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Patell.—COWASJEE PATELL'S CHRONOLOGY, containing corresponding

Dates of the different Eras used by Christians, Jews, Greeks, Hindús,
Mohamedans, Parsees, Chinese, Japanese, etc. By CowasjeE SORABJEE

Patell. 4to. pp. viii. and 184, cloth. 50s.
Peking Gazette.—Translation of the Peking Gazette for 1872, 1873,

1874, 1875, and 1876. 8vo. pp. 137, 124, 160, 177. 108. 6d. each. Percy:-BISHOP PERCY's Folio MANUSCRIPTS—BALLADS AND ROMANCES.

Edited by John W. Hales, M.A., Fellow and late Assistant Tutor of Christ's College, Cambridge; and Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A., of Trinity Hall, Cambridge ; assisted by Professor Child, of Harvard University, Cambridge, U.S.A., W. Chappell, Esq., etc. In 3 volumes. Vol. I., pp. 610; Vol. 2, pp. 681.; Vol. 3, pp. 640. Demy 8vo. half-bound, £4.48. Extra demy 8vo. half-bound, on Whatman’s ribbed paper, £6 68. Extra royal 8vo., paper covers, on Whatman's best ribbed paper, £10 10s. Large 4to., paper covers, on Whatman's

best ribbed paper, £12. Philological Society (Transactions of The). A Complete Set, in

cluding the Proceedings of the Philological Society for the years 1842-1853. 6 vols. The Philological Society's Transactions, 1854 to 1876. 15 vols. The Philological Society's Extra Volumes. 9 vols. In all 30 vols, 8vo. bound in cloth lettered. £19 3s. 6d.

Sold Separately. Proceedings (The) of the Philological Society for the years 1842-1853. 6 vols. 8vo. cl. £3.

Very few sets remain for sale. Transactions of the Philological Society, 1854-1876. 15 vols. 8vo. cl. £10 168.

The Volumes for 1867, 1868-9, 1870-2, and 1873-4, are only to be had in complete sets, as above.

Separate Volumes.
For 1854 : containing papers by Rev. J. W. Blakesley, Rev. T. 0. Cockayne,

Rev. J. Davies, Dr. J. W. Donaldson, Dr. Theod. Goldstücker, Prof. T. Hewitt
Key, J. M. Kemble, Dr. R. G. Latham, J. M. Ludlow, Hensleigh Wedgwood,

etc. 8vo. cl. $1 108. For 1855: with papers by Dr. Carl Abel, Dr. W. Bleek, Rev. Jno. Davies, Miss

A. Gurney, Jas. Kennedy, Prof. T. H. Key, Dr. R. G. Latham, Henry Malden,
W. Ridley, Thos. Watts, Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. In 4 parts. 8vo. £1 ls.

Kimilarai Language of Australia, by W. Ridley; and False Etymologies, by
H. Wedgwood, separately. 18.
For 1856-7: with papers by Prof. Aufrecht, Herbert Coleridge, Lewis Kr. Daa,

M. de Haan, W.C. Jourdain, James Kennedy, Prof. Key, Dr. G. Latham, J. M.
Ludlow, Rev. J. J. 8. Perowne, Hensleigh Wedgwood, R. F. Weymouth, Jos.
Yates, etc. 7 parts. 8vo. (The Papers relating to the Society's Dictionary
are omitted.) *£1 10s.

The price of the volumes, 1854 and 1855, is 21s. each. That of the volume for 1856-7, 308. The subsequent volumes are 128. each, excepting that for 1858: including the volume of Early English Poems, Lives of the Saints, edited from MSS. by F. J. Furnivall; and papers by Ern. Adams, Prof. Aufrecht, Herbert Coleridge, Rev. Francis Crawford, M. de Haan Hettema, Dr. R. G. Latham, Dr. Lottner, etc. 8vo. cl. 128. For 1859 : with papers by Dr. E. Adams, Prof. Aufrecht, Herb. Coleridge, F. J. Furnivall, Prof. T. H. Key, Dr. C. Lottner, Prof. De Morgan, F. Pulszky, Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. 8vo. cl. 128.

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Philological Society (Transactions of The)-continued.
For 1860-1: including The Play of the Sacrament; and Pascon agau Arluth, the

Passion of our Lord, in Cornish and English, both from MSS., edited by Dr.
Whitley Stokes; and papers by Dr. E. Adams, T. F. Barham, Rev. Derwent
Coleridge, Herbert Coleridge, Sir John F. Davis, Danby P. Fry, Prof. T. H.
Key, Dr. C. Lottner, Bishop Thirlwall, Hensleigh Wedgwood, R. F. Wer-

mouth, etc. 8vo. cl. 12s. For 1862-3 : with papers by C. B. Cayley, D. P. Fry, Prof. Key, H. Malden,

Rich. Morris, F. W. Newman, Robert Peacock, Hensleigh Wedgwood, R. F.

Weymouth, etc. 8vo. cl. 128. For 1864 : containing 1. Manning's (Jas.) Inquiry into the Character and Origin of the Possessive Augment in English, etc. ; 2. Newman's (Francis W.) Text of the Iguvine Inscriptions, with Interlinear Latin Translation ; 3. Barnes’s (Dr. W.) Grammar and Glossary of the Dorset Dialect; 4. Gwreans An Bys—— The Creation : : a Cornish Mystery, Cornish and English, with Notes by Whitley Stokes, etc. 8vo. cl. 12s.

Separately: Manning's Inquiry, 38.—Newman's Iguvine Inscription, 38.Stokes's Gwreans An Bys, 8s. For 1865: including Wheatley's (H. B.) Dictionary of Reduplicated Words in the

English Language; and papers by Prof. Aufrecht, Ed. Brock, C. B. Cayley, Rev. A. J. Church, Prof. T. H. Key, Rev. E. H. Knowles, Prof. H. Malden, Hon. G. P. Marsh, John Rhys, Guthbrand Vigfusson, Hensleigh Wedgwood, H.

B. Wheatley, etc. 8vo. cl. 128. For 1866 : including, 1. Gregor's (Rev. Walter) Banffshire Dialect, with Glossary

of Words omitted by Jamieson; 2. Edmondston's (T.) Glossary of the Shetland Dialect; and papers by Prof. Cassal, C. B. Cayley, Danby P. Fry, Prof. T. H. Key, Guthbrand Vigfusson, Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. 8vo. cl. 128.

The Volumes for 1867, 1868–9, 1870–2, and 1873–4, are out of print. Besides contributions in the shape of valuable and interesting papers, the volume for 1867 also includes : 1. Peacock's (Rob. B.) Glossary of the Hundred of Lonsdale ; and Ellis (A. J.) On Palæotype representing Spoken Sounds; and on the Diphthong “ Oy.” The volume for 1868-9—1. Ellis's (A. J.) Only English Proclamation of Henry III. in Oct. 1258; to which are added “ The Cuckoo's Song and “The Prisoner's

Prayer," Lyrics of the XIII. Century, with Glossary; and 2. Stokes's (Whitley) Cornish Glossary. That for 1870-2–i. Murray's (Jas. A. H.) Dialect of the Southern Counties of Scotland, with a linguistical map. That for 1873–4–Sweet's (8.) History of English Sounds. For 1875-6: containing the Rev. Richard Morris (President), Fourth and Fifth

Annual Addresses. i. Some Sources of Aryan Mythology by E. L. Brandreth ; 2. C. B. Cayley on Certain Italian Diminutives; 3. Changes made by four young Children in Pronouncing English Words, by Jas. M. Menzies; 4. The Manx Language, by H. Jenner; 5. The Dialect of West Somerset, by F. T. Elworthy; 6. English Metre, by Prof. J. B. Mayor ; 7. Words, Logic, and Grammar, by H. Sweet; 8. The Russian Language and its Dialects, by W. R. Morfill ; 9. Relics of the Cornish Language in Mount's Bay, by H.'Jenner. Parts 1 and 2, 8vo. * Part 3 is in the press.

The Society's Extra Volumes. Skeats (Rev. W. W.) Mæso-Gothic Glossary, with an Introduction, an Outline of

Meso-Gothic Grammar, and a List of Anglo-Saxon and old and modern English Words etymologically connected with Mæso-Gothic. London, 1868.

Sq. 8vo. cl. 98. Mediæval Greek Texts: A Collection of the Earliest Compositions in Vulgar

Greek, prior to A.D. 1500. With Prolegomena and Critical Notes by W. Wagner. Part I. Seven Poems, three of which appear for the first time. London, 1870. 8vo. 108. 6d.



in a Complete Form in the Original Syriac, with an English Translation and Notes. By GEORGE PHILLIPS, D.D., President of Queen's College, Cambridge.

8vo. pp. 122, cloth. 78. 6d. Pierce the Ploughman's Crede (about 1394 Anno Domini). Transcribed

and Edited from the MS. of Trinity College, Cambridge, R. 3, 15. Collated with the MS. Bibl. Reg. 18. B. xvii. in the British Museum, and with the old Printed Text of 1553, to which is appended “God spede the Plough” (about 1500 Anno Domini), from the Lansdowne MS. 762.

By the Rev. WALTER W. Skeat, M. A., late Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge.

pp. xx, and 75, cloth. 1867. 28. 6d. Pimentel. — CUADRO DESCRIPTIVO Y COMPARATIVO LAS LENGUAS

INDÍGENAS DE México, o Tratado de Filologia Mexicana. Par FRANCISCO
PIMENTEL. 2 Edicion unica completa. 3 Volsume 8vo. Mexico, 1875.


hemacandram Adhyâya VIII.) mit Kritischen und Erläuternden Anmerkungen. Herausgegeben von RICHARD PISCHEL. Part I. Text und Wörtverzeichniss.

8vo. pp. xiv. and 236. 88. Pope.—A TAMIL HANDBOOK; or, Full Introduction to the Common

Dialect of that Language, on the plan of Ollendorff and Arnold. With copious
Vocabularies, Appendices, containing Reading Lessons, Analyses of Letters,
Deeds, Complaints, Official Documents, and a Key to the Exercises. By Rev.

G. U. POPE. Third edition, 8vo. cloth, pp. iv. and 388. 218.
Prakrita-Prakasa ; or, The Prakrit Grammar of Vararuchi, with the

Commentary (Manorama) of Bhamaha. The first complete edition of the Original Text with Various Readings from a Collation of Six Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and the Libraries of the Royal Asiatic Society and the East India House; with copious Notes, an English Translation, and Index of Prakrit words, to which is prefixed an easy Introduction to Prakrit Grammar. By E. B. COWELL. Second issue, with new Preface, and cor

rections. 8vo. pp. xxxii. and 204. 148. Priaulx.—QUÆSTIONES MOSAICÆ; or, the first part of the Book of

Genesis compared with the remains of ancient religions. By OSMOND DE

BEAUVOIR PRIAULX. 8vo. pp. viii. and 548, cloth. 12s. Rámáyan of Válmiki.-5 vols. See under GRIFFITH, Ram Jasan.— A SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Being an

Abridgment of Professor Wilson's Dictionary. With an Appendix explaining the use of Affixes in Sanskrit. By Pandit Ram JASAN, Queen's College, Benares. Published under the Patronage of the Government, N.W.P. Royal

8vo. cloth, pp. ii. and 707. 288. Ram Raz.—Essay on the ARCHITECTURE of the HinduS. By Ram Raz,

Native Judge and Magistrate of Bangalore. With 48 plates. 4to. pp. xiv. and

64, sewed. London, 1834. £2 28. Rask.-A GRAMMAR OF THE ANGLO-SAXON TONGUE. From the Danish

of Erasmus Rask, Professor of Literary History in, and Librarian to, the University of Copenhagen, etc. By BENJAMIN THORPE. Second edition,

corrected and improved. 18mo. pp. 200, cloth. 58. 6d. Rawlinson.-A COMMENTARY ON THE CONEIFORM INSCRIPTIONS OF

BABYLONIA AND ASSYRIA, including Readings of the Inscription on the Nimrud Obelisk, and Brief Notice of the Ancient Kings of Nineveh and Babylon, by Major H. C. RAWLINSON. 8vo. pp. 84, sewed. London, 1850. 28. 6d.

Rawlinson. ---OUTLINES OF ASSYRIAN HISTORY, from the Inscriptions of

Nineveh. By Lieut. Col. RAWLINSON, C.B., followed by some Remarks by

A. H. LAYARD, Esq., D.C.L. 8vo., pp. xliv., sewed. London, 1852. 1s. Rawlinson. — INSCRIPTION OF TIGLATH PILESER I., KING OF ASSYRIA,

B.C. 1150, as translated by Sir H. RAWLINSON, Fox Talbot, Esq., Dr. HINCKS,

and Dr. OPPERT. Published by the Royal Asiatic Society. 8vo. sd., pp. 74. 28. Rawlinson.-NOTES ON THE EARLY HISTORY OF BABYLONIA. Ву


COLLOQUIAL LANGUAGE; containing a concise Ottoman Grammar; a carefully selected Vocubulary, alphabetically arranged, in two parts, English and Turkish, and Turkish and English; also a few Familiar Dialogues; the whole in English characters. By J. W. REDHOUSE, F.R.A.S. Oblong 32mo. limp cloth, pp.


NABATHÆAN AGRICULTURE. To which is added an Inaugural Lecture on the
Position of the Shemitic Nations in the History of Civilization. By M. Ernest

RENAN, Membre de l'Institut. Crown 8vo., pp. xvi. and 148, cloth. 3s. 6d. Revue Celtique.—THE REVUE CELTIQUE, a Quarterly Magazine for

Celtic Philology, Literature, and History. Edited with the assistance of the
Chief Celtic Scholars of the British Islands and of the Continent, and Con-

ducted by H. GAIDOZ. 8vo. Subscription, £1 per Volume. Rhys. — LECTURES ON WELSH PHILOLOGY. By John Rhys. Cr. 8vo.

cloth, pp. xii. and 458. 128. Rig Veda.— See Müller. Rig Veda-Sanhita : THE SACRED HYMNS OF THE BRAHMANS. Trans

lated and explained by F. Max MÜLLER, M.A., LL.D., Fellow of All Souls' College, Professor of Comparative Philology at Oxford, Foreign Member of the Institute of France, etc., etc. Vol. I. HYMNS TO THE MARUTS, OR THE

STORM-Gods. 8vo. pp. clii. and 264. cloth. 1869. 128. 6d. Rig-Veda Sanhita.--A COLLECTION OF ANCIENT HINDU HYMNS. Con

stituting the First Ashtaka, or Book of the Rig-veda; the oldest authority for the religious and social institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the Original Sanskrit by the late H. H. WILSON, M.A. 2nd Ed., with a Postscript by

Dr. FITZEDWARD Hall. Vol. I. 8vo. cloth, pp. lii. and 348, price 21s. Rig-veda Sanhita.—A Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, constitut-.

ing the Fifth to Eighth Ashtakas, or books of the Rig-Veda, the oldest Authority for the Religious and Social Institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the Original Sanskrit by the late HORACE HAYMAN Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Edited by E. B. CoWELL, M.A., Principal of the Calcutta Sanskrit College. Vol. IV., 8vo., pp. 214, cloth. 148.

A few copies of Vols. II. and III. still left. [Vols. V. and VI. in the Press. Roe and Fryer.-TRAVELS IN INDIA IN THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY.

By Sir Thomas Roe and Dr. John FRYER. Reprinted from the “Calcutta

Weekly Englishman." 8vo. cloth, pp. 474. 78. 6d. Ræhrig.—THE SHORTEST ROAD TO GERMAN. Designed for the use

of both Teachers and Students. By F. L. 0. RÆHRIG. Cr. 8vo. cloth,

pp. vii. and 225. 1874. 78. 6d. Rogers.—NOTICE ON THE DINARS OF THE ABBASSIDE DYNASTY. By

EDWARD THOMAS ROGERS, late H.M. Consul, Cairo. 8vo. pp. 44, with a Map and four Autotype Plates. 58.


LEON DE ROSNY, 8vo. pp. 48. 1874. 38. Rudy.—THE CHINESE MANDARIN LANGUAGE, after Ollendorff's New

Method of Learning Languages. By CHARLES RUDY. In 3 Volumes.

Vol. I. Grammar. 8vo. pp. 248. £1 18. Sabdakalpadruma, the well-known Sanskrit Dictionary of RAJAH

RADHAKANTA DEVA. In Bengali characters. 4to. Parts 1 to 40. (In

course of publication.) 38. 6d. each part. Sakuntala.— KÂLIDÂsa's ÇAKUNTALÂ. The Bengali Recension. With

Critical Notes. Edited by RICHARD PISCHEL. 8vo. cloth, pp. xi. and 210. 128. Sakuntala.—A SANSKRIT DRAMA IN SEVEN ACTS. Edited by MONIER

WILLIAMS, M.A. Second Edition. 8vo. cl. £1 ls.

Translated into English immediately from the original Arabic. By GEORGE
SALE, Gent. To which is prefixed the Life of Mohammed. Crown 8vo. cloth,

pp. 472. 78. Sâma-Vidhâna-Brâhmana. With the Commentary of Sâyana. Edited,

with Notes, Translation, and Index, by A. C. BURNELL, M.R.A.S. Vol. I. Text and Commentary. With Introduction. 8vo. cloth, pp. xxxviii. and 104.


India, offered for Sale at the affixed nett prices by TRÜBNER & Co. 16mo. pp.

52. )s. Sarva-Sabda-Sambodhini; or, THE COMPLETE SANSKRIT DICTIONARY.

In Telugu characters. 4to. cloth, pp. 1078. £2 158. Satow.-AN ENGLISH JAPANESE DICTIONARY OF THE SPOKEN LANGUAGE.

By ERNEST Mason Satow, Japanese Secretary to H.M. Legation at Yedo, and ISHIBASHI MASAKATA, of the Imperial Japanese Foreign Office. Imp. 32mo.,

pp. xx. and 366, cloth. 12s. Sayce.-AN ASSYRIAN GRAMMAR FOR COMPARATIVE PURPOSES. By

A. H. SAYCE, M.A. 12mo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 188. 78. 6d. Sayce. — THE PRINCIPLES OF COMPARATIVE PHILOLOGY. By A. H.

Sayce, Fellow and Tutor of Queen's College, Oxford. Second Edition. Cr.

8vo. cl., pp. xxxii. and 416. 108. 6d. Scarborough.—A COLLECTION OF CHINESE PROVERBS. Translated and

Arranged by WILLIAM SCARBOROUGH, Wesleyan Missionary, Hankow. With

an Introduction, Notes, and Copious Index. Cr. 8vo. pp. xliv. and 278. 108.6d. Schele de Vere.— STUDIES IN ENGLISH ; or, Glimpses of the Inner

Life of our Language. By M. SCHELE DE VERE, LL.D., Professor of Modern

Languages in the University of Virginia. 8vo.cloth, pp. vi. and 365. 10s. 6d. Schele de Vere.- AMERICANISMS : THE ENGLISH OF THE NEW WORLD.

By M. SCHELE DE VERE, LL.D., Professor of Modern Languages in the

University of Virginia. 8vo. pp. 685, cloth. 128. Schleicher.- COMPENDIUM OF THE COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE INDO


Bendall, B.A., Chr. Coll. Camb. Part I. 8vo. cloth, pp. 184. 7s. 6d. Part II. Morphology. 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 104. 68. Schemeil.-EL MUBTAKER; or, First Born. (In Arabic, printed at

Beyrout). Containing Five Comedies, called Comedies of Fiction, on Hopes and Judgments, in Twenty-six Poems of 1092 Verses, showing the Seven Stages of Life, from man's conception unto his death and burial. By Emin IBRAHIM SCHEMEIL. In one volume, 4to. pp. 166, sewed. 1870. 58.

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