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FOR JUNE, 1810.

few Series.







EMBELLISHMENTS. 1. An Elegant PORTRAIT of the CILEVALIER D'Eox, in his Female attire. 2. Two WHOLE-LENGTI FIGUREs in the Fasmons of the SEASON, COLOURED. 3. An ORIGINAL Song, set to Music for the Harp and Piano-forte, composed exch

sively fup this Work, by Mr. Hook. 4. Two elegant and new PATTERNS for NEEDLE-WORK.


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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. Sketch of the Character of Mr. Winch

ham... The Chevalier D'Eon.....

.879 259

Extracts froin the “Rival Princes;" by


The Power of Faith....

.283 Matrimonial invitations

..991 Pymenæa in search of a Husband .......262 Persiap I.elter from Muley Cid Sadi, one of the Secretaries of his Excelleney

BEAUTIES OF THE BRITISH POETS. the Persian Ambassador in London, to Osman Cali Beg, his friend at Ispahaa...265

History of the Owcastle family, an Original


Paradise Lost. Book V. (continued) .....33 Extracts from “The Lower World;" a Põem, by Mr. Pratt......


LA BELLE ASSENBLEE. Modern Prophels ...

.273 The philosophy of Heraldry and Gene. Court Dress

.. 992 alogy ..... .274 Morning Walking Dress,

છે. Description

Description of several Dresses, worn by The annual distribution of rewards by the

ladies of rank and fashion ......293 Society of Arts, Manufactures, aud Com. General Observations and Reficctions on

merce ...

999 Fashion and Dress

294 Ladies' Dresses on the Auniversary of his Majesty's Birth-day..

• 295 Ode for his Majesty's Birth-day.. 296

INCIDENTS NEAR LONDON. Attempt to assasinate his Royal Highness the Duke of Cuinberland


Liberation of Sir Francis Burdett and Mr.
Gale Jones....

.302 Cumberland's new Play, and his dramatic cha. racter criticised

.297 Opening of the Haj market Theatre ib.

A new Comic Opera entitled “Oh! this Love,
or the Masqueraders".

• 298 Melancholy accident
Caution .....

ib. Generous highwayman.

ib. A group of Portraits of the Baring family,

Curious circumstance

ib. by T. Lawrence.


Curious circumstauce at Bull Green.... 304 Portrait of Sir P. Francis, by J. Londsdale, 299 Lusus Naturæ Portrait of the Marquis of Dowashire, by Curious repeating clock...

ib. the same Artist.....


Supplementary Advertisements for the Portrait uf A. Yates, Esq. by the same

Month. Artist


. 303



THE NEXT NUMBER, To be Published on the First Day of August, vill be Embellished with a Correct and Beautiful Portrait of the EMPRESS OF THE FRENCH, from an Original and faithfiil rescindlance of her Majesty, in the possession of Mademoiselle Bourlier, IS NOIT FINISHED, in a rust erquisite style of Engraving by Mad. Bourlier.

The Monthly Miscelany, Incidents near London, and Provincial Occurrences, hare been curtailed in this Nuinber, to give room for a copious abridgement of the RIVAL PRINCES, by Mrs. Clarke. .

The utmost erertions are now. making to render the New Series of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, a Work desercing of the Patronage of crery lorer of elegant Literature, end of the admirers of chaste, appropriate, and beautiful Embellishments.

ORIGINAL.COMMUNICATIONS, on all interesting subjects, are noro admitted into the Neu Series of LA BELLE ASSEMBLFE, if written in a chaste and elegant style. Authentic accounts of Births, Merriages, Deaths, and Provincial Intelligence, possessing any peculior character, rcill hereafter tweet with the most respectful attention, and a reason will be assigned in the next successive Numbers få whatever articles may be omitted; but it is requested that all Letters be sent free of Pastage.

SUPPLEMENTAL NUMBER.-- This day is published (twith the present Number ) our usual Half-yearly BU PPLEMENTAL NUMBER, containing and completing Milton's PARADISE Lost, . vir TITLE-PAGE and INDEX, as usual; together with a Beautiful PORTRAIT O MILTON.

London: Printeni ly and for J. BELL, Proprietor of the SEEKLY MESSENGER, Southamptan-street

Strand, July 1, 1910.

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Engraved for La Belle Assemblée

New Series. N. 6 Published July 2.1810 by I Bell Southampton St. Strand.


JUNE, 1819.

8 New Series,

Che sixth Number.


The following lise of the Chevalier ,, years of age he was sent to the College D'Eon has been compiled with much care Mazarin in that city, as a day-scholar, from a document which we believe to have where he was no less distinguished for his been by his own hand. The facts will speak || proficiency in literature than for the regufor themselves :

larity of his conduct. When he had comCharles, Genevieve, Louisa, Augusta, pleted his education at that seminary, he Andrea, Timothea, D'Eon du Beaumont, learned to ride the great horse and to fence; Doctor of Civil and Canon Law, Advo- | which latte, exercise was always one of his cale of the Parliament of l'aris, Censor favourite pursuits, '' He then became DocGeneral for Belles Lettres and History in | tor of Civil and of Canon Law; and was that metropolis, Captain of Dragoons, and called to the bar of the Parliament of Paris, Aid-du-Camp successively to the Count | His love of literature did not still forsake and Field Marshal Broglio, Knight of the him, and he found time to publish many Royal and Military Order of St. Louis, small miscellaneous pieces; as, the “ Life Secretary of Embassy to the Marquis de of Langlet du Fresnoy," in the "Année l'Hospital, Minister Plenipotentiary to the Literaire" of Freron; the "Funeral EuloCourt of Russia, Secretary of Embassy to gium of Marie d'Este, Duchess of Pen. the Duc de Nivernois, Ambassador from thjevre;" and another on the Count d'Ons the Court of France to that of England,

en Bray, President of the Academy of and afterwards Minister Plenipotentiary Sciences at Paris, both in Latin, and in the himself at the same Court, was born Au same periodical work. The late excellent gust the 5th, 1728, at Tonnerre in BurPrince of Cont introduced him in 1755 to gundy. His family is mentioned as a very Louis XV. as a person very capable to ancient and illustrious one, in the Genealo- | conduct a business he had much at heart gical Dictionary of De Bois de la Chesnaye. (a reconciliation between his Court and His grandfather and father were succes

that of Russia). D'Eon having succeeded sively Under-Intendants of the Generality in this very arduous undertaking (in which of Paris, and his mother was Francois du he was engaged without any public characCharenton, daughter of M. du Charenton, ter), was again sent to that Court, in 1757, Ecuyer, who was Commissaire Ordonna. in conjunction with the Chevalier Doug. leur de Guerre to the French Armies in las, as a man, and in an open and arowed Spain and Italy. At six years of age he diplomatique situation. Their negocia. was sent to his aunt at Paris, where he be tions were so powerful, that they prevailed gay to seceire his education. As fourteen! upon the Empress Elizabeth to join the

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