The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith, with an Account of His Life and Writings, Volume 3

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A. and W. Galignani, 1825

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Page 115 - That dimly show'd the state in which he lay ; The sanded floor, that grits beneath the tread ; The humid wall with paltry pictures spread...
Page 462 - There is nothing magnanimous in bearing misfortunes with fortitude, when the whole world is looking on : men in such circumstances will act bravely, even from motives of vanity ; but he who, in the vale of obscurity, can brave adversity ; who, without friends to encourage, acquaintances to pity, or even without hope to alleviate his misfortunes, can behave with tranquillity and indifference, is truly great ; whether peasant or courtier, he deserves admiration, and should be held up for our imitation...
Page 457 - Here, he cries, stood their citadel, now grown over with weeds, there their senate-house, but now the haunt of every noxious reptile. Temples and theatres stood here, now only an undistinguished heap of ruin.
Page 223 - By this time we were arrived as high as the stairs would permit us to ascend, till we came to what he was facetiously pleased to call the first floor down the chimney; and knocking at the door, a voice from within demanded, "Who's there?
Page 102 - To be obliged to wear a long wig, when I liked a short one, or a black coat, when I generally dressed in brown, I thought was such a restraint upon my liberty, that I absolutely rejected the proposal.
Page 464 - I should run away. But what of that ? I had the liberty of the whole house, and the yard before the door; and that was enough for me. I was then bound out to a farmer, where I was up both...
Page 254 - ... truly barbarous ; the innocent peasant, and the harmless virgin, often shared the fate of the soldier in arms. Marienburgh was taken by assault ; and such was the fury of the assailants, that not only the garrison, but almost all the inhabitants, men, women, and children, Avere put to the sword : at length, when the carnage was pretty well over, Catharina was found hid in an oven.
Page 464 - People may say this and that of being in jail; but, for my part, I found Newgate as agreeable a place as ever I was in in all my life.
Page 116 - William show'd his lamp-black face. The morn was cold ; he views with keen desire The rusty grate unconscious of a fire : With beer and milk arrears the frieze was scored, And five crack'd tea-cups dress'd the chimney board, A nightcap deck'd his brows instead of bay, A cap by night — a stocking all the day ! * A PROLOGUE, WRITTEN AND SPOKEN BY THE POET LABEBTD8, A ROMAN KNIGHT, WHOM CJESAS.
Page 228 - As the Swedes are making concealed approaches to despotism, the French, on the other hand, are imperceptibly vindicating themselves into freedom. When I consider that those parliaments (the members of which are all created by the court, the presidents of which can act only by immediate direction) presume even to mention privileges and freedom, who, till of late, received directions from the throne with implicit humility ; when this is considered, I cannot help fancying that the genius of freedom...

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