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Maino-i-Khard (The Book of the). — The Pazand and Sanskrit

Texts (in Roman characters) as arranged by Neriosengh Dhaval, in the fifteenth century.

With an English translation, a Glossary of the Pazand texts, containing the Sanskrit, Rosian, and Pahlavi equivalents, a sketch of Pazand Grammar, and an Introduction. By E. W. West. 8vo. sewed, pp.


8vo. pp. xiii. and 201. 1874. 108. 6d. Manava-Kalpa-Sutra; being a portion of this ancient Work on Vaidik

Rites, together with the Commentary of KUMARILA-Swamin. A Facsimile of the MS.

No. 17, in the Library of Her Majesty's Home Government for India. With a Preface by THEODOR GOLDSTÜCKER.Oblong folio, pp. 268 of letter

press and 121 leaves of facsimiles. Cloth. £4 4s. Manipulus Vocabulorum; A Rhyming Dictionary of the English

Language. By Peter Levins (1570) Edited, with an Alphabetical Index, by

HENRY B. WHEATLEY. 8vo. pp. xvi. and 370, cloth. 148. Manning.-An INQUIRY INTO THE CHARACTER AND ORIGIN OF THE

PossesSIVE AUGMENT in English and in Cognate Dialects. By the late

JAMES MANNING, Q.A.S., Recorder of Oxford. 8vo.pp. iv. and 90. 2s. March.-A COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE ANGLO-Saxon LANGUAGE;

in which its forms are illustrated by those of the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Gothic, Old Saxon, Old Friesic, Old Norse, and Old High-German.

FRANCIS A. March, LL.D. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xi. and 253. 1873. 108. Markham.- QUICHUA GRAMMAR and DICTIONARY. Contributions to

wards a Grammar and Dictionary of Quichua, the Language of the Yncas of Peru ; collected by ClemeNTS R. MARKHAM, F.S.A., Corr. Mem. of the University of Chile. Author of “Cuzco and Lima,” and “Travels in Peru and

In one vol. crown 8vo., pp. 223, cloth. £1. lls. 6d. Markham.-OLLANTA: A DRAMA IN THE QUICHUA LANGUAGE. Text,

Translation, and Introduction, By CLEMENTS R. MARKHAM, F.R.G.S. Crown

8vo., pp. 128, cloth. 7s, 6d. Markham.—A MEMOIR OF THE LADY ANA DE Osorio, Countess of

Chinchon, and Vice-Queen of Peru, A.D. 1629–39. With a Plea for the
Correct Spelling of the Chinchona Genus. By CLEMENTS R. MARKHAM, C.B.,
F.R.S., Commendador da Real Ordem de Christo, Socius Academiæ Cæsareæ
Naturæ Curiosorum Cognomen Chinchon. Small 4to, pp. 112. With a Map,

2 Plates, and numerous Illustrations. Roxburghe binding. 288. Markham.—THE NARRATIVES OF THE MISSION OF GEORGE BOGLE,

B.C.S., to the Teshu Lama, and of the Journey of Thomas Manning to Lhasa. Edited, with Notes and Introduction, and lives of Mr. Bogle and Mr. Manning, by Clements R. MARKHAM, C.B., F.R.S. Demy 8vo., with Maps and Illus

trations, pp. clxi. 314, cl. 218. Marsden's Numismata Orientalia. New International Edition. Part I. Ancient Indian Weights. By EDWARD THOMAS, F.R.S., etc., etc.

With a Plate and Map of the India of Manu. Royal 4to. sewed, pp. 84. 98.6d. Part II. Coins of the Urtuki Turkumans. By STANLEY LANE POOLE. Royal

4to. pp. xii. and 44, and 6 plates. 98. Part III. The Coinage of Lydia and Persia, from the Earliest Times to the Fall

of the Dynasty of the Achæmenidæ. By BARCLAY V. HEAD, AssistantKeeper of Coins, British Museum. 4to. pp. viii. and 56, with three autotype plates.


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Part IV. The Coins of the Tuluni Dynasty. By EDWARD THOMAS Rogers. 4to.

pp. iv. and 22, and 1 plate. Just ready. Part V. The Parthian Coinage, By PERCY GARDNER, M.A. 4to. 7 Autotype

Plates and about 60 pages. Nearly ready. Mason.—BURMAH: its People and Natural Productions; or Notes on

the Nations, Fauna, Flora, and Minerals of Tenasserim, Pegu, and Burmah. By Rev. F. Mason, D.D., M.R.A.S., Corresponding Member of the American Oriental Society, of the Boston Society of Natural History, and of the Lyceum

of Natural History, New York. 8vo. pp. xviii. and 914, cl. Rangoon, 1860. 30s. Mason.—THE PALI TEXT OF KACHCHAYANO's GRAMMAR, WITH ENGLISH

ANNOTATIONS. By Francis Mason, D.D. I. The Text Aphorisms, 1 to 673.
JI. The English Annotations, including the various Readings of six independent
Burmese Manuscripts, the Singalese Text on Verbs, and the Cambodian Text
on Syntax. To which is added a Concordance of the Aphorisms. In Two

Parts. 8vo. sewed, pp. 208, 75, and 28. Toongoo, 1871. £1 118. 6d. Mathews.— ABRAHAM BEN EZRA's UNEDITED COMMENTARY ON THE CAN

TICLF8, the Hebrew Text after two MS., with English Translation by H. J.

Mathews, B.A., Exeter College, Oxford. 8vo. cl. limp, pp. X., 34, 24. 28. 6d. Mathuráprasáda Misra.-A TRILINGUAL DICTIONARY, being a compre

hensive Lexicon in English, Urdú, and Hindí, exhibiting the Syllabication, Pronunciation, and Etymology of English Words, with their Explanation in English, and in Urdu and Hindi in the Roman Character. By MATHURÁPRASÁDA MISRA, Second Master, Queen's College, Benares. 8vo. pp. xv. and

1330, cloth. Benares, 1865. £2 28. Mayers.—ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE LAMAIST SYSTEM IN TIBET, drawn from

Chinese Sources. By WILLIAM FREDERICK MAYERS, Esq., of Her Britannic

Majesty's Consular Service, China. 8vo. pp. 24, sewed. 1869. ls. 6d. Mayers —THE CHINESE READER'S MANUAL. A Handbook of Bio

graphical, Historical, Mythological, and General Literary Reference. By W. F. Mayers, Chinese Secretary to H. B. M.'s Legation at Peking, F.R.G.S.,

etc., etc. Demy 8vo. pp. xxiv. and 440. £1 5s. Medhurst.—CHINESE DIALOGUES, QUESTIONS, and FAMILIAR SENTENCES,

literally translated into English, with a view to promote commercial intercourse and assist beginners in the Language. By the late W. H. MEDHURST, D.D.

A new and enlarged Edition. 8vo. pp. 226. 188. Megha-Duta (The). (Cloud-Messenger.) By Kālidāsa. Translated

from the Sanskrit into English verse, with Notes and Illustrations. By the late H. H. Wilson, M. A., F.R.S., Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford, etc., etc. The Vocabulary by FRANCIS Johnson, sometime Professor of Oriental Languages at the College of the Honourable the East India

Company, Haileybury. New Edition. 4to. cloth, pp. xi, and 180. 108. 6d. Memoirs read before the ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON, 1863

1864. 8vo., pp. 542, cloth. 21s. Memoirs read before the ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON, 1865-6,

Vol. II. 8vo., pp. x. 464, cloth. 21s. Mills.--THE INDIAN SAINT; or, Buddha and Buddhism.--A Sketch

Historical and Critical. By C. D. B. MILLS. 8vo. cl., pp. 192. 78. 6d. Minocheherji.—PAHLAVI, GUJARATI, AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. By

JAMASPJI DASTUR MINOCHEHERJI JAMASP ASANA, Fellow of the University of Bombay, and Member of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Vol. I. (To be completed in three volumes.) Demy 8vo. pp. clxxix and 168, with Photographic Portrait of the Author. 14s.

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Vol. I. Published under Orders of the Government of India. Folio, cloth,

pp. 180. With a Map and 36 Plates. £4 48. Moellendorff.—Manual OF CHINESE BIBLIOGRAPHY, being a List of

Works and Essays relating to China. By P. G. and O. F. von MOELLENDORFF,
Interpreters to H.I.G.M.'s Consulates at Shanghai and Tientsin. 8vo. pp. viii.

and 378. £1 108. Molesworth.—A DICTIONARY, MÁRathi and ENGLISH. Compiled by

J. T. MOLESWORTH, assisted by GEORGE and Thomas Candy. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. By J. T. MOLESWORTH, Royal 4to. pp. xxx and 922,

boards. Bombay, 1857. £3 3s. Molesworth.-A COMPENDIUM OF MOLESWORTH'S MARATHI AND ENGLISH

DICTIONARY. By BABA PADMANJI. Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged.

Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xx. and 624. 218. Morley.-A DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE of the HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS

in the ARABIC and PERSIAN LANGUAGES preserved in the Library of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. By WILLIAM H. MORLEY,

M.R.A.S. 8vo. pp. viii. and 160, sewed. London, 1854. 28. 6d. Morrison. -A DICTIONARY OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE. By the Rev.

R. MORRISON, D.D. Two vols. Vol. I. pp. x. and 762; Vol. II. pp. 828,

cloth. Shanghae, 1865. £6 68. Muhammed.—THE LIFE OF MUHAMMED. Based on Muhammed Ibn Ishak By Abd El Malik Ibn Hisham. Edited by Dr. FERDINAND WÜSTEN

The Arabic Text. 8vo. pp. 1026, sewed. Price 218. Introduction, Notes, and Index in German. 8vo. pp. lxxii. and 266, sewed. 78. 6d. Each

part sold separately, The test based on the Manuscripts of the Berlin, Leipsic, Gotha and Leyden Libraries, has been carefully revised by the learned editor, and printed with the utmost exactness. Muir.—ORIGINAL SANSKRIT TEXTs, on the Origin and History of the

People of India, their Religion and Institutions. Collected, Translated, and

Illustrated by John MUIR, Esq., D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D. Vol. I. Mythical and Legendary Accounts of the Origin of Caste, with an Inquiry into its existence in the Vedic Age. Second Edition, re-written and greatly enlarged. 8vo. pp. xx. 532, cloth. 1868. 21s.

Vol. II. The Trans-Himalayan Origin of the Hindus, and their Affinity with the Western Branches of the Aryan Race. Second Edition, revised, with Additions. 8vo. pp. xxxii. and 512, cloth. 1871. 218.

Vol. III. The Vedas: Opinions of their Authors, and of later Indian Writers, on their Origin, Inspiration, and Authority. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. pp. xxxii. 312, cloth. 1868. 168.

Vol. IV. Comparison of the Vedic with the late representations of the principal Indian Deities. Second Edition Revised. 8vo. pp. xvi. and 524, cloth. 1873. 215.

Vol. V. Contributions to a Knowledge of the Cosmogony, Mythology, Religious Ideas, Life and Manners of the Indians in the Vedic Age. 8vo. pp. xvi. 492, cloth, 1870. 21s. Müller.—THE SACRED HYMNS OF THE BRAHMINS, as preserved to us

in the oldest collection of religious poetry, the Rig-Veda-Sanhita, translated and explained. By F. Max MÜLLER, M.A., Fellow of All Souls' College ; Professor of Comparative Philology at Oxford í Foreign Member of the Institute of France, etc., etc. Volume I. Hymns to the Maruts or the Storm Gods. 8vo.

pp. clii. and 264. 128. 6d. Müller.—THE HYMNS OF THE RIG-VEDA in the Samhita and Pada Texts.

Reprinted from the Editio Princeps. By F. Max MÜLLER, M.A., etc. Second edition. With the Two Texts on Parallel Pages. In 2 vols. 8vo., pp. 1700, sewed. 32s.

[In the press.



M.A., Professor of Comparative Philology in the University of Oxford ; Member of the French Institute, etc. Delivered before the General Meeting of the Association of German Philologists, at Kiel, 28th September, 1869. (Translated

from the German.) Sewed. 1869. ls. Nagananda ; OR THE JOY OF THE SNAKE-WORLD. A Buddhist Drama

in Five Acts. Translated into English Prose, with Explanatory Notes, from the Sanskrit of Sri-Harsha-Deva. By PALMER Boys, B.A., Sanskrit Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. With an Introduction by Professor Cowell.

Crown 8vo., pp. xvi. and 100, cloth. 48. 6d.
Nalopákhyánam.-STORY OF NALA ; an Episode of the Mahá-Bharata.

The Sanskrit Text, with Vocabulary, Analysis, and Introduction. By MONIER
WILLIAMS, M.A. The Metrical Translation by the Very Rev. H. H. MILMAN,

D.D. 8vo. cl. 158.
Naradiya Dharma Sastram; OR, THE INSTITUTES OF NARADA. Trans-

lated for the First Time from the uupublished Sanskrit original. By Dr. JULIUS Jolly, University, Wurzburg. With a Preface, Notes chiefly critical, an Index of Quotations from Narada in the principal Indian Digests, and a general Index.

Crown 8vo., pp. xxxv. 144, cloth. 108. 6d.

Dictionary. 2. Anglo-Arabic Vocabulary. 3. Arabo-English Dictionary. By
F. W. Newman, Emeritus Professor of University College, London. In 2

vols. crown 8vo., pp. xvi, and 376-464, cloth. £1 18. Newman.-A HANDBOOK OF MODERN ARABIC, consisting of a Practical

Grammar, with numerous Examples, Dialogues, and Newspaper Extracts, in a
European Type. By F. W. Newman, Emeritus Professor of University
College, London ; formerly Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. Post 8vo. pp.

xx, and 192, cloth. London, 1866. 6s. Newman.—THE TEXT OF THE IGUVINE INSCRIPTIONS, with interlinear

Latin Translation and Notes. By FRANCIS W. Newman, late Professor of

Latin at University College, London. 8vo. pp. xvi. and 54, sewed. 28. Newman.-ORTHOëpy: or, a simple mode of Accenting English, for

the advantage of Foreigners and of all Learners. By FRANCIS W. NEWMAN,

Emeritus Professor of University College, London. 8vo. pp. 28, sewed. 1869. 18. Nodal.-ELEMENTOS DE GRAMÁTICA QUICHUA Ó IDIOMA DE LOS YNCAS.

Bajo los Auspicios de la Redentora, Sociedad de Filantropos para mejorar la suerte de los Aboríjenes Peruanos. Por el Dr. Jose FERNANDEZ NODAL, Abogado de los Tribunales de Justicia de la República del Perú. Royal 8vo.

cloth, pp. xvi. and 441. Appendix, pp. 9. £1 1s. Nodal.- Los VINCULOS DE OLLANTA Y CUSI-KCUYLLOR. DRAMA EN

QUICHUA. Obra Compilada y Espurgada con la Version Castellana al Frente de su Testo por el Dr. José FERNANDEZ NODAL, Abogado de los Tribunales de Justicia de la República del Perú. Bajo los Auspicios de la Redentora Sociedad de Filantropos para Mejoror la Suerte de los Aboríjenes Peruanos.

Roy. 8vo. bds. pp. 70. 1874. 78. 6d. Notley.-A COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH,


cloth, pp. xv. and 396. 78. 6d. Nutt.-FRAGMENTS OF A SAMARITAN TARGUM. Edited from a Bodleian

MS. With an Introduction, containing a Sketch of Samaritan History, Dogma, and Literature. By J. W. Nutt, M.A. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. viii., 172, and 84. With Plate. 1874. 158.

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Published as an Introduction to “ Fragments of a Samaritan Targum. By

J. W. Nutt, M.A. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 172. 1874. 58. Nutt.-Two TREATISES ON VERBS CONTAINING FEEBLE AND DOUBLE

LETTERS by R. Jehuda Hayug of Fez, translated into Hebrew from the original Arabic by R. Moses Gikatilia, of Cordova; with the Treatise on Punctuation by the same Author, translated by Aben Ezra. Edited from Bodleian MSS. with an English Translation by J. W. Nutt, M.A. Demy 8vo. sewed, pp. 312.

1870. 78. 6d. Dera Linda Book, from a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century,

with the permission of the Proprietor, C. Over de Linden, of the Helder, The Original Frisian Text, as verified by Dr. J. 0. OTTEMA ; accompanied by an English Version of Dr. Ottema's Dutch Translation, by WILLIAM R.

SANDBACH. 8vo. cl. pp. xxvii. and 223. 58. Ollanta: A DRAMA IN THE QUICHUA LANGUAGE. See under MARKHAM

and under NODAL. Oriental Congress.

Report of the Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Orientalists held in London, 1874. Roy. 8vo. paper, pp. 76. 58. Oriental Congress.—TRANSACTIONS OF THE SECOND SESSION OF THE

INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ORIENTALISTS, held in London in September, 1874. Edited by ROBERT K. Douglas, Honorary Secretary. Demy 8vo.

cloth, pp. viii. and 456. 218. Osburn.—THE MONUMENTAL HISTORY of EGYPT, as recorded on the

Ruins of her Temples, Palaces, and Tombs. By WILLIAM OSBURN. Illustrated with Maps, Plates, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. xii. and 461; vii. and 643, cloth. £22s.

Vol. I.-From the Colonization of the Valley to the Visit of the Patriarch Abram.

Vol. II.- From the Visit of Abram to the Exodus.
Palmer.- EGYPTIAN CHRONICLES, with a harmony of Sacred and

Egyptian Chronology, and an Appendix on Babylonian and Assyrian Antiquities.
By WILLIAM PALMER, M.A., and late Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.

vols.. 8vo. cloth, pp. lxxiv. and 428, and viii. and 636. 1861. 128. Palmer.-A CONCISE DICTIONARY OF THE PERSIAN LANGUAGE. By E.

H. PALMER, M.A., Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge.

Sqnare 16mo. pp. viii. and 364, cloth. 10s 6d. Palmer.-LEAVES FROM A WORD HUNTER'S NOTE Book. Being some

Contributions to English Etymology. By the Rev. A. SMYTHE PALMER, B.A.,

sometime Scholar in the University of Dublin. Cr. 8vo. cl, pp. xii.-316.7s, 6d. Palmer.—THE SONG OF THE REED; and other Pieces. By E. H.

PALMER, M.A., Cambridge. Crown 8vo. pp. 208, handsomely bound in cloth. 58.
Among the Contents will be found translations from Hafiz, from Omer el Kheiyám, and
from other Persian as well as Arabic poets.
Pand-Námah. THE PAND-NÁMAH; or, Books of Counsels. By

ADARBÁD MÁRÁSPAND. Translated from Pehlevi into Gujerathi, by Harbad
Sheriarjee Dadabhoy. And from Gujerathi into English by the Rev. Shapurji

Edalji. Fcap. 8vo. sewed. 1870. 6d.
Pandit's (A) Remarks on Professor Max Müller's Translation of the

“ RIG-VEDA.” Sanskrit and English. Fcap. 8vo. sewed. 1870. 6d. Paspati.—ÉTUDES SUR LES TCHINGHIANÉS (GYPSIES) ou BOHÉMIENS DE

L'EMPIRE OTTOMAN. Par ALEXANDRE G. PASPATI, M.D. Large 8vo. sewed, pp. xii. and 652. Constantinople, 1871. 288.

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