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Engraven for N.1,of the New Series, I a Belle Assemble. Pub, by J.B:11 , Sonthampton Str, Strand, Feb:"1.2510 .








4. A pilgrim coat of light drab coloured EVENING DRESS.

cloth or satin, lined with pink, broad band of

velvet, and deep, varrow steel buckle ; Pale. A jacket of pale buff Merino cloth, with

mon hat of drab cluth, feathers of the same antique stomacher, richly embroidered in

colour dipped with piuk. Buots laced with green chenille, finisbed with silk tassels ; a five

piuk. India muslio petticoat and train, embroidered

5 An olive-browa mantie, lined with pal round the bottom with a trimming to corre

greea satin, embroidered round the edge in a spond, and worn over a white satin slip. A

running pattern of hops, tied with green cordu Spanish cap of cloth and green satin, of the

aod tassels; Persiau bonnet of split straw, same colour as the dress, ornamented with a

trimmed with green, and ornamented with two long green droopiug ostrich feather, border

small rouud ostrich feathers. Boots laced similar to the dress. A French sbawl of ruby coloured silk. Emerald necklace and earriogs.

with green. Limerick gloves.

6. A pale buffor light fawn-coloured cloth Green kid slippers with silver rores. Limerick

maotle lived with white, trimmed with swansgloves. The hair on the forehead in short ring. || duwo, aud swausduwo muff; small turd-up lets, with a long Theresa curl flowing gracefully over the left shoulder.

cottage bonnet of straw, worn over a full bore

der of lace, with demi wreath of muss roseA DESCRIPTION

buds. Straw bonnets, the Persian coltage in WORN BY LADIES



particular, notwithstanding the scason, were 1. A lady of raok and fashion, whom it

never more worn by women of fashion ; as are would be presumptuous to name, has selected

furs of every description. for ber wioler dress, an olive-green mantle of Merino cloth, trimmed round the edge with puckered chesout-coloured ribbon; the bonnet

PARISIAN FASHIONS. counposed of satin and cloth to correspond, A'mantle of faded violet, or mulberry-colour. with two small shaded green and brown ostriched cloth, reaching to the feet and wrapping feathers; this mixture is both novel and ele- entirely round the figure ; embroidered in silk gant.

with a rich deep border of natural flowers ; 2. A pelisse of purple velvet to fit tight to the hood extremely large, thrown much open, the shape, in the wrap form, without a band, reaching to the fall of the back and to the Jiued with royal amber, trimmed round the poiots of the elbow, brought very forward bottom and up the front with a border of sable over the bosom, lined with gold coloured satin, five inches in width; an amber scarf richly | embroidered in the centre with a bunch of fringed, and wove witb Persian characters, || violets, heart's-ease, auricula, or polyanthus. crossed over the bosom and tied in a bow be- This cloak is lined throughout with satin, the biod; a Persian turban of satin avd velvet, facings embroidered to correspond. A cap of with two fat ostrich feathers tipped with | white satin and lace, tied down with a worked orange. Half-boots of yellow Morocco, edged gold coloured handkerchief, aud ornamented with sable. Limerick gloves; Angola muff. with a bunch of auricula. Half boots of yellow

3. An amber velvet mantle with large Pari- || Morocco, trimmed with sable. sian hood, lioed throughout with white satin, Light green crapé dresses with long trains, edged with a wide bordering of swansdown ; worn over white satin slips, with long sleeves round swansduwo muff and tippet; white satin of white crape ; the bosom cat extremely low, and velvet cap, with sbaded ostrich feather. which is covered by a full lace tucker; the back Boots trimmed with sable.

very narrow, cut out in a point betweep the N. I. Vol 1.- N. S.


shoulders, embroidered in a silver spray; the modest lily, the humble violet, or the blushing are holes trimmed round with pink or white ruse? As the Boblest piles are supported by ruses, rather large. Bracelets, necklace, and pillars of the sinplest architecture, so the girdle of pink topaz. Earrings of coloured gold daughters of the nubility, the props of our wu the form of a lamp or balance, suspended must ancient houses, exhibit in their persous fruin the ear by three small gold chains, held the least of decoration. up by a little diamond bird, with spread wings

Having selected a variety of the most and eyes of ruby. A small basket of diamonds

fashionable dresses, we have only a few rewith Huwers represented by coloured gems is marks to make upon their inore particular oftca seeo pendant from the necklace. The

form. Pelisses are made to the shape of a waists are worn of a very moderale length, walking dength, to fit without a band. For just below the bosom before, but rather longer trimmings have taken place of gold and cobehind. The hair is combed behind the ears

loured edginge. White muffs and tippets in front, twisted or plaited with ribbands,

now distinguish the woman of fashion; boots pearls, coloured gemi, or wreaths of dowers

must be edged with sable. Mantlas are made placed at the back of the head, one or inore

longer and wider, trimmed with broad sable light tresses are left to play over the shoulders.

or swausdown; they have arn-holes, which, The fans are of a rich banquet of flowers paint when not required, are buttoned with three ed on tiffany, the light in the leaves and small buttons ; this is a great convenience, dowers, of silver or gold.

as it prevents the frequent exposure of the chest.

Morning dresses are made high in the GENERAL OBSERVATIONS

neck, with lace let in ou the bosom, in the

form of a fesloon of duwers, or a hou. FASHION AND DRESS,

quet, composed of the most delicate needle

work and lace; the slecves are worked In addition to the observations for the pre- with small sprigs to correspond; plain sent month, we have to present our fair readers cambric is now preferred to the French with a deseription of tbe several Court-dresses

cord. The sashes are of maslin, edged with wora at the Drawing-room, on the Birth-day lace. Trains are fashionable, but short dresses of our beloved Majesty the Queen.

for couvenience, are more general. Yellow A long course of experience, and a serics of Morocco shoes, with a small bunch of jonthe most attentive observation, bave fully quilles worn in a lace cap with a full border, convinced us, that singularity and extrava: tied with a yellow handkerchief, render this a gance in attire are hy no means the cbaracter.

most becoming dress. istics of women ofrank. Fashion with them

Dinner dresses are mostly made of cloth or is seldom seen to exceed the bounds of nature

stelt, high in the neck, with a fulling collar or of grace, at least among those who possess of fine embroidered muslio or frill of lace; * a good taste, and are therefore the truiest || bouquet of natural flowers in coloured emstandards for style and elegauce.

It is an ex.

broidery, on the bosom, worked round the cessive ambition of novelty, and a too great | arm-hoids, with a wreath to correspond; lung eagerness for fashion among the attluent, that sleeves with lice cuits. leads to eccentricity and produces extremes. In the evening, or full-dress, the gowns are Sweetness and mollesty, with iunocence, mostly made in the frock form, the sleeves delicacy, and sensibility, render a youthful | long, and the waist much shorter. Grace and female the most interesting object in nature; || nature have once more resumed their empire, these good qualities of the mind should be set

cousequently the long stays are wholly ex. forth is the person by a veatvess marked with | ploded. Saties, velvets, gossamer gauses, and elegance, simplicity • abiued with grace. A

coloured crapes are much wors, bot fine tou conspicuous allie, with a superabund. | India muslios, embroidered round the bottom, ance of decoration, puts to fight every charm, | accord best with the vymple like air of our and robs the senses of eve y tender emotion. | youthful belles, with bouquets in the boson, The timid sensitive plant recedes only from and flowers on the head placed w-la-Daphne. the touch; had it sensibility, it would shrink

Small suik jackets, edged with lace, are likealike from observation. The sun bursts not wise simply elegant. Tiara caps, Persian, upea us at once in all his splendour, but or Siciliuu turbans, or silver gauze or tsuslin, reserves till the meridian his brightest rays;

are the prevailing ornaments for the head. sho, from the gag parterre, would select the The neck continues to be partially covered by gaudy tulip, and rejeet from his bosom the a small lace handkerchief thrown over one

shoulder. Satin and swansdown tippets are , extremely heautiful. Head-dress, diamonds Alill very fashionable, as are white satin coats and time ostrich feathers. and mantles, trimmed with swansdown. Mufi's

Princess Augusta- A rich dark-green velvet are very generally worn.

petticoat, elegantly enbroidered in silver,

shell, and; draperies of very fine lo respect to the fashion for jewellery, the

black lace, richly festoobed with breathis of Ceylon style u:ost prevails. Necklaces of vari- silver-eak, tastefully looped up with silver ons coloured gems, crosses to correspond, ear. cords and tassels to correspond with the pellin rings in the forın of a pear; brooches repre. coat; the bottom of the latter exhibited a senting the heart's-ease, flies, and a thousand

border of exquisite workmanship, is rich shells other devices in Bowers, shills, and insects of sea-weed interwoven; balloon tassels ; train,

of burnished apd frosted silver, with branches of exquisite beauty aud workmanships with

an elegant green and silver tissue, trimmed girdles, clasps, coronels, and bracelets; peck, with a rich silver lace. laces of pink topaz ayd amethysts, with ear- Princess Elizabeth-Wore a magnificent dress rings to match, were all much worn at the of brown and gold; the right side of the dress Drawing-ruom.

a large triangular drapery extending across the No alteration has taken place in shoes front, cun posed of rich gold tissue, bordered

with gold bills and branches of holly-leaves except that they are edged with sable or fur, || tastefully variegated, and contrasted with dead for the promenade; they continue to be much and bright foil, bullion, &c. and ornament in embroidered in silver for full dress. Plain i festoous with rich gold cords and tassels; silk stockings are preferred by our belles of smaller draperies in brown velvel, elegantly fashion.

embroidered, and placed in different direca

tions, completed this magnificent dress ; the The prevailing colours for the season are

ground work gold shells and spangles, with a suby, emerald, ainethyst, drab, rose, and rich border of plaited foil and spangled fringe olive-brown.

as a termination; robe of brown and gold tissue, ornamented with gold point Jace and diamonds.

Princess Mary-A dress of garter blue velvet, LADIES' DRESSES,

superbly embroidered with gold; a magnifi

ceut drapery of an oval form, terminating in a ON HER MAJESTY'S BIRTH-DAY.

point on the left side, formed the niost strikHer Majesty – A rich dark-green velvet ing part of this elegant dress; bottom of the petticoat superbly embroidered in gold sprigs, petticoat a broad border in festoons of foil, with a most magnificently elegant border, com- with bunches of sea-weeils, completed the posed of shields in real gold, encircled by whole, which for taste and effect was unrivalwreaths of laurel and gold beads, with wavy led; robe, garter blue and gold tissue, ornaornaments likewise in real frosted gold and mented with gold, point lace, and diamonds. spangles; the w bole finished with scrolls of gold Princess Sophia of Gloucester--A white satin beads, with an open trillis-work of gold in the petticoat, richly embroidered with silver ; centre; the ground-work of the petticoat were criinson satin train, ornamented with silver. sprigs of jessamine blossoms; the whole were Head-dress, diamonds and feathers. tied up with rich gold cords and tassels ; Princess Charlotte of Il'ales-A frock of a rich train to correspond with the petticoat, com- gold tissile, with a gold vaudyke spangled lace posed of a beautiful green and gold velvet border. tissue, trimmed with an elegant embroidery Princess Castelcicala- A dress of orange satin, agreeable to the costume of Persia; this was ornamented with draperies of black Jace, and by far the must suberb dress wore by the finished with elegant orange and black cords Queen ou her own birth day for many years and tassels; robe black velvet, trimmed to past ; we have heard that it was meant as correspond with the dress. complimentary to the Representative of the Duchess Dowager of Leeds - A superb petti. Persian Court.

coat of white crape ricbly embroidered in real Princess of Pales-The elegance and taste silver, with a border embroidered on crimson displayed by her Roval Highness on this oc- velvet, in a style perfectly unique and beauticasion were the most superb we ever wit- ful, draperies richly embroidered and tasteDessed; a Court train of rich white and gold fully festooned with bunches of silver laurel figured satin, fancifully embroidered all round and brilliant tassels; body and train of crimson with a border of beautiful coloured foil, repre- velvet trimmed with silver point; head-dress, senting bullrushes and leaves, the heads of the Caledonian cap of crimson velvet, diamonds, Push superbly set round with diamonds, which and ostrich feathers had a brilliant effect : petticoat of rich white Marchiouess of Salisbury- A rich brown fancy satin, embroidered to correspond; body and velvet robe and petticoat, with white satin sleeves of richa rusb velvet, studded all over front and facing, superbly embroidered with with large diamonds; the drapery, and gold. pocket holes looped up with diamonds, with Countess of Selkirk-Body and train of puce a large diamond wreath across the dra- || velvet, trimmed with very fine point lace and pery. The brilliant effect of this dress was gold braiding ; petticoat of the same beauti

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