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II. History of the Macedonian Monarchy.

UI. Dissolution of the Macedonian Empire..



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CHAPTER XVII.-History of the Roman Empire.

Sect. I. The Reigns of the Family of the Cæsars...


II. From the Extinction of the Julian to that of the first Flavian

Family ....


III. From the Extinction of the first Flavian Family to the last of the



IV. Foreign Commerce of the Romans in the Age of the Anto-



V. From the Extinction of the Antonines to the Establishment of

Military Despotism.....


VI. From the Murder of Alexander Severus to the Captivity of Valerian

and the Usurpation of the Thirty Tyrants..


CHAPTER 1.—Consequences of the Fall of the Western Empire.


SECT. I. The Gothic Kingdom of Italy....


II. The Reign of Justinian.....


III. The Establishment of the Civil Law.


IV. History of the Silk Trade.--Introduction of the Silkworm into

Europe ....


V. The Monarchy of the Franks, under the Merovingian Dynasty.


VI. The Lombard Monarchy..


VII. The Anglo-Saxons...


CHAPTER II.-The Rise and Establishment of the Saracenic Power.

Sect. I. Political and Social Condition of the East at the Coming of Mohammed.352

II. State of Arabia at the Coming of Mohammed...


III. The Preaching of Mohammed...


IV. Early Progress of the Saracens.


CHAPTER III.- Restoration of the Western Empire.

Sect. I. The Life of Charlemagne.....


II. Decline and Fall of the Carlovingian Dynasty.


III. The Foundation of the Germanic Empire...


IV. State of the East from the Establishment to the Overthrow of the

Khaliphate .....


CHAPTER IV.-Growth of the Papal Power.

SECT. I. The Origin of the Papacy.....


II. The early Development of the Political System of the Papacy. ..394

III. The Struggle for Supremacy between the Popes and Emperors. .398

IV. Revival of the Papal Power...


V. Pontificate of Gregory VII...


VI. The War of Investitures..


VII. 'The Crusades....


VIII. The Crusade against the Albigenses.


IX. Consequences of the Crusades.


X. Formation and Constitutional History of the Spanish Monarchy...... 430

XI. Survey of the Constitution of Aragon....


XII. State of Western Europe at the Commencement of the Fourteenth



XIII. Pontificate of Boniface VIII...

. 442

XIV. State of England and the Northern Kingdoms at the Commence-

ment of the Fourteenth Century.....


XV. Revolutions in the East in Consequence of the Mongolian Invasion...450

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