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signified under the Old Testament. The One confilted in Words; The Other in Facts. And These are there. fore distinguished, by Predictions, and Types. For what the Prophets did, was in some Cases reputed of equal Significance and Authority, with what they spoke ; Both being allowed to proceed from the Impulse and Direction of the fame Divine Spirit; and, upon that account, to be as full of Mystery, and to challenge the same regard. Accordingly we shall find Both appealed to, with respect to the matter now before Us. In handling which I shall consider Each apart; and Thew, in this Discourse, what Intimation was given by Both, that Christ must Suffer; and in my Next, that he must Rise again from the dead, the third day.

As to the Sufferings and Death of Christ, the Prophecies produced in Scripture are very many, and so copious and express, as to reach every material Circum. stance, relating to them. That he should be betrayed by a particular Friend, One that was sustained by his Bounty, and retained to him ; David hath foretold in the 41st Psılm, which Jefus applies to himself, Jobn xiii. 18, 19. I speak not of you all, I know whom I have Chosen ; but that the Scripture may be :lfilled, Ile that eateth Bread with me, baih lift up bis Heel against me. Now I tell you before it come, that, when it is come to pass, уе тау believe that I am He. And again, Matth. xxvi. 23, 24. to the Disciples Question, who it was that should betray Him; he answered and said, He that dippeth his hand with me in the Dish, the same shall betray Me. The Son of Man goeth as it is written. of Him, but Wo to that Man, by whoin the Son of Man is letrayed.

St. Peter, in the First of the Afts, is express, that some of those Imprecations in the 69th and 109th Psalms, had Judas his Transgression, and the falling from his Apostleship, in view. To this likewise our Saviour is probably

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Acts i. 16, 21.

Matt. xxvii.

9, 10.

Zech. xi. 12, 14.

Zech. xiii. 7.

thought to allude, when he says, Those u bom thou gaveji

mie bave I kept, and none of them is loft, but John xvii. 12.

the Son of Perdition, that the Scripture might be fulfilled. The Potters Field being bought with the thirty pieces of Silver, and His being sold for so vile a Price, is by St. Matibew referred to an old Prophecy.

Then was fulfilled that which was spoken,
They tock the thirty pieces of Silver, the

Frice of him that was valued, whom they of the Children of Ifrael did value ; or as it is in the Old

Testament, (a goodly price that he was ca

lued at by them) And gave them for the Potiers Field, as ibe Lord appointed me.

The Feirs and Consusion of his Disciples are, by our Lord himself, declared to be an accomplishment of another Paílage in the fame Prophet, Matth. xxvi. 31.

Then saith Jesus unto them, All ye sball be

offended because of me ibis night, for it is written, I will smite the Shej berd, and the Sheep of the Flock small be scallered abroad.

The infurrous manner of his Death, and the pro. fligate Companions of his Sufferings, St. Mark observes to fall in exilily with the description given of it by

Isaiah, many Ages before. With him I bey Compare Luke

crucified two Thieves, the one one bis right

barid, and the other on his left : And the Scripture was fulfilled which faith, And he was numbred with the Transgressors. David, describing the Barbarity of his Enemies, says,

They parted his Garments among them, and

upon kis Vesture did they cajt lots. But St. John informis us, that those Words had a much more diftant Prospect; and how strangely the Avarice of the Soldiers, and the particular form of Jesus his Cloaths, concurred to give them their due and ultimate Completion, Ichn xix. 23, 24. Then the Soldiers, when they bad crucified Jesus, took bis Garments and made four parts, to

xxii. 37.

Pfal. xxii. 18.

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every Soldier a part, and also his Cal. Now the Coat was without Seam, woven from the top throughout. They Jaid therefore amo:ig themselves, Let us not read it, but cajt lots for it, whose it shall be ; that the Scripture inight be fulfilled, which faill, They parted my Raimet among them, and upon my Vejture did they casi lots. Tbeje things therefore the Soldiers did.

Our Lord, in his dying Agonies, made use of the very

Words of David in the 22d Pfalın, My God, my God, why bast thou forsakon me? In which Psalm thit Tragical Scene is painted to the Life, and the very Taunts of his reviling Enemies are repeated. As if it were a melancholy Poem, describing a Death already past, rather than a prediction of one to come, above a thousand Years after. And lastly, Just before our Lord expired, He cried, I ihirst. But this was done, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, (fuys St. Jobil, Chap. xix. 28.) For the same David, Pfalm lxix. 21. coinplains thus, They gave me Gall to eat, and when I was the fty, they gave me Vinegar to drink. Now this was never strictly and literally true, except in the case of this Son of David, For to him they ran, and filled a Spange, and gave him Vinegar to drink mingled with Gull.

Once more, That impertinent Malice of the Roman Soldier, who wounded his dead Boly with a Spar, was another Circumstance too, corresponding with an ancient Prophecy, in thofe Words quoted by St. John from Zechariah, They shall Joha xx. 37:

. look on Me whom they have pierced.

The foundation of the Eunuch's Conversion was laid in a Text of Isaiah. And Pbilip could not b gin, at any more appolite Scripture to bring him over to Jesus, than that, which Providence ordered, that he should just then be reading; He was led as a Sheep to the Slaughter, and like a Lamh dumb before his Shearers, so opened he not his mouth. Tiz



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his kumiliation bis judgment was taken away; And sobo (hali declare kis Generation, for bis Life is taken from ibe Earth?

Now, as in these laft Words, that Prophet foretold the Meekness and invincible Patience of the Blefied yefus, under so injurious a Death ; So did he likewise the great Charity and main Design of it, and how a Person fo Innocent, fo Divine, came to endure fo bitter things: That This was a Dispensation of God, for the benefit of sinful Man, to lay on him the burthen of the Punishment of those Transgressions, which must otherwise have sunk the guilty Committers, into irrecoverable Misery and Destruction. For if we look into the 5th and 6th Verses of that famous 53d of Isaiah, we lball find, that St. Peter does but take the Prophet's Words into his own Mouth, when he gives this account of Christ, in the Second of his First Epistle at the 24th. Ibo bis own self bore our Sins, in his own Body on the Tree, that we being dead to Sin should live to Rightecussess : By whose Stripes ye were healed; for ye were as Sheep going asiray. So the Apostle. Now observe the Prophet eight hundred Years before; Surely be bath born our Griefs, and carried our Sorrows, He was wounded for our Transgresions ; he was bruised for our Iniquities, the Chastisement of our Peace was upon him, and by bis Stripes we are healed. All we like Sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to his own way, And the Lord barb laid on him the Iniquity of us all.

These, I think, may more than suffice for Verbal Predictions of our Lord's Paffion. I shall instance in Two or Three of the other fort, Figures and Types, taken notice of in the New Testament. And They are Thefe.

The First I shall mention, is, The Paschal Lamb; Appointed to be Nain, and the Blood of it sprinkled upon the Doors of every Israelite, in the Night when God


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Rev. i. S.


Rom. v. 10.

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I Cor. V. 7.

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New all the First-born in Egypt. And the Use of this was, to secure the Inhabitants, where this Blood was sprinkled, from all the dire Effects of the destroying Angel. Now the like Benefit accrues to Christians, by the Blood of Jesus. St. John calls him

John i. 29. the Lamb of God, that takes away

the Sins of the World, and says, he hath washed us in his own Blood. St. Paul, that we are reconciled to God by his Blood. And that Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. And St. John once more takes notice, that, John xix. 32,

33, 36. when the Soldiers came to take down the Malefactors from the Cross, they broke the Legs of the two Thieves crucified with Jesus. But, when they came to Him, and saw that He was dead already, they broke not bis Legs. Which he attributes to a very particular Providence, for these things were done, says he, that the Scripture Mould be fulfilled, A Bone of him Mall not be broken. It seems then, That Scripture had not been fulfiled, if

any Bone of Jesus had been broken. But that Scripture is one of the Precepts concerning the Passover, in the Twelfth of Exodus ; and was constantly observed by the Jews, in their Celebration of it. Since therefore this Scripture required, and found its full and last Completion in Christ; Some Account there must be of the Concern he had in it. And this can be no other, than the mutual Relation, between the Jewish Lamb and Him ; That as the Shadow, Him as the Substance; And consequently, He is the true, the universal Passover; which turns away the Wrath of God, and, by the Merit of his Sacrifice, delivers them that have part in him, from the Destruction of the Reprobate and Wicked.

Another Image of Christ was the Sin-offering instituted by the Jewish Law. This, (I have proved already) as upon other Occasions, so especially upon the Great Day of Atonement, was to reconcile Men to God.


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