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Reformers in behalf of education in England, France, Notes on the literary history of, 472,
49; in Ireland, 51 ; in Scotland, 52—character 1078-Religious Book-Society in, 1118-notices
of the present educational movement in this of the Reformation in, 541, 1212
country, 53-principles and proceedings of the Franklin, character of, sketched from his auto.
Wesleyan Education Committee, 53-other biography, 29-style of his autobiography, 141
efforts for the promotion of education noticed, French revolulionists, deaths of, 656
165; different opinions respecting the his-
torical connexion of religion with popular Garrettson, Rev. Freeborn, notice of, 323–Mrs.,
education, 165; the Prussian system, 166; serinon delivered at the funeral of, 323, 428
system of Holland, 169; of Belgium, 172; of Garrick, advice of, on pulpit elocution, 755
France, 172; Sunday-school system, 267 ; Geography, Hebrew and Phænician: The patri-
“ British and Foreign School Society," "Na- archal ages, 873--the kingdom of Israel, 874-
tional School Society," and other similar coiumerce of Tyre, 875—the world according
organizations, 268—objections to the “* Lanca- to the Hebrews, 876— Tarshish, 876--Ophir,
shire Public School Association," 269-the 978--the Isles, 979-Sheba and Dedan, 980–
present movement in this country stimu- countries on the Euphrates, 981-Gog, Mazog,
lated by continental examples, 270; and by

and the north, 982
our own criminal statistics, 270-obligation of Geologists, conflicting theories of, noticed, 376
each section of the Christian church to pro- Gibbon, sceptical language of, censured, 484
vide for the scriptural instruction of the chil. Gibraltar, St. Michael's cave at, 353
dren under its care, 362-insuperable obstacles Godly posterity, prayer for a, 977
to the combined co-operation of the several Good, Dr. Masun, prayer of, 1084
churches in this country in any general scheme Grare, a voice from the, 1194
of education, 362—the adoption of a distinct Greeks and Romans, usorul arts of the, 581-
system by the Wesleyan body rendered impe- shipping of the, 681
rative by their present position of ecclesiastical Growing in grace, evidences of, 232
independence, 363—this principle long since Guicciardini, Count P., confession of faith of,
avowed and acted on, 361-more recent mea-

sures for carrying it out, viz., the appointment
of a General Committee of Education, 363 ; liebrew manuscripts of the Pentateuch, 146
the plan for raising a fund for providing lleretics, law for the punishment of, in Spain,
seven hundred new week-day schools, 366; cited, 487
and the establishment of a Training Institu- llidden manna," the, what is signified by, 683
tion in Westminster, 366-considerations Hindooism, sketches of, by the Rev. Thomas
which justify the steps already taken, and llodson : Sacred books, 58-the one God, 59
stimulate and encourage to farther persever- -other divinities, 59-production of matter
ance, 366--expostulation with the Ministers and and spirit, 60—-observations on caste, 60-

office-bearers in the Wesleyan Connexion, 372 ages of the world, 61-the author of evil, 62-
Egyptian oblisks, account of, 1086

transmigration of souls, 63-meritorious rites
Electric wleiraph, the copying, described, 28 and performances, 63—holy beggars, 64-sub-
Ely, Rev. John, mentioned, 175, 176

stitutes for Providence, 100the Hindoo
English sacred poetry, earlier and later : Milton, priesthood, 161-temples, 161-idols, 162
958, 1061 - Pollok, 1175

temple services, 162-judgment, 163-future
Esau, settlement of the descendants of, 485

punishment, 163-future happiness, 164
Erangelical Alliance, the, mentioned, 176 Horae Biblica, No. XXXIV. Note on Matt. v.
Evangelical Alliance, Conference of the: Obsta- 43-45, 272-No. XXXV. The yoke, 373— No.

cles to the formation of the Alliance, 989-Dr. XXXVI. Exegetical notices of Rev. ii. 17, 603
Buchanan on the causes of division in the Howie, John, of Lochgoin, biographic sketch of,
church, 990; Professor Martin, on intidelity 655
in England, 990; M. Revel, Signor Saft), Dr. Hunt, Rev. John, of Feejee, mentioned, 818,
Achilli, and Mr. Tonna, on the religious state 1225
and prospects of Italy, 992; Rev. J. Jordan,
on Sabbath desecration, 993; Dr. Cunning. Idlers, a word to, 475
ham, on the aggressions of the Papacy on the Infidelity, speculative, revival of, 369
British empire, 993; M. Jean Monod, Pro- Inquisition, parrative of the persecution of Car-
fessor Vuilliemin, and others, on France and ranza, Archbislıop of Toledo, by the, 488—–
Switzerland, 995; Missionary intelligence, Spanish nobleman's barbarous denunciation of
995; Dr. A. Thomson, on religious liberty for his two daughters to the, 491-work on,
Protestants in foreign countries, 95--import- noticed, 1005-dismantled, visit to a, 1184
ant question respecting the doctrinal basis of Instinct, essay on, by Dr. IIumphry Sandwith,
the Alliance, 996

257, 337
Exhibition, the Great, modern influences by Ireland, early attempts of the Protestant Re-

which it has been brought about, 578-ancient formers to extend education in, 51-recent
expositions of art, 579-the Crystal Palace de- revival of religion in, 132
scribed, 579-referred to, 633, 705, 1116- Ishmael, settlements of the descendants of, 482
works relating to, noticed, 393, 804, 1115 Isradites, sustenance of the, in the desert, 346

Hred my lumbs," the precept enforced, 668
Frikting, Viscount, mentioned, 651
Forster's “ Historical Geography of Arabia,"

quoted, 345, 3499, 350, 482, 483, 485mlijs
observations on the Sinaitic inscriptions, 652

Jesuits, the, referred to, 100, 165, 619, 621, 700,

719-sample of the principles of, 274–Missions
of, 232, 339 ; in China, 476, 866-expulsion of,
from Abyssinia, 864--works relating tv, 10.
ticed, 1007

Jeus, of Constantinople, scene among the, 33–

discovery of, in China, 477-desire of, for the
Scriptures, in Russia, 594-extensive collections
of the literature of the, 698—works relating to
the, noticed, 803, 805—school and family Bi-
ble for, noticed, 1006-number of, in Pales-

tine, 1116
Johnson, Dr., anecdote of, 57
Joktan, settlements of the descendants of, 349
Justification by faith, the doctrine of, referred

to, 487, 1115--work on, noticed, 1114

Keturah, settlements of the descendants of, 484
Koran, the, quoted, 273

Laing, Mr., objections of, to the l'russian system

of education, 168, 172-a remark of, on the
effect of the reduction of postage in this coun-

try, questioned, 169
Liberia, settlement of, mentioned, 796, 1013
Light in darkness, remarkable instances of, 782
Linnæus, monument and garden of, 988
Local Preachers, erroneous opinions respecting

the call and position of, 286
Locomotive arrangements, in olden times, 583—

in our own days, 584
Lorotherstoun Circuit, revival of religion in, 132
Loxiale, Miss Anne, mentioned, 1, 2, 3
Luther, mentioned, 539, 540, 1211, 1216-doctrinal

error of, respecting the Lord's Supper, 541

M'Crie's History of the Reformation in Spain,"

defended, 486
Mackay's " Progress of the Intellect," strictures

on, 276
Magi, probable time of their visit to Bethlehem,

1164—their country and character, 116h-their
guide, 1166---what their worship of Christ im-
plied, 1169—their gifts, 1169-their return,

Mahommedanism, persecuting principles of, 273

--conquests of, 552-character of, 554-pro-
phetic intimations of the approaching fall of,

554; other hopeful signs, 555
Manchester, early Methodism in, 556—extraor-

dinary meeting of Wesleyan Ministers and

laymen in, referred to, 885
Manchester and Salford Educalion Bill, noticed,

Marriages, unscriptural, remarks on, 225
Marriott, Mr. T., communications from, 682,

781, 869--death of, 1222
Martyrdoms, in early times, remarks on the

disposition to connect miracles with, 1209-at
the Reformation, notices of, in various coun-

tries, 1212-1216
Mecca, caravan of pilgrims to, 879
Mechanisms of nature, how far suggestive of the

inventions of man, 255
Methodism in Former Days. No. XLIII. Man-

chester, 556 ; addendum, 682—No. XLIV.

Newfoundland, 869
Mexico, agriculture, mining, &c., in, 592
Milton's “ Paradise Lost," observations on, 958,

Ministry, Wesleyan guards to the approaches of

the, referred to, 67-Nonconformists generally
rot opposed to the training of the, 174-de-
grading views of the, 282--Divine institution of
the, 28:3—religious responsibilities of the, 302–
scriptural clains of the, 387-among the Inde.
pendents, objections relating to the appoint-

ment and oversight of the, 691-among the
Wesleyans, relation of the, to the office-bearers

and societies, 971
Missionaries, Wesleyan, in the West Indies,

prior to the abolition of slavery, testimonies to

the excellent conduct of, mentioned, 781
Africa, Southern, 614, 617. Albany, 97, 103,

199, 298, 302, 413, 516, 517—Bechuana-
land, 413, 1235—Cape of Good Hope, 313,
520, 1034, 1137, 1140-Kaffraria, British,
413–Kaffraria, Proper, 413, 1233-Natal,

208, 514
Africa, Western, 614. Badagry, 1238-Cape-

Coast, 406–Gambia, 8:31, 1038_Sierra-

Leone, 98, 304, 406, 408, 409, 519, 1037
America, British North, 614. Canada, 310,

722, 723, 526, 936-Hudson's Bay, 726–
New-Brunswick, 102-Newfoundland, 100,

101, 303, 519, 1143—Nova-Scotia, 101
Anniversaries, home, 1025
Anniversary of the Wesleyan Missionary So-

ciety, 297, 401, 505, 607, 715
Ceylon, 612. Colombo, 506, 508
Contributions, monthly, 832, 936, 1040, 1144,

Exhibition and sale at the Mission-House, 832
France, 208, 1144
Gibraltar, 612
Income of the Wesleyan Missionary Society

for the year, 414, 610
India, Continental, 613, 619, 718. Bangalore,

89—Chitteldrooghi, 92-Coonghul, 90, 193–
Cuddaba, 91-Davanagerry, 92~Goobbee,
91-Maddagiri, 91-Madras, 93, 928, 931,
933—Manaargoody, 94-Mysore, 93— Nega-

patam, 297-Seringapatam, 93
Ireland, 612, 1238
John Wesley," Missionary ship, mentioned,

509, 510, 512, 819, 828, 1040, 1132, 1226
Kafsir war, the, 413, 829, 936, 1036, 1232
Lee, Mr. George, of South Africa, death of,

mentioned, 301
London District Auxiliary Society, Annual

Meeting of the, 620, 831
Missionaries, departure of, 208, 312, 414, 1040

-arrival of, 104, 208, 414, 520, 1040-death
of, 208, 612, 933, 1238-death of wives of,
104, 612, 832-at sea, intelligence from, 103
-public recognition of, as probationers,
104-sent out during the year, names and

appointments of, 611
Report, Financial, 609-General, 612
South Seas, 614. Australia, 829-Feejee, 195,

197, 513, 724, 818, 825, 1131, 1144, 1223,
1226, 1223, 1230, 1231-Friendly Islands,
510, 723, 724, 817, 819, 828, 921, 1026, 1129
- New Zealand, 96, 103, 509–Van-Die.

men's Land, 95
Tonguese New Testament, 828
West Indies, 614. Bahamas, 519-Ilayti, 99,

307, 517, 935—Honduras, 90-Jamaica, 99,
202, 205, 207, 345, 410, 411, 412, 413, 614,
830, 934, 1144-St. Vincent's, 1111, 1143—

Trinidad, 519
Winniet, Sir William, death of, 406
Missions, Wesleyan, works relating to the,

reviewed, 389, 791-management of the, de-

fended, 716
Mohammeil, lineage of, 483-Mr. Carlyle's

opinion of, 554
Montaigne, literary character of, 472



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Montgomery, Rev. Robert, animadversions on NOTICES, LITERARY, continued.
the poetry of, 958

Holroyd's, Things ancient and modern,”
Moon, craters of the, described, 479

Moorish architecture, beauty of the, 581

Howard's Adam," 390
Moravians, origin of the, 1211

Huston's " Memoirs of Mr. J. Field," 71
Mother, at the grave of her child, a word to a, 675 Inauguration of the New College of the Free

Church, Edinburgh, 591
Napoleon, compared with Washington, 32-ex- Jeues, “ Lectures" on the, 805

communication of, by Pius VII., referred to, Jones's (Miss) “Beatrice," 392—“ IIeaven-

ward Road," 591
Natural religion, fallacy of the advocates of, 745

Josephus, new Translation of, 391
Naval heroism, British, anecdotes of, 144

Kennedy's Thoughts on Being," 1221
Nero, persecution of the Christians by, 22

Kiruan's "Letters to the Roman Catholic
Nero name," the, of what signiticant, 687

Bishop of New York," 1007
Neufounulland, introduction of Methodism into,

Kitto's “ Pictorial Family Bible," 393

“ Land of Promise," 590—"Daily Bible

Illustrations,” 591
Acts of the Apostles, supposed original Ms. of Landor's “ Hellenics,” 587
the, 1115

Leppington's "What is Popery?" 800
Alison's " Second Reformation," 1007

Library at Constantinople, 805
Anderson's " Pencillings in Palestine," 180 Liebig's Letters on Chemistry," 805
Anti-Popish Tracts for the Multitude, 179, 392 London Catalogue of Books, 804
Arnot's " Race for Riches," 801

Longman's Catalogue," 182
Bagster's Septuagint,” and “ Large-Print Lynn's " Conch of Time," 800
Greek Testament," 587

M'Crie's “ Memoirs of Sir A. Agnew," 72
Barnes's “ Butler's Analogy,"1114

M'Gill's Secret Prayer,” 75
Barr's " Chapters for the Young," 1005

Mllraine's "Sinner's Justification before
Barretl's Pastoral Addresses," 180

God," 1114
Beecham's " Immutability of Christ," 1005 Mackenzie's “ Young Man's Counsellor," 1221
Beacher's "Lectures to Young Men,” 391 Manuals for Theological Students, 1115
Benisch's “ Jewish School and Family Bible," Milson's " Cherubic Symbol," 588

Moody's New Testament expounded," 1004
Benson's "Commentary,” 179

My first Grics, 1007
Bibliotheca Classica : Cicero's Orations against Natural History, Illustrated Series of Popular
Verres, 1115

Works on, 1006
Blackader's "Chronological New Testament," Neale's “ Earthly Resting-Places of the Just,"

Blots on the Escutcheon of Rome, 1005

Nearder's "Epistle to the Philippians," &c.,
Burgess's “ Sermons for the Times," 803

explained, 804
Carpenter's (Mary) “Reformatory Schools," New Publications, Lists of, 75, 76, 182, 393,

590, 591, 804, 1004, 1007, 1008, 1115
Charlotte Elizabeth's “ Bible Characteristics," Oken, Professor, death and works of, men-

tioned, 1008
Cheerer's “ Island World of the Pacific,"1115 Olshausen's “ Biblical Commentary on the
Conder's Poet of the Sanctuary,” 802

Gospels and Acts," 182—-"on the Epistles
Corner's (Miss) "* History of Greece," 392

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to the Corinthians," 393; "to the Gala-
Cyclopedia of Anecdote, 180

tians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Thessa-
D'Aubigne's * Rationalism and Popery re- lonians," 804
futed," 390

Origen's Manuscript “on the Gnostic Here-
Duffs “ Missionary Addresses," and " Home sies," 591

Papal Errors, 804
Duncan's " Law of Moses," 803

Pascal's " Provincial Letters," 1005
Elucation for God, 1114

Popery, Doctrines and Practices of, examined,
Elliott's “Delineation of Roman Catholi-

cism," 180—" American Slavery,” 590 Popish Aggression, Works relating to the,
Emma, 181

76, 179, 392, 591
Expostulations and Admonitions, 75

Potts's Euclid," 1115
Fairbairn's " Ezekiel," 590

Premillennialism a Delusion, 801
Farrar's “ Biblical and Theological Diction- Prize Essays : On the Sabbath, 800, 1007-On
" 800

the State of the Operative Classes, 1007
Female Education, 180

Puseyism unmasked, 181
Fice's "Infidelity developed," 803

Report from the House of Lords on the Slave-
Fletcher's “ Tryphena and other Poems," 590 Trade, 72
Fox's “ Wesleyan Missions on the Western Rule's “ Martyrs of the Reformation," 800
Coast of Africa," 389

Sergeant's Sunday-School Teaching," 1115
Freeman's “ Tour in South Africa," 1114 Shepherd's " History of the Church of Romne,"
Goethe's "Hermann and Dorothea," 1115

Green's (Mrs.) “ Princesses of England," 802 Sherman's “Memoir of William Allen," 802
Guthrie's Plea on behalf of Drunkards,” 73 Smith's (Eliza) “ Progress of Beguilement to
Hay's ** Sermons," 802

Romanism," 182
Heulell's " Thoughts upon Thought," 803 Smith's (George) “Polity of Wesleyan Me-
Hird's Dictionary of Scripture Names," 801 thodism," 1220



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The Synoptical Dictionary of Scripture Parul-

lels and Rferences, 1006
The Truth of God avainst the Papacy, 1006
The Village Astronomer, 802
Thoms's " Ancient Chinese Vases," 801
Timpson's “ Inquisition revealed," 1005
Tract Society's Monthly Series,” 392, 1007,

Turner's “ Democratic Ecclesiasticism," 1005
Turnley's Popery in Power,” 75
Tyas's “ Flowers from the Holy Land,” 391
Usborne's " Jesuits," 1007
Walford, Rev. W., " Autobiography" of, 802
Warru's Lily and Bee," 1115
Watton's “Outline-Charts of General His-

tory," 73
Weaver's “ Popery considered," 1006
White's " Sacred llistory," 804
Whitmarsh's “ Family Prayers,” 74
Wilson's " Bath Fables," 75
Winslow's “Midniglit Harmonies," 181
Woolmer's "Manual of ancient History," 1220

_" Wesleyan Pastors and their People,"

Trylie's “ Modern Judea," 181
Yonge's “ Temporal Prospects of Israel," 803

POETRY, continued.

Ein' feste Burg ist unser Golle, by Alec, 78
Flourers of Palestine, by Adeline, 78
Hymn for Holy Baptism, by Alec, 807
Nymn for Holy Comon union, by Alec, 807
Hymn for the Rev. George Whitefield and the

Revs. J. and C. Wesley, 1010
My Times are in Thy Hand, 395
Praise to Christ, 184

Resignation, 1000
Pope, an erroneous sentiment of, noticed, 740-3

critical fallacy of, detected, 854
Popery, curious exposure of, in connexion with

the chair of St. Peter in the Vatican, 24-sys.
tem of, as exhibited in the pageantry of a
Romish Bishop, 35-popular education early
discouraged by, 47; exceptional instances to
the contrary, 48--remarks on the recent
usurpations of, 153-pursecuting principles of,
273-aggressive and growing intiuence of, in
England, 3694-aspect of Wesleyan Missions in
regard to, 615-sketch of, taken at Rome in
the spring of the present year, 650-Missions
of, 700-narrative of the conversion of two
young ladies from, in Ireland, 784; and sup-
posed conversion of Bishop Doyle, their guar.
diun, 788-opcration of the political doctrine
of, as witnessed in Naples, 1002_works relat-
ing to, reviewed, 1111, 1209; noticed, 75, 76,
179, 182, 390, 392, 586, 800, 804, 1005, 1004,
1007-cruelties formerly practised by, 1184-
incidental notices of, in India, 90, 193, 619;
in Jamaica, 100; in Hayti, 935; in St. Vin-
cent's, 1141; in South Africa, 300; in the
Friendly Islands, 510, 822, 921, 924, 1031 ; in
Feejee, 614, 1224, 1230 ; in Piedmont, 1172,
1174-referred to, 173, 616. See also Court
of Rome, Erangelical Alliance, Reformation,

Postul communications, in olden times, 583
Prayer meeting, go to the, 1085
Principle and excitement, the question between,

in regard to Christian liberality, 1059
Printing, providential indications connected

with the discovery of, 635-recent illustration

of Papal aversion to, 1217
Puseyism, the recent Papal aggression attributa-

ble 10, 155-combined episcopal remonstrance
against, 496--referred to, 75, 281, 370, 63,

651-work relating to, noticed, 181
Pyrenecs, a shepherd-church in the, 1098

Oalh, the, taken by Romish Bishops on conse-

cration, 37
Ophir, where situated, 350, 978

Paris, a student's party in, 547
Parker's (Theodore) “Discourse on Matters

pertaining to Religion," strictures on, 277
Parliament, the, and “the public," as aggre-

gates of discordant individualities, contrasted

with the unity of the church of Christ, 544
Paul, St., the two imprisonments of, at Rome,

18-reasons of, for occasionally resorting to

secular employment, 285
Pelagianism, Dr. Payne's imputation of, to Mr.

Wesley, 351-principles of, explained, 355-
Mr. Wesley shown to have been wholly free

from, 356
Persians, ancient, maxims of, 272
Peru, Old, the great temple of the sun in, 344
Petra. See Ellom.
Philip II. of Spain, character of, 486, 494--mys-

tery connected with the death of Don Carlos,

the son of, referred to, 494
Phillipps's " Letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury,"

quoted, 157
Piedmont, Synod of the Vaudois in, 984-a Sab-

bath in the Protestant valleys of, 1171

1 Psalm of Night, 184
Apostrophe to Rome and her Tractarian Apo.

logists, 099

Rationalism, summary of the principles of, 276

work on, noticed, 390
Riformation, Protestant, a lecture on, by the

Rev. Peter M'Owan : Introductory remarks,
633—design and results of the first Jubilee, 533
-writings of Wycliffe and Jolin Huss, 339
events contributory to the Reformation, 339-
characters of the principal Reformers, 530
the Reformation in Germany, 541; in Switzer.
land, 541; in France, 541; in Poland, Lithu-
ania, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Norway,
and the Netherlands, 542; in Scotland, 542;
in England, 542--recent Papal aggression on
Great Britain, 513-solemn invocation of
British Protestants to seek the overthrow of
Popery, 543--character of the resistance re-

commended, 543

American colonisation, 1018
Annirersarics. Church Missionary Society,

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700-London Missionary Society, 702-
Foreign Missions of the United Presbyte-
rian Church, 703--London City Mission,

704–British and Foreign Bible Society, 808
Belgium. Progress of Religion and the Re-

formation, 184
Bible, the Papist's substitute for the, in India,

China, 79
Church of England, 496
Church of Scotland, Free, 706
Days for special supplication and prayer

throughout the Wesleyan Connexion, 498
France. Religious Book-Society at Toulouse,

Germany, 81, 186
Is Rome changed 1017
Jerusalem, progress of the Gospel in, 1017
Nablous, the Sychar" of the New Testa-

ment, 1018
Origin of the first Auxiliary Bible Society in

Asia, 1118
Reply to the memorial of the l'esleyan Com-

mittee of Privileges, 82
Shetland District, state of the, 287
Warsair, 594
Wesleyan Conference: The Irish Conference,

883— The British Conference, 885-Stations
of the Wesleyan Ministers, &c., 888—An-
nual Address to the Societies, 906-Obituary

of Wesleyan Ministers, 912, 1011
What does Piedmont think of Monastic orders

Birks's “Memoir of the Rev. Edward Bick-

ersteth," 297
Don Custro's “ Spanish Protostants," 486
Fox's “ Western Coast of Africa," 791
Gladstone's "Two Letters to the Earl of

Aberdeen," 1002
Hardy's Eastern Monachism," 1105
Literature of Modern Scepticism, 274
Miller's Footprints of the Creator," 376
Rigg's “ Congregational Independency and

Wesleyan Connexionalism,” 689
Rule's " Martyrs of the Reformation," 1209
Smith's Doctrine of the Pastorate," 280, 382
Stowell's “Memoir of Dr. R. Winter llamil-

ton," 65, 173
The Useful Arts, 577

Wylie's “ Papacy," 1111
Revival of religion in the Lowtherstown Circuit,

Reward, glorious, of the saints, 753
Rich, a word to the, 240
Riches of Christ, the unsearchable, thoughts on,

Robinson's " Biblical Researches in Palestine,"

quoted, 345, 346
Rome, contrasts in, 555-—the early patron of

printing, 636--ancient, supply of water to, 806
Roman church, the primitive, worthies of, 230
Roman wall, relics found in the line of the, 783

and hills, 773-towers, tumuli, and pyramids,
775—sacred circles, 778-summary and con-

clusion, 779
Salt-bond, council of the, 1219
Sanctification, the doctrine of, referred to, 1115
Savonarola, Girolamo, godly life and martyrdom

of, 1216
Science, the great storehouse of nature opened

by, 585– the Christian specially called on to

cherish a high esteem for, 634
Scotland, early efforts of, to promote education,

52-rapid spread of the principles of the Re.
formation in, 542-position of the Sabbath-

school in, 571
Conversation which becometh the Gospel of

Christ, by the Rev. R. Young, 948
Life inexplicable except as a Probation, by the

Rev. S. Olin, D.D., 323, 428
S paration from the World, 221
The Relations of Christian Principle to mental

Culture, by the Rev. S. Olin, D.D., 1050,

Shcha, Queen of, noticed, 350, 351
Shepherd-life, eastern, Scripture illustrations

from, 469
Simplicity, Christian, the safeguard of Christian

character, 676
Sinailic inscriptions, authorship of the, 651
Slave-traie, works relating to the, 72, 389, 791-

obstructions to Missionary operations from the,

795-suggestions for the extinction of the, 795
Small words," a note on, 854
Socrates, view of, in the midst of the Athenian

crowd, 236–death-scene of, 237–-illustrations
of the reality of the Gospel history furnished

by the life and death of, 238
Southern Cross, constellation of the, 453
Southey in his library, 266
Soucing in tears, and reaping in joy, 1195
Spenser, the poetry of, characterized, 1175
Spiritual comforts, how to appreciate, 152
Star in the East, the, time of its appearance,

1164—its nature, 1166—how it served to guide

" the wise men," 1167
Stations of the Wesleyan Ministers, and Preach-

ers on trial, in Great Britain, 888-in Ireland,
898-on the Missions, 899-in connexion with

the Canada Conference, 904
Slocks, Samuel, Esq., of Wakefield, memorials

of, 147
Storc's “ Training System," quoted, 167, 271-

origin of his educational institutions, 571

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" Tablet" newspaper, The, quoted, 157
Talmud, persecuting precepts of the, quoted, 272
Tarshish, the locality of, 876

Genesis i. 1-3....380
Genesis iv. 26; vi. 1-7....225
Genesis x. 26-30....350
Genesis xv. 1....753
Genesis xvi, 12....348
Genesis xvii. 18, 20; xx. 18-21. ...489
Genesis xxv. 6; Isaiah Ix. 6; xxi. 13.... 484
Genesis xxv. 13-15; xxviii. 9. ...482
Genesis xxvii. 38–40 ; xxxvi.; Deuteronomy ii.

12, 22 ; Jeremiah xlix. 7; Job iv. 1; xxix.

7. ...485
Exodus ii. 15-21 ; Numbers xii. 1. ...348
Exodus xix. 18; Habakkuk iii. 3-6....346

Sabbath-keeping emigrants, encouragementto, 481
Sabbath-schools, beneficial results of, 165, 267–

present position of, 570-reasons why they
furnish so small an accession to our churches,

1099.--work on, 1115
Sacred places, sketches of, by the Rev. John H.

James: Groves and gardens, 669-mountains

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