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suffered and died; he could not possibly have been the Christ. Thus again ; in regard the same Person so described heretofore to suffer and die, was likewise foretold to rise again the third Day; The Demonstrations he had now given them, upon that very Day from his Death, of his being actually risen, were an irrefragable Evidence, that all the glorious Benefits, which the World was to expect from the promised Meiab, were to be depended upon from, and would most assuredly be found in, Jesus. So that they might boldly witness

these things to the World, and preach Repentance and Remillion of Sins in bis Name. In His, I say, who thus died for

tbe Sins of Mankind, and thus rose agüin for their Justification.

Luke xxiv. 47.

Rom. iv. 25.

To whom with the Father and Holy Spirit be all

Honour and Glory for evermore. Amen.

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