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Engraved for the 6th Number, New Series of La Belle Assemblee, July z 1810.



JULY, 1810.



veil. Grecian sandals bound with yellow. Pa

rasol brown, or lavender colour; gloves of N0.1.-COURT-DRESS.

York tan. A lilac sarsnet train and petticoat, covered

2. A Pelisse of fine sprigged India muslin, with silver net lace; the drapery of white

lined with pale pink silk, plain collar edged crape, tastefully looped up in a bow with diamonds on the left side; the bottom of the throughout with lace edging; a pink satin

cap and flower. Parasol of green shot with petticoat, drapery, and train triinmed with a rich point lace; body and sleeves of the same, cade, trimmed with piuk; gloves of pale yel

brown; Grecian sandals of browl silk bro. richly trimmed with lace and looped with

low or lavender colour. diamond Brooches ; lace tucker; the headdress a bandeau of diamonds, with a rich

3. A plain rich pink sarsnet pelisse, of a plume of white and lilac feathers; diamond walking length, trimmed with edging ; a white hoop earrings, diamond necklace, with Mal. crape Theresa handkerchief edged with wbite tese cross; bracelets of diamouds; white kid satin ribband, with long ends tied round the

neck. A small Parisian cap of white crape, gloves; slippers of white satin

with a wreath, which is composed of the narNo. 2.-MORNING WALKING DRE69. rowest ribband, formed into bows, and worn A round dress of thick fine India muslin, with a small lace veil. We never observed a made high in the neck, with long sleeves,

more elegant dress; it was worn by a very which are trimmed at the wrists with a nar lovely woman : in short, fashion could not row edging of lace; a lace let in round the have selected a more happy model for her art, bottom of the dress between four rows of small

4. A frock dress, with short train of silver tucks. A light sky-blue mantle, lined with tissue, over a pale piuk satin slip; the sash pale buff, with elastic collar, which is formed of pink and silver brocaded ribband, finished with letting-in lace, and has the appearance

at the ends with pearl Maltese crosses. A of a full collar, but will, if required, by draw- necklace composed of diamonds and pearls ; ing over the bead, form a very pretty and be

the hair dressed in thick round flat curls be. coming bonnet; a cape of the same materials fore, and braided and twisted round the head crosses the back, which is confined at the bebind, simply contined by a diamond comb. bottom of the waist, ou the inside, with a

Diamond snaps in the ears, with pearl drops pale-blue or buff ribband, tied with a bow in suspended. Shoes of white and silver brocade the front; it is entirely trimmed round with silk. This dress may be beld up as the most pervarrow edging of lace. A bonnet of straw,fect and elegant sample of the present fashion. and pale-blue ribband, with plaiting of lace, We observed it ou a Lady, who besides the adworn uoderneath, tied under the chin; with | ventitious advantages of fashion and dis:inca yellow rose in the front, and hair in ringlettion, nature seemed to have formed as the curls, completes the dress. Gloves of pale- most perfect model of her own power. buff. Boots of the same colour, calashed and 5. A slight mourning dress, of French grey laced with pale-blue.

crape or muslin, worn over a wbite slip; the waist confined by a small black velvet band ; a small black lace handkerchief thrown lightly over the back and shoulúers. Grey and black

striped kid shoes ; jet necklace and combs. 1. A short pelisse of black lace, lined 6. A frock train dress of white crape, trimwith primrose, lined round the bottom med round the bottom and sleeves with pink with a deep French lace; a primrose catin || satin ribband, woven in a scollop at one edge cap and Aowers, with a short white lacel for the purpose. A black velvet band and dia.









mond clasp confined the waist. Pearl neck besides baving observed it in many carriages, lace, comb), and ear-rings; silver tissue fan, could we bave entertained any doubts on the white silk aud silver brocaded shoes.

subject we should bare been coufirmed in The sleeves of these Dresses were short, in our opinion of its elegaut propriety, seeing the bell forin, buund in to the arm willı silver, it on a lady whose modest gait, polite and the lusoms bound to correspond.

gentle manuers, with a certain air of fashion, at once announced her rank and the refinement of her mind and taste. We shall take leave

of this branch of our subject, by adding that GENERAL OBSERVATIONS

pelisses are mostly made of a walking length, without bands, but confined to the back by

an under sash; the collars plain, and left FASHION AND DRESS.

open, so as to display the dress, which is neIn addition to our usual communication

cessarily made high, and more or less arnaon the subject of fashion for the present mented with lace as the fancy of the wearer monili, we have to present our fair readers

or degree of dress requires. Fluted ruffs in with an account of the several splendid and white crape, eriged with sattin ribband, are elegant dresses worn at the Drawing-room,

worn to defend the throat from the effects of held in joyful conmemoration of the nativity

the sun.

Lace and satin caps, with stamped of our dearly beloved King.

satin towers, of correspondent colours with the Added to the innumerable splendid and no

dress, are the usual coverings for the bead; vel attractions, of which Vauxhall has this

but it should be observed, that they are better season to boast, it has been unusually favoured | adapted to the gay parade, or the retirement by the weather, which has induced almost

of parks and pleasure-grounds, tban to the every fanıily of distinction to visit it previous

less consecrated promevade. For the latter to their leaving town. Tbis, therefore, in ad.

we have to recommend tbe al Fresco hat in dition to our other resources, has proved to

white, uubleached chip ; it is of a rural ele. us an abundant source for fashion and variety,

gance and simplicity well suited to the season of which we have endeavoured to avail our

and the occasion; the crown is bigh and ta. scives of the most scrupulous discrimination,

pering to the top; the rim wide before, and To begin, then, with the promenade dresses | sitting hollow from the face; the hair with we bave nothing more approved to ofier than this bat should be dressed full ou one side the the five sprigged India muslin pelisse, linea

face, but

narrower behind, and fitting in with pale pink, straw, blue, or lavender, and

close to the neck; the most becoming method trimmined entirely round with a narrow lace of wearing it is, much on one side, with lilac, edging, put plain on. Pelisses in plain twilled or wbite strings only, the hair may be intersars net of the above colours, edged with var woven with flowers or lace. We have noticed, row lace, are held nearly in equal estimation on some very gay people, fat cbip hals, pretbut those in black or white lace, lined with tily enough ornamented with artificial flowers, primrose, musi be acknowledged a higher de but we consider them to belong to that pert, gree of dress. Lace scarfs, wrought in Boss | flippant style of dress, ill suited to the quiet silk, are entirely a novel article; scarfs are elegance of genteel or fashionable life, or only worn wider; and those made in silk are joined | adapted to “the gay fantastic hour.” Mornin the back, which is formed to a point, like I ing robes are still indispensably made high a haudherchief, and confined to the waist by a in the neck, and more frequently, we thiuk, brocaded ribbon sash. Spencers, in the large laced up the back; the sleeves are cut so as to curled musiin, lined, are too pretty to be sit off from the band, and edged with muslin overlooked; they are worn also in sarsuet, overcast in a sort of jagged pattern; not forand other muslins, the sleeves and collars || mally vandyked; there is a stand off collar to edged with narrow edging. Sarsnet tippets, the neck of the robe to correspond; we re. cut round behind, but sloped from the shoulder marked this dress on a lady who, to her own to long points before, with a small plain falling || native elegance, has added all the minutia of collar, confined to the throat by a broad rib

of French fancy and taste, for which she has band, hanging in long ends, the tippet trim. had abundant leisure and opportunity, during med round with a deep French lace, we have a long residence in that country as a prisoner observed on many fasbionable and elegant of war; she wore on her head a ribband rewomen; as also black lace tippets of the same sembling the Indian shawl bordering, with a form. But nothing can we prefer to the sim- deep black lace veil thrown over her hair; ple black lace cloak, made iu zbe old style; / Egyptian pebbles ornamented her neck and

wrists. This sketch, to those who acknow- || clumsy cobbler that we owe this pleasing trifle; ledge Paris to be the fountain of dress, may it is the ladies who have taken this art into serve as a model.

their own hands, and so much improved upon For home and dinner dresses, sarsnets, it. Opera nets and coloured muslio, among

those The prevailing colours for the season are who reject virgin white, seem the most pre primrose, straw, celestial blue, pale piok, lavailing; and they are more frequently made || vender, lilac, and buff. high in the neck with ruffs, decp vandyke lace, or work laid on, than from the season one would naturally imagine.

LADIES' DRESSES lo full and evening dress, black and white

ON HIS MAJESTY'S BIRTH-DAY. Jace, silver tissues, crapes, Imperial nets, and HER MAJESTY. - A lilac petticoat covered $atins, are in the highest estimation, as are

with silver net lace. The dra peries tastefully fine muslins over satíu slips. The frock style | looped up with four diamond bows ; 2 most brilof make, with short trains, is still the most

liant diamond sun-flower on the left side; the approved; the sleeves are frequently in the

whole interspersed with diamonds of various

forms. bell form, bound with silver, as are the bo.

The train to correspond. The tout soms to correspond. Black velvet bands for

ensemble was tastefully magnificent, and had a the waist, with diamond, pearl, or other claspo. Il diamonds and silver net.

light and elegant effect. The head-dress was of are new, simple, and becoming. Brocaded

THE PRINCESS AUGUST.1.- celestial crape ribbands bave just appeared, consequently

dress, composed of rich clusters of fig-leares, and roufined for the present to fashionable circles; a fringe formed of medallions at the edge. A but there is a style of ribband, woven in a broad border at the bottom of the petticoat, a train scollop at one edge, which does credit to the celestial blue, and silver tissue; the headtaste of the inventor, and thus forms a very dress of diamonds, and a very full and elegant pleasing ornament for the bottom of dresses: plume of white ostrich feathers. Fillets for the bead, formed of crape or vel

PRINCESS ELIZABETH-ll'orea dress of white vet, fancifully intermixed with beads or pearls; | satin, embroidered with silver, and ornamented and long rolls of velvet, twisted with silver,

with draperies of silver tissue, elegantly disposed wound up with the hair behind, the latter | in the Persian style. The right side of the dress belonging to a very ancient style of dress, we

wos a painted drapery, terminating at the end

with a Persian orescent, with Maltese ornaments, believe to the costume of the reign of Charles

suspender in dead and bright silver ; large cres. the Second; these ornaments we have ob.

cents, variously interspersed, looped up the dra. served to decorate the heads of ladies of the

peries which formed this elegant dress, and which first distinction. Lace handkerchiefs, though I had all the appearance of Eastern magnificence. a more homely kind of dress, are entitled tu

Her Royal Highness's robe was a white and sil. notice for their modest elegance, they agree ver tissue, trimmed to correspond with the dress, well with the round Madona face, and are with point lace and diamonds. always interesting on a pretty woman.

PRINCESS SOPHIA.-A dress of pale pink and In respect to the fashion for jewellery, ex

silver tissue, ornamented with festoon draperirs, cept in full dress, a rustic kind of ornament

embroidered with borders of silver foil, in luncheg at this season seems to prevail; necklaces and

of flowers, leaves, &c. and studded with heads of

dead and bright silver. Handsome silver cord bracelets in Egyptian pebbles, with brooches

apd tassels anist:ed the whole of this beautiful to correspond, as also in bark, Maltese beads, Indian spice, shells suspended from gold | point lace and diamonds.

dress. Robe pink and silver tissue, trimmed with chains, with coral, amber, &c. In full dress

Princess of Wales.-- 1 primrose sasin court garnets bave a pretty cool appearance, and train and petticoat, richly embroidered with Iris are for that reason much adopted; necklaces | flower, the leaves of green colonred toil, edged in pearl, emeralds, amethysts, with bracelets, with fine gold; the heads of the flowers supertly crosses, and brooches to correspond; earrings studded with diinonds, the body and drapery of in the top and drop fashion.

rich silver plate net, embroidered to correspond; Jo regard to shoes, the brocaded silk is the train, body, and sleeves studded with saphappily just jo troduced; and works mp so

phire stones of great value: pocket-holes fancielegantly into Grecian sandals, and when com

fully trimmed with Iris wreaths, and silver triinposed partly of silver, as well as silk thread, liming, with a magnificent wreath of diamonds

across the drapery. The taste of her Royal Highn into that fascinating ornament the Cinderella

ness was never so ewinrudy conspicuous as in siipper, it must afford infinite pleasure to

the brilliant and magniceni effect which this some of our fair tricuds who more particularly superb dress produced. The head-dress of diaday the stress of beauty on the foot. It is to nu monds and age ostrich piume..

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