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S the Author of the following Treatise has al-. ready appeared in Publick on a Subje&t of Com

merce,* and undergone some Cenfures for engaging in Enquiries, seemingly beside bis Profession; be begs Leave to offer some Reasons for bis interfering in these Matters, and, at the same Time, to vindicate himself from the Supposition of having deserved the ill Treatment be bas met with. If it fall appear then, that be bas not been wanting in bis Endeavours to discharge bis Clerical Duties punctually, as be hopes it would appear, if Enquiry were made in bis Parish (in which, though large and populous, be performs all the Offices of bis Funɛtion bimself, according to the best of his Abilities:) If, in this Particular, be is not found negleEtful, and these Enquiries, which be prosecutes at his leisure Hours, are not, in their Tendency, inconsistent with Piety to God, and good Offices to Man,-he flatters himself, that as long as he follows these Studies, without negle&ling bis other Engagements, and delivers his Opinion in an inoffenhve Manner, be shall be excused in the Judgment of all candid

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Persons A brief Esay on the Advantages and Disadvantages which respectively attend France and Great Britain with regard to Trade: With some Proposals for removing the principal Difad-. wantages of Great Britain, in a new Method. The Second Edition, corrected, with large Additions. London, printed for T. Trye,

i Holborn, 1750

Perfons, tho' the Warmtb of Party Zeal, or the Ra fentment of those, whose Interest clafbes with that of the Publick, may excite them to vilify and infult him, It batb been thought excufable for a Clergyman to write on Subjekts of Amusement, or on curious Points of Learning; and therefore, it may not be reckoned abfurd in a Clergymen, to form a Judgment (and deliver it modestly) on Subječts, by which, not only national Wealth and Prosperity, and the external BlefSongs of Life are encreased; but, by which, Industry, Frugality, and Sobriety are promoted, -and promoted too, by prote&ting persecuted and conscientious Cbriftians.

INDEED, it might be observed, that every Plan, by which the Practice of social Duties is advanced, which contributes to make Men more Sober, Juft, and Frugal, (which is the Fund of Charity) is not foreign te, but intimately connected with the Clerical Chacaster. And to deter the Clergy from fucb Enquiries, is to confine, in a great Degree, their Abilities of doing Good. Or again, To propose any Expedient, by which the Encrease of wilful ard corrupt Perjury may be prevented, is not unbecoming a Minister of that God, who will not hold him guiltless, that taketh his Name in vain. Yet this would be

pre. vented, in the two GREAT Sources of it, by avoiding the Oaths now taken at Custom-Houses, and those by Freemen of Towns. A Scheme was bumbly offered by the Author of these Sheets, in an Effay on Trade, to avoid the former; and his present Attempt is, to point out the true Causes and Origin of the latter; together with such Remedies for these Evils, 4s appear to him the most effe&tual. And, though be may be mistaken in the Means propojed, yet be is pera Swaded, that all ferious Christians will join with


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