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Chaucer Society's Publications—continued.

JI. The Prologue and Knight's Tale from the Ellesmere MS.

Hengwrt 154.

Cambridge Gg. 4. 27.

Corpus Oxford.


Lansdowne 851.
Nos. II. to VII. are separate Texts of the 6-Text edition of the Canterbury
Tales, Part I.

1868. Second Series. 1. ON EARLY ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION, with especial reference to Shak

spere and Chaucer, containing an investigation of the Correspondence of Writing with Speech in England, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day,preceded by a systematic notation of all spoken sounds, by means of the ordinary printing types. Including a re-arrangement of Prof. F. J. Child's Memoirs on the Language of Chaucer and Gower, and Reprints of the Rare Tracts by Salesbury on English, 1547, and Welsh, 1567, and by Barcley on French, 1521. By ALEXANDER J. ELLIS, F.R.S., etc., etc. Part I. On the Pronunciation of the

Xivth, xvith, xviith, and xvinth centuries. 2. Essays ON CHAUCER; His Words and Works. Part I. 1. Ebert's

Review of Sandras's E'tude sur Chaucer, considére comme Imitateur des Trouvères, translated by J. W. Van Rees Hoets, M.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and revised by the Author.-II. A Thirteenth Century Latin Treatise on the Chilindre: “For by my chilindre it is prime of day" ($hipmannes Tale). Edited, with a Translation, by Mr. EDMUND BROCK, and illustrated by a Woodcut of the Instrument

from the Ashmole MS. 1522. 3. A TEMPORARY PREFACE to the Six-Text Edition of Chaucer's

Canterbury Tales. Part I. Attempting to show the true order of the Tales, and the Days and Stages of the Pilgrimage, etc., etc. By F. J. FURNIVALL, Esq., M.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

1869. First Series.
VIII. The Miller's, Reeve's, Cook’s, and Gamelyn's Tales : Ellesmere MS.

Hengwrt »




Lansdowne, These are separate issues of the 6-Text Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Part II.

1869. Second Series. 4. ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION, with especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer. By ALEXANDER J. ELLIS, F.R.S. Part II.

1870. First Series. XIV. CANTERBURY TALES. Part II. The Miller's, Reeve's, and Cook's

Tales, with an Appendix of the Spurious Tale of Gamelyn, in Six parallel Texts.

1870. Second Series. 5. On EARLY ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION, with especial reference to Shak

spere and Chaucer. By A. J. ELLIS, F.R.S., F.S.A. Part III. Illustrations on the Pronunciation of xivth and xvith Centuries. Chaucer, Gower, Wycliffe, Spenser, Shakespere, Salesbury, Barcley, Hart, Bullokar, Gill. Pronouncing Vocabulary.

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Chaucer Society's Publications—continued.

1871. First Series. XV. The Man of Law's, Shipman's, and Prioress's Tales, with Chaucer's own

Tale of Sir Thopas, in 6 parallel Texts from the MSS. above named,
and 10 coloured drawings of Tellers of Tales, after the originals in the

Ellesmere MS.
XVI. The Man of Law's Tale, &c., &c. : Ellesmere MS.

Cambridge »

XIX. The Shipman's, Prioress's, and Man of Law's Tales, from the Petworth MS.
XX. The Man of Law's Tales, from the Lansdowne MS. (each with woodcuts

of fourteen drawings of Tellers of Tales in the Ellesmere MS.)
XXI. A Parallel-Text edition of Chaucer's Minor Poems, Part I. : The

Dethe of Blaunche the Duchesse,' from Thynne's ed. of 1532, the
Fairfax MS. 16, and Tanner MS. 346 ; 'the compleynt to Pite, the

Parlament of Foules,' and 'the Compleynt of Mars, each from six MSS.
XXII. Supplementary Parallel-Texts of Chaucer's Minor Poems, Part I., con-

taining • The Parlament of Foules,' from three MSS. XXIII. Odd Texts of Chaucer's Minor Poems, Part I., containing 1. two MS.

fragments of “The Parlament of Foules ;' 2. the two differing versions of The Prologue to the Legende of Good Women,' arranged

so as to show their differences ; 3. an Appendix of Poems attributed to Chaucer, 1. The Balade of Pitee by Chauciers ;' 11. “The Cronycle made by

Chaucer,' both from MSS. written by Shirley, Chaucer's contemporary. XXIV. A One-Text Print of Chaucer's Minor Poems, being the best Text from

the Parallel-Text Edition, Part I., containing : 1. The Dethe of Blaunche the Duchesse ; 2. The Compleynt to Pite ; 3. The Parlament of Foules ; 4. The Compleynt of Mars; 5. The A B C, with its original from De Guileville's Pèlerinage de la Vie humaine (edited from the best Paris MSS. by M. Paul Meyer).

1871. Second Series. 6. TRIAL FORE-WORDS to my Parallel-Text edition of Chaucer's Minor

Poems for the Chaucer Society (with a try to set Chaucer's Works in their right order of Time). By FREDK. J. FURNIVALL. Part I. (This Part brings out, for the first time, Chaucer's long early but hopeless love.)

1872. First Series. XXV. Chaucer's Tale of Melibe, the Monk's, Nun's Priest's, Doctor's, Par

doner's, Wife of Bath's, Friar's, and Summoner's Tales, in 6 parallel Texts from the MSS. above named, and with the remaining 13 coloured

drawings of Tellers of Tales, after the originals in the Ellesmere MS. XXVI. The Wife's, Friar's, and Summoner's Tales, from the Ellesmere MS., with

9 woodcuts of Tale-Tellers. (Part IV.) XXVII. The Wife's, Friar's, Summoner's, Monk's, and Nun's Priest's Tales,

from the Hengwrt MS., with 23 woodcuts of the Tellers of the Tales.

(Part III.) XXVIII. The Wife's, Friar's, and Summoner's Tales, from the Cambridge MS.,

with 9 woodcuts of Tale-Tellers. (Part IV.) XXIX. A Treatise on the Astrolabe; otherwise called Bred and Mylk for

Children, addressed to his Son Lowys by Geoffrey Chaucer. Edited by the Rev. WALTER W. SKEAT, M.A.

1872. Second Series. 7. ORIGINALS AND ANALOGUES of some of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

Part 1. 1. The original of the Man of Law's Tale of Constance, from the French Chronicle of Nicholas Trivet, Arundel MS. 56, ab. 1340 A.D., collated with the later copy, ab. 1400, in the National Library at Stockholm ; copied and

Chaucer Society's Publications—continued.

edited, with a trnslation, by Mr. EDMUND BROCK. 2. The Tale of “Merelaus the Emperor,” from the Early-English version of the Gesta Romanorum in Harl. MS. 7333; and 3. Part of Matthew Paris's Vita Offæ Primi, both stories, illustrating incidents in the Man of Law's Tale. 4. Two French Fabliaux like the Reeve's Tale. 5. Two Latin Stories like the Friar's Tale.

1873. First Series. XXX. The Six-Text Canterbury Tales, Part V., containing the Clerk's and Merchant's Tales.

1873. Second Series. 8. Albertano of Brescia's Liber Consiliï et Consolationis, A.D. 1246

(the Latin source of the French original of Chaucer's Melibe), edited from the MSS. by Dr. Thor SUNDBY.

1874. First Series. XXXI. The Six-Text, Part VI., containing the Squire's and Franklin's Tales. XXXII. to XXXVI. Large Parts of the separate issues of the Six MSS.

1874. Second Series. 9. Essays on Chaucer, his Words and Works, Part II.: 3. John of

Hoveden's Practica Chilindri, edited from the MS. with a translation, by Mr. E. BROCK. 4. Chaucer's use of the final -e, by JOSEPH Payne, Esq. 5. Mrs. E. Barrett-Browning on Chaucer : being those parts of her review of the Book of the Poets, 1842, which relate to him ; here reprinted by leave of Mr. Robert Browning. 6. Professor Bernhard Ten-Brink's critical edition of Chaucer's Compleynte to Pite.

1875. First Series. XXXVII. The Six-Text, Part VII., the Second Nun's, Canon's-Yeoman's, and

Manciple's Tales, with the Blank-Parson Link. XXXVIII. to XLIII. Large Parts of the separate issues of the Six MSS. bringing

all up to the Parson's Tale. XLIV. A detailed Comparison of the Troylus and Cryseyde with Boccaccio's

Filostrato, with a Translation of all Passages used by Chaucer, and an Abstract of the Parts not used, by W. Michael ROSSETTI, Esq.,

and with a print of the Troylus from the Harleian MS. 3943. Part I. XLV., XLVI. Ryme-Index to the Ellesmere MS. of the Canterbury Tales,

by HENRY CROMIE, Esq., M.A. Both in Royal 4to. for the Six-Text,

and in 8vo. for the separate Ellesmere MS. XLVII. Notes and Corrections for the 8vo. Ryme-Index, by H. CROMIE, Esq. and Autotypes of Chaucer Manuscripts, Part I.

1875. Second Series. 10. Originals and Analogues of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Part II.

6. Alphonsus of Lincoln, a Story like the Prioress's Tale. 7. How Reynard caught Chanticleer, the source of the Nun's-Priest's Tale. 8. Two Italian Stories, and a Latin one, like the Pardoner's Tale. 9. The Tale of the Priest's Bladder, a story like the Summoner's Tale, being 'Li dis de le Vescie a Prestre,' par Jakes de Basiw. 10. Petrarch's Latin Tale of Griseldis (with Boccaccio's Story from which it was re-told), the original of the Clerk's Tale. ll. Five Versions of a Pear-tree Story like that in the Merchant's Tale. 12. Four

Versions of The Life of Saint Cecilia, the original of the Second Nun's Tale. 11. Early English Pronunciation, with especial reference to Shak

spere and Chaucer. By ALEXANDER J. ELLIS, Esq., F.R.S. Part IV.

Chaucer Society's Publications—continued. 12. Life Records of Chaucer. Part I., The Robberies of Chaucer by

Richard Brerelay and others at Westminster, and at Hatcham, Surrey, on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1390, with some account of the Robbers, from the Enrolments in the Public Record Office. By WALFORD D. SELBY, Esq., of the

Public Record Office. 13. THYNNE'S ANIMADVERSIONS (1599) ON SPEGHT's Chaucer's Workes,

re-edited from the unique MS., by FREDK. J. FURNIVALL, with fresh Lives of William and Francis Thynne, and the only known fragment of The Pilgrim's Tale.

1876. Second Series. 14. LIFE RECORDS OF CHAUCER. Part II. The Household Ordinances

of King Edward II., June, 1323 (as englisht by Francis Tate in March, 1601 A.D.), with extracts from those of King Edward IV. to show the probable duties of Chaucer as Valet, or Yeoman of the Chamber, and Esquire to Edward III., of whose Household Book no MS. is known ; together with Chaucer's Oath as Controller of the Customs; and an enlarged Autotype of Hoccleve's Portrait


III. 13. The Story of Constance for the Man of Law's Tale. 14. The Boy killd by a Jew for singing “Gaude Maria,' an Analogue of the Prioress's Tale. 15. The Paris Beggar Boy Murdered by a Jew for singing “ Alma redemptoris

mater!" an Analogue of the Prioress's Tale, with a Poem by Lydgate. 16. EssaYS ON CHAUCER, HIS WORDS AND WORKS. Part III. of

Chaucer's Prioress, her Nun, Chaplain, and 3 Priests, illustrated from the Paper Survey of St. Mary's Abbey, Winchester, by F. J. FURNIVALL. 8. Alliteration in Chaucer, by Dr. Paul LINDNER. 8. Chaucer a Wicliffite; a critical Examination of the Parson's Tale, by Herr Hugo Simon. 10. The urces of the Wife of Bath's Prologue; Chaucer not a borrower from John of Salisbury, by

the Rev. W. W. WOOLLCOMBE. 17. SUPPLEMENTARY CANTERBURY TALES : I. The Tale of Beryn with a

a Prologue of the Merry Adventure of the Pardoner with a Tapster at Canterbury, re-edited from the Duke of Northumberland's unique MS., by FREDK. J. FURNIVALL. Part I. The Text, with Wm. Smith's Map of Canterbury in 1588, now first engraved from his unique MS. and Ogilby's Plan of the road from London to Canterbury in 1675. For 1876, First Series, Part VIII. of the Six-Text edition, containing the Parson's Tale, and completing the Canterbury Tales, is in the Press; and for 1877, Part II. of Chaucer's Minor Poems, completing them. Childers.-A PALI-ENGLISH DICTIONARY, with Sanskrit Equivalents,

and with numerous Quotations, Extracts, and References. Compiled by ROBERT CÆSAR CHILDERS, late of the Ceylon Civil Service. Imperial 8vo. Double Columns. Complete in 1 Vol., pp. xxji. and 622, cloth. 1875. £3 38.

The first Pali Dictionary ever published. Childers.—A PÁLI GRAMMAR FOR BEGINNERS. By ROBERT C. CHILDERS. In ] vol. 8vo. cloth.

[In preparation. Childers.--NOTES ON THE SINHALESE LANGUAGE. No. 1. On the

Formation of the Plural of Neuter Nouns. By R. C. CHILDERS. Demy 8vo.

sd., pp. 16. 1873. ls. China Review; OR, NOTES AND OERIE ON THE FAR EAST.

Published bi-monthly. Edited by E. J. EITEL. 4to. Subscription, £1 108. per volume.

Chinese and Japanese Literature (A Catalogue of), and of Oriental

Periodicals. On Sale by Trübner & Co., 57 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London. 8vo.

pp. 28. Gratis. Chintamon.—A COMMENTARY ON THE TEXT OE THE BHAGAVAD-Gítá;

or, the Discourse between Krishna and Arjuna of Divine Matters, A Sanscrit Philosophical Poem. With a few Introductory Papers. By HURRYCHUND CHINTAMON, Political Agent to H. H. the Guicowar Mulhạr Rao Maharajah

of Baroda. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. 118. 68. Christaller.—A DICTIONARY, ENGLISH, TSHI, (ASANTE), AKRA; Tshi

(Chwee), comprising as dialécts Akán (Asànté, Akém, Akuapém, etc.) and Fànté ; Akra (Accra), connected with Adangme; Gold Coast, West Africa. Enyiresi, Twi né Nkran

Enlisi, Otsủi ke Gã nsem - asekyere - nhõma.

wiemọi - ašišitšõmy- wolo. By the Rev. J. G. CHRISTALLER, Rev. C. W. Locher, Rev. J. ZIMMERMANN.

16mo. 78. 6d. Christaller.--A GRAMMAR OF THE ASANTE AND FANTE LANGUAGE, called

Tshi (Chwee, Twi): based on the Akuapem Dialect, with reference to the other (Akan and Fante) Dialects. By Rev. J. G. CHRISTALLER. 8vo. pp.

xxiv. and 203. 1875. 108. 6d. Clarke.-TEN GREAT RELIGIONS: an Essay in Comparative Theology.


AND UDE. By Hyde CLARKE, Cor. Member American Oriental Society ; Mem.

German Oriental Society, etc., etc. Demy 8vo. sd., pp. 32. 28.

Origin of Culture in America and the Accad or Sumerian Families. By HYDE

CLARKE. Demy 8vo. sewed, pp. xi. and 74. 1875. 28, 6d.
Clarke.--SERPENT AND SIVA WORSHIP, and Mythology in Central

America, Africa and Asia. By HYDE CLARKB, Esq. 8vo. sewed. 18. Cleasby,—AN ICELANDIC-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Based on the MS.

Collections of the late Richard Cleasby. Enlarged and completed by G.
VIGFÚSSON. With an Introduction, and Life of Richard Cleasby, by G. WEBBE

DASENT, D.C.L. 4to. £3 78.


COLEBROOKE. The Biography by his Son, Sir T. E. COLEBROOKE, Bart., M.P., The Essays edited by Professor Cowell. In 3 vols. Vol. 1. The Life. With Portrait and Map. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 492.

14s. Vols. II. and IIl. The Essays. A New Edition, with Notes by E. B. COWELL,

Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Cambridge. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp.

xvi. –544, and x.-520. 1873. 288. Colleccao de Vocabulos e Frases usados na Provincia de S. Pedro,

do Rio Grande do Sul, no Brasil. 12mo. pp. 32, sewed. ls. Contopoulos.—A LEXICON OF MODERN GREEK-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH

MODERN GREEK. By N. CONTOPOULOS. In 2 vols. 8vo. cloth.' Part I.
Modern Greek-English, pp. 460. Part II. English-Modern Greek, pp. 582.

£1 78. Conway.-THE SACRED ANTHOLOGY. A Book of Ethnical Scriptures.

Collected and edited by M. D. Conway. 4th edition. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 480. 128.

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