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Hec casa, } Ance a cote.

Hec capella, Ance a schapelle. Hoc galinarium, a hencote.
Hoc vestiarium,

Hoc tigurium, Ance a hoywl.'
Hoc vestibulum;} Ance a vestry.

Hoc magale, Ance a lodge.
Hoc campanile, Ance a bellebowse. Hoc stabulum, Ance a stabylle.
Hoc atrium,

5 IIoc bostar, -aris, Ance a scbepyn. } Ance a halle. Hec aula,

Hic carcer, Ance a presun howse. Hoc atrium, a kyrkegerde.

Hoc pretorium, Ance a motehalle. Atria dic aulas, eadem sumitoria dicas. Hoc toloneum, Ance a tolbothe. Hec camera,

Hoc lupaner, Hec simina,

10 Hec fornix, a horehowse. Hic talamus, Ance a schambyr.

Hoc prostibulum, Hec conclavis,

Hoc lanifisium, a wulhowse. Hec conclave,

Hoc tabernaculum, a tabernakyl. Hoc solarium, Ance a solere. Hoc penu, indeclinabile, Ance a seler. 15 llec laterrina, } a prewy. Hoc cubile, Ance a cowche.

Hoc temtorium, Ance a Hec cubicila, Ance a kenelle. Hoc pandocsatorium, a brywhowse. Hec domus,

Ance alle maner of Hoc pistrinum, Ance a bakehowse. Hec edes, howse.

Hoc ustrinum,} 20 Hoc torale,

a kylinhowse. Hec casula,

Hec scola,
Hec casula, Ance a schesepylle.
Dico domum parvam casulam tibi dimi- Hec sella, Ance a selle.

nutivum, Hoc predium, Ance a maner. Ac indumentum dicatur presbeterale. 25 Hec salina, Ance a saltcote. Hoc dormitorium, Ance a dorter.

Hoc diversorium, } Ance a hyn. Hoc larduarium, Ance a lardyr. Hoc hospicium, Hec cansella,

Hec opella, Ance a schoppe. Hoc cansellum,

Hoc gazafilacium, a treserhouse. Hec panatria, Ance a pantyr.

30 Hec botolaria, Ance a botry.

NOMINA ARTIFICIUM CUM } a spenyse. Hoc dispensorium,


Hic cultor, Hec coquina,

. Hec affina, Ance a werkhowse. Hec tabarna,

Hic proreta, Ance a stereman. Ance a taverne. Hic naucherus, a pursberer. Hec pila,

40 Hec prora, Ance a forstanyg. Hoc granatorium,

Hec puppis, Ance the in parti.? Hoc granarium, à garnyr.

Hec ratis, Ance the schyppes syde. Hoc orium, Ance a beyrne.

Hec carina, Ance a holle. Hoc porcatorium, Ance a hogstye.

Hoc studium, } Ance a scole.

Hoc penus,

Hec pompina, } a kyehon.

35 Hic et hec'agricola, } a londtyllere. Hic navita

, } a shypman.

Hec caupond,




A bovel.

The reading of these words is somewbat doubtful in the manuscript, and I am

not sure that I have read them quite correctly.

llic paterfamilias, } a husbond.

Hic verhec homo, }

a man.

Hic servus,

Hic verna,

Prora prior navis pars dicitur, nltima poppis,

Hoc armamentum, a hal takylle.2 Sic latus esse ratem, ventrem dicitur esse Hec saburra, Ance a lastage.


Hic malus, Ance a mast.
Hoc naulum, Ance a schyppes tolle.
Hec antemnis, a hedrone.

5 Hic maritus,
Hic parastes, Ance a cabylle. Hic tantellus, Ance a congyn.
Hic rudens, -tis, Ance à seyllerope.

, Hec supera, -eris, Ance a seyllebonde. Hoc velum, Ance a seylle.

Hic omunculus, Ance a duorow.3 Hic cherucus, Ance a fanne. 10 Hic membrarius, a parchmeare. Hoc cachesium, Ance a seylgerde. Hec ancora, Ance a ankyr.

Hic famulus, Hoc podrum, Ance a helme.

a servante. Hic remex, Ance a rodyr.

Hic satrapa, Hoc amplustrum, idem est.

15 Hoc mancipium, Hic porticulus, Ance a maylat. Hic garcio, Ance a knafe. Hic abbestus, Ance a fyirstone. Hic vel hec scurra, Ance a harlat. Hoc pericudium, Ance a fyrhyrg... Hic vel hec alocropa, idem est. Hic lacus, -cus, -cui, Ance a nedylle. Hic nugator, Ance chaper.4 Hic jaclus, a thred in a nedyl ... 20 Hec nuga, Ance a chape. Hec troclia, Ance a wynddas. Hic nugigerulus, Ance a trifelle. Hec coclia, Ance a wyndylle. Hic sponsus, a wedman.

Hic puer, Ance a schyle. a bote.

Hic et hec latro, a day-thefe. Nos vestit limbus, nos vectat per mare 25 Hic fur, Ance a nyte thefe.


Tempore nocturno fur anfert, latro diurno Hec facelus, Ance a sogbote.' Hic suffarcinator, Ance a bryber. Hic remus, Ance a hore.

Hic ursarius, a berward. Hec palmula, the brede of the hore.

Hic victor, a cummer.5 Hoc columbar, Ance the holle of the 30


Hec navicula, } a bote.

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To dolahing




INSTRUMENTIS. 5 Hic panducsator, a brever.

Hoc brasium, Ance malt.
Hoc plumbum, Anre a lede.
Hec fornax, -cis, Anre a fornys.

Hec cuva, Ance a fatte. 10 Hec cupa, a colle.?

Hec tina, idem est.
Hoc idromellum, Ance wurte.
Hoc ciromellum, Ance growte.

Hec falanga, Ance a try. 15 Hec spuma, Anre barme.

Hoc multrale, a payle.
Hoc infusorium,

Ance tunnyng.
Hoc colatorium, a clenyngsefe.

Anre drafe.


20 Hoc cinofegium, } Anse drafe.

Hic carpentarius, a carpenter.
Hic cuperus, a cowper.
Hoc dolebrum, a brodehax.
Hec securis, Ance a hax.
Hec seculicula, a hachet.
llec acia, a tyxhyl.'
Hoc aquiscium, a quyver.
Hoc perpendiculum, a plomet.
Ilec regula, Anne a rewylle.
Hoc terebrum, Ance a wymbylle.
lloc teribellum, Ance a persowyr.
llic bipennus,


Hec leviga, Ance a plane.
Hec seltis, Ance a scheselle.
Hec strofina, a gropyngyryn.
Hec sarra, Ance a saw.
Hec vibra, Ance a brake.
Hic circulus, Ance a hope.
Hic aser, -ris, Anre a borde.
Hic cunius, Anre a sceselle.

Hec amurca, drowsyn.
Hec scafe, Ance a bolle.

Hec scoba. Ance a besum. 25 PISTOR CUM SUIS INSTRU

Hic pistor, Ance a baker.
30 Hic clibanus, Ance a rele.4

Hoc tersorium, Ance a malkyn.
Hec pala, Ance a forkyn.
Hoc furnorium,
Hec pila,

} Ance pyle. 35 Hoc pollentridium, a bultpele.

Polenduare, Ance a bult.

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Hoc taratanterum, Ance a tense. Hic pomelio, venditor pomorum.
Taratantarisare, Ance to bult. Hic pomelio, custos pomorum. Versus.
Hic taratantarizator, Ance a censare. Pomelio custos, vector, vel venditor extat.
Hec pasta, Ance dowe.
Hec farina, Ance mele.

5 Hoc pomerium, a norchard. Hoc furfur, Ance bryn

Hoc pomerium, a whorde. Hoc polen,

Hoc pomelium, idem. Hoc polentum, Ance flowyr.

Ilec fals, scarpe. Hec simila,

Hoc maxillium, a jyppe. Hoc ador, indeclinabile,

10 Hec labrusca, the bark of the vyne. Hic panificator, Ance a mouldere. Hoc vitulamen, a branche. Panificare, Ance moulde.

Hoc sarmentum, the cuttyng.
Hoc jocabulum, Ance a colrake. Hec antes, a siron.4
Hec costa,
} a rybe.

Hec progago, a rote.
Hoc scalprum,

15 Hic pamplus, a vyneleffe. Hec vibra, Ance a brake.”

Hec uva, a grape. Hec massa, Ance a gobet of dow.

Hic acinus, a stongrape. Hoc fermentum, Ance so wyrdow. llic botrus, a closter.

Pampulus est folium, botrus flos, vinea Hic fossor, Ance a dyker.

20 Hic murinator, a waller. llec merra, a mattoke.

Hic tector, Ance a thaser.5 Hec vanga, a spade.

Hic contraitus, Anre a crepylle. Hec stribula, a schowle.

Hec contraita, idem est. Hoc sinovectorium, a barow.

25 Hoc sustentaculum, Hec furca, a forke.

Hoc podium, Hec merga, idem.

Hic auceps, Ance a fowlere. Hic pomelio, gardyner.

Hoc viscum, Ance byrdlyme. Hic olitor, } idem sunt.

30 Hic laquius, Ance a snare. Hic ortolanus,

Hoc volatorium, Ance a schafnet. Hic plantator, a plantor.

Hic avigerulus, Ance a pulter.

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} a croche.

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person who makes the dough into loaves.

2 One meaning of the word brake is a baker's kneading-trough. It occurs before, p. 807 l. 31, with the saine Latin, but

evidently in a different sense.

Scarpe, an instrument for pruning vines. See the verse in the next column. 4 Antes, a sprout.

A thatcher.


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Hec fals, Ance

sythe. False puto vineta, meto

sata, tondeo prata.

lo falo

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o thearms

Iloc plaustrum, } a wayne.

Hic auriga,
Hic vereda,

a cartar.
Hic carectarius,
Hec carecta, Ance a carte. 15 Hic nemus, -ris,
Hic capsis, Ance a carte.

Hic lucus,

a forest. Hec biga,

Hec feresta,

Hoc lucar, -ris, Ance a forestax. Hic currus, Ance a carte.

Hic parcarius, Ance a parcar. Hoc carpentum, Ance a schare.? 20 Hec indago, Ance a parke. Hoc veredum, Ance a thylle.

Hoc vallum, Ance a parke palys.
Hic veredus, Ance a thylhorse. Vallo, -as, -i, vallum facere.
Hec rota, Ance a quele.

Hoc tribucetum, Ance a sawtre.
Hic cantus, -ti, -to, Ance a felow.
Hic cantus, -tus, -tui, Ance a song. 25
Cantus, -ti, bige, cautus cantantis in ore.
Hic radius, Ance a spoke.
Hic radius, Ance a sunbeme.

Est radius rote, solis, tele, geometrie.
Hec axis, Ance a exylletre. 30
Hoc meditulium, Ance a nafe.
Hoc epuscium, Ance a cartelowte. Hic architenens, ?

a harchere.
Hoc retinaculum, Ance a trayse. Hic sagittarius,
Hoc traale, idem est.

Hic arcus, Ance a bowe. Hec epicia, -orum, Ance a berhom." 35 Hec arcitula, Ance a bowstryng. Hec scutica, Ance a quippe.

Hec catapulta, Ance a brode arw. Hic funis, Ance a rope.

Hec sagitta, Ance a harow. Hec merga, Ance a forke.

Hoc petulium, Ance a bolt. Hoc capistrum, Ance a halter. Hoc amentum, Ance a nok. Hic inclusarius, Ance a hayward. 40 Hec cuspis, Ance a bolthed. Hic lucarius,

Hec faretra, Ance a quiver. Hic viridarius, Ance forster.

Hic corintheus, a bowehowse.
Hic forestarius,

Hec veltria, a lese of grehowndes.
Hic nullus, a grehownd colere.

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[blocks in formation]

i. e., a car.

A barholm, or collar for a horse to draw by.


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