 The MS. has

lines in 2 henceforth.-F.

Boulton is put by, & Luce, among the infected ;
& ffranke Todd goeth a-wry, being before 1 detected

to be drye.

4. Boulton.
5. Luce
(with Frank


7. Pearint.

Pitts is to forbeare the trade, & soe is likwise 4: Pets

for Cupid in his eare, is told that they haue had itt

to a haire.

8. Babe.


True itt is that Babe for yeeres may be a virgin;
yett Cupid ffinds the drabb, al ready : for a surgyon

for the scabb.


Southewells! beare in mind, althoug they are ffalse 3: South

they say that you are blind, & soe perhapps more


[blocks in formation]

10. Winlowe (with Nott).


winlowe is to young, to know the ffruits of wooinge
till nott haue made her strong, to know the ffruits 4 as

to to Longe.


11. Venetia Stanley.

Gallants, come not neare to braue VENETIA stanley 5 !
her Lord hath placed her there, that will maintaine
her ma[nly]

without ffeare.

12. Hayseys.


Hayseys, stoupe soe long, to Cupid for aquittance,
till euidence soe strong, will speake for your indit-


1 MS. be before.-F. 2 ? Pearint.-F. 3 MS, already.-F. 4 MS. ffiruits.-F. 6 Venetia, Daughter of Sir Edwa.

Stanley, was the Wife of Sir Kenelm
Digby: Her reputation was not very
clear, as appears from Mr. Walpole's
Anecdotes of Painting.–P.



[blocks in formation]

. ce & Iames, Cupid will haue you armed; for with his hottest fflames he hath them soundlye 2 warmed ;

marke their names !



14. Nan James (with her barber's boy).

Nan: Iames is growne soe Coy, that no man

endure her; yett I haue heard some say, a barbers boy did cure her

of a toye.

15. Besse Broughton.

But with the wicked sire, that yett was neuer thought


44 by quenching of loues ffire, hath tane away Besse BROUGHTON

one desire.

16. Jane Selbe.

Its3 ill that simix rydes, Iane selbe doth oppresse her ; with other more besides, vnlesse there were a dresser

of their hyds.


17. Beunkards.

Beunkards, 4 how yee speed, tis shrewdly to be ffeared; yee cannott aske to reade, soe oft you haue beene seared

ffor the deede.

(with her

18. Foulgam 52 ffoulgam will appeale, from Cupid, as men gather, holy father) for in her wandring taile, hath beene her holy father;

hees her bayle.

19. Dodson.



Dodson is not ill, yeett hath shee beene a deale-her; the falt was in his skill, who knew not how to appease her

with his quill.

1 Part of the line has been cut away from the MS. by the binder.-F.

% One stroke too few in the MS.-F.

8 ? MS. Itt.-F.

4 ? MS.: the e is oddly made; it may be Birmkards, the i not dotted.-F.

her husband saies shee[s] nought, I thinke an honest


by Lewdnesse may be brought, to be like others,

being sought.


Ales Bradshaw is fforgott, the Cittye that ingrost her;. 20. Ales but happy is his lott, that neuer did arrest her,

for shee is hott.

(of the city).

City-wives, don't in

64 Cittye wiues, they say, doe occupye by Charter;
but Cupid grant they may, that ware for-ware the dulge.

without pay.

Ladyes name wee none, nor yett no Ladyes women
your honors may begone ; ffor Caesars loue will women,

Ladies, and


I don't name you,


you alone.

But because that some will not allow the order,
to morefeelds see you Come, your Maiour & your

with a drum.



Thus farwell, yee whores, yee hackneys & yee harlotts! Farewell
come neare my walkes no more, but get you to your

as before !

76 My hart shall ay disdaine, to thinke of such pore blisses; I shall bave

9 my lipps shall eke the same, to touch with breathing do with you, kisses

yours againe.

and I hope I don't offend,


Thus here ends my song, made only to be merrye :
If I offend in toung, in hart I shalbe sorry


ffor the wrong.

[blocks in formation]

[A leaf is gone here in the MS., containing, among other

things perhaps, the beginning of The Spanish Lady.]

i Written at the lower corner: the first words of the next page.--F.

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