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B.C. 1 Sam. and the constitution is solemnly ratified at Gilgal. Samuel formally resigns his civil lugó.


judgeship. luu3.

XI. 2. Saul forms a small standing army, the Philistines having disarmed the Hebrews. xiii. Jonathan begins a war of independence. Saul's 3 characteristic failures (1) At Gilgal,

at the outset of the war, the king offers sacritico instead of awaiting the prophet's arrival: 1087.

xiv. Samuel pronounces Saul's rejection—(2) Saul's rash curre mars Jonathan's victory and 1079.

XV. makes Israel to sin—(3) Saul neglects to fully execute God's commission against Amalek;

Samuel repeats the sentence of rejection, and ceases to visit Saul. 1063. xvi.

Samuel is inspired to anoint David, Jesse's youngest son, summoned from the sheepfold,

as Saul's destined successor David slays Goliath and wins Jonathan's friendship. David, xvii., xviii. summoned to court to soothe Saul's melancholy by his harp, wins Saul and becomes bis

armourbearer. By successes against the Philistines, David becomes popular at court and with the people (see ? San. v. 2. Saul indulging jealousy of David attempts David's life directly and by inciting him to dangerous expeditions against the Philistines, but these

involve David's marriage to Michal, Saul's daughter, and increase his renown. Finally, xix. 1--7. Saul avows his intention to kill David, but is reconciled to him by Jonathan. 1062 8-21

David's further successes against the Philistines. Saul attempts his life and sends emissaries to kill him at his house. Michal aids David to escape to Samuel at Naioth in Ramah, where Saul's fourfold attempt to capture David is foiled by the prophetic spirit Seizing even himself.

David seeks Jonathan's protection; the friends vow mutual fidelity and Jonathan risks

his life in ascertaining Saul's real intention to kill David. David's Hight. Aided at Nob xxi. by the H.P. Ahimelech, David escapes to king Achish at Gath, and thence to the Cave of xxii. 1-5. Adullam, where Jesse and his family and a band of 400 warriors join him (op. Jephthah).

Marching into Moab, he places his family in safety and occupies the hold (Gadite and

other warriors join him, i Chr. xii. 8) until the prophet Gad bids him return into Judah. 6--23. David in the Forest of Hareth. Saul bearing of his retum accuses Jonathan and other

chief ofticials of conspiring with David. Doeg to clear bimself implicates Ahimelech, and

by Saul's orders destroys Nob, with the priests and the H.P. Ahimelech, whose son xxiii. 1-13. Abiathar alone escapes (with God's oracle). David relieves Keilah ; but warned by

Abiathar, who joins him there, escapes, now with 600 warriors, from Saul into the 1061. 14-28. wilderuess of Ziph, E. of Judah. Saul vainly pursues, and Jonathan meets and comforts

David. The Ziphites betraying David's haunt, he escapes into the wilderness of Maon,

whence Saul is recalled by a Philistine invasion. xxiii. 29; xxiv. Darid moves to En-gedi. Saul renews the pursuit, but desists on David sparing his life. 1000. XXY.

Death of Samuel. David moves into the wilderness of Paran, and there protects the flocks and herds of Nabal, &c.; he marries Abinoam and Abigail, Nabal's widow, Saul

having married Michal to Phalti of Gallim. Xxvi.

The Ziphites again betray David ; Saul renewing the pursuit, David surprises the camp

and again spares Saul. Saul again desists, admitting David's innocency and his own guilt. 1058. xxvii, David enters the service of the Philistine king. Achish gives bim Žiklag, and his band

increases (1 Chr. xii. 1-7, 20-22). By crafty enterprises David secures Achish's confidence

and friends in S. Judah (ch. XXX. 26-31). 1056. xxvii. 1, 2. The Philistine invasion. David and his band form Achish's bodyguard, but, through xxix.; XXX the suspicions of the Philistine chiefs, are sent back. They find Ziklug sacked by Anna

lekites, but recover all. Xxviii. 3-25. Saul, Godforsaken, consults the witch at Endor; he learns his fate and David's future. Xxxi, , Saul and his sons fall in the battle of Mt. Gilboa; the llebrews retreat across Jordan, and

the Philistines occupy the abandoned towns. 2 Sam. i. David mourns for Saul and Jonathan. The song of 'The Bow,' v8. 19–27.) ii. 1-11 David, instructed by Abiathar, returns into Judah to Hebron where he is elected and an.

ointed king over his tribe. Abner makes Ish-hosheth, Saul's only surviving son, king, with Mahanaim in Gilead as his capital. Having driven back (? in 5 years) the Philistines, Abner

makes Ish-bosheth's kingiloni co-extensive with the future kingdom of Israel, for 2 years. 1053. ii. 12.-iii. 1. Abner makes an expedition against Judah. David's army under Joab defeats him at

Gibeon. In a long war David makes steadly progress. , Amnon, Absalom (by a princess of

Geshur), Adonijah, and 3 other sons are born to David in Hebron. 1048. iii. 6-iv. 12. Ish-bosheth quarrels with Abner. , Abner treats with David. Joab murders Abner,

whereupon Ish-bosheth is assassinated. v. 1-3. David, recognised by all Israel as the Lord's Anointed and a proved leader, is anointed 4- 10. king in Jlebron (see 1 Chr. xii. 23---10). aged 375 years. Joab captures the citadel of Jeru

salem, henceforward called the City of David, i.e. his capital, 1017. 17 ---25. Hearing of David's accession, the Philistines invade Judah, but are twice routed in the 1043 11-13. valley of Rephaim. David overruns Philistia to Gezer. David builds a palace and assumes

royal state. 1042 vi,

David, desiring to make his capital the religious centre of the nation, transfers the Ark with great pomp from Kirjath-jearim to a new tabernacle

in Jerusalem, after a detention vii. at Obed-edom's house, due to Uzzah's irreverence and death. David is forbidden to build

P5.89.49; Is.55.3. a temple, but receives the promise * the sure mercies of David') of an everlasting kingdom. 10 10. 2 Sam. viii. David extends his dominions by conquering the Philistines and Moab, the Syrians of

Zobah and Damascus, Ammon, Edom, and Amalek (cp. Ps. xviii. 43). The spoils of gold, silver, and bronze, and like tribute from neighbouring nations, are dedicated

to Jehovah. ix.

David gives Mepbibosheth, Jonathan's son, sole relic of Saul's house, Saul's patrimony, 1037-6.

David's successful war with the Ammonites and their Syrian allies. While in the 3rd 103).

xi. campaign Joab besieges the Ammonite capital Rabbah, David lingering in Jerusalem 1034.

xii. conimits adultery with Bath-sheha, procures Uriah's death, and marries her. Nathan an

nounces David's punishment by the child's death and lifelong quarrels in his own family. 1933.


David is present at the capture of Rabbah. Bath-sheba bears Solomon. 1032. xiii.

The feud between Absalom and Amnon; Absalom murders Amnon (B.C. 1030), flees to 1027.


Geshur. After 3 years, Joab persuades David to recall Absalom and, after 2 years, to

forgive him. 1024.

XY. 1-12. Absalom conspires against David in Hebron. David retires to Mahanaim Absalom 1023. Xv. 13--xvii. 29. crossing Jordan is defeated and

slain. In the restoration of Darid, Judah forestalis the other 1022

xviii.---XX. tribes : recriminations ensue, and Sheba's rebellion, which Joab promptly suppresses. 1017. xxiv. David numbers Israel; the consequent plague is stayed at Araunah's threshing-floor,

which David purchases for the site of an altar. 1015. 1 Kings i. Adonijah, David's eldest surviving son, prepares to dispute the succession with Solomon,

1 Chron. and is supported by Joah, the H.P. Abiathar, and other chief officials. David publicly xxviii.-ix. designates Solomon, as chosen by God to succeed him and to build the Temple, and transfers

the revealed patterns with the accumulated materials. Solomon is re-anointed. Solo1 Kings ii. 1–11. mon pardons Adonijah. David charges Solomon, Death of David.

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HISTORICAL EPITOME OF THE HOLY BIBLE. B.O. 1 Kings ii. 13-46. Adonijah's conspiracy is renewed; Abiathar is deposed and enled, Zsaak dee? 1014

(see 1 Sam. ii. 35; 1 Chr. xxiv. 3). Joab is executed; Shinei alzo. Solosos being a iii. 1; ix. 16. on the throne, marries Pharaoh's daughter, with captured Gezer for dowry, Luiz

iii. 5-15. where Moses 'altar and tabernacle were, God bids Solomon ask a gift. Samei iii. 16-iv. 84 discerning spirit; God adds riches and honour. The two harlots' suit, : 5,00 12:33

1,005 songs based on observation of men & nature, compiled a composed, iznata wisdom; his magnificent court, the extent, populousness & security of his reals, i va, courier-service. & commerce, prove his yrosperity,

By treaty with Hiram, Sidonians with 50,000 Hebrew and 15.0m Cangarite et vi.

all fed by Solomon, prepare timber and stone in Lebanon, and in the 405 sera* Exodus the Temple begins to rise silently. In 75 years (Solomon's Ilta year it I 1-2

the Sanctuary (as distinguished from its courts consisting of 3 parts like the lates 1004. viii, doubled in all dimensions (see 520); At its dedication, the descending Skechira

God's acceptance; a national festival of 14 days follows Solomon's thsakartvin):D2 992. vii.

Solomon completes his palace, its pillared hall of state ('forest of Lebanca ad

judgment-Pharaoh's daughter's palace, and Jerusalem's fortifications enperak. ix.;2Chr. viii 3. Jeroboam), God again appearing, encourages and warns him. Solomon wara Hua

1 Kings x. zobah. Solomon's wisdom, buildings, and magnificence astound the queen of Skets Neh. i. 7-9.

Israels decline. The divided kingdom to the Captivities. 1 Kings xi. 1. SHI

OLOMON multiplies foreign wives, who introduce the worship of their mi festli 981. 48.

his old age he builds temples on Olivet, opposite the Temple. His chantasie

till his empire, which realized Abraham's covenant (Gen. xv. Is is forfeitel. Talsi siis 9-13. sake God re-grants ‘one tribe' to Solomon's heir, transferring 10 to Jeroboan, alte 980. 29–40. ite, by Anijah. Jeroboam escapes into Egypt (to SHISHAK)

from Solomon's jeal tani 1425. other adversaries, Hadad, prince of Edom, & Rezon, founder of the Syrias kinga him, by God's permission,

all his days. Solomon dies after a reign of 99. Essiesta iii. 12. is designed as a review of his unparalleled experience, by a later inspired stia. 975. xii. ; 2 Chr. 1. Al Israel assembles at Shechem, the patriarchal sanctuary, to crown REHOBOAM, S.

mon's son by Naamah an Ammonite princess, aged 41. Jeroboam, returned fru E.

heas a deputation to ask relief from the burlens of Solomon's magnificence. Reb 2 Chron. xiii. 5. garding Solomon's aged counsellors, replies despotically,& provokes érer-jealoes EL 1 Kings xii. 22. nation to abjure David's dynasty & promises). Judah is loyal ; Benjamin joins bar xiv. 30. bids Rehoboam & the tribes acquiesce, but wars occur till Jehoshaphat's

rigt. Bebabul 2 Chr. xi. 5, 23. tifies cities, chiefly on the S.& Wagst.Egypt), dispersing wisely therein Lissabo* 1 Kin. xii. 20, 25. JEROBOAM, elected king of the separated tribes (all Israel'. Ephrain DA

(& later Tirzah) his capital, & fortifies Penuel E. of Jordan against Sytis. Vistros

promise & fearing lest religious intercourse with Jerusalem cause reunion, be acest Ex. xxxii. 8. ship of Jehovah under the emblem of Aaron's golden calf at the extremities o his 1 Kings iii. 2. Bethel and Dan, utilizing the people's usage of time-honoured santuaries Hebdo 2 Chr. xi. 14. temple at Bethel, replaces the Mosaic hierarchy by a priesthood from the trites INTE

xiii, 9. nately (Heb.), & adds a feast; but preserves generally the institutions of Mose Lay ba i 1 Kings xiii. 11, &c.), & counterfeits the ritual of the Temple. God repudiates Jeroboam's det af

new altar at Bethel by a prophet from Judah, who foretells the desecrat on of stars 2 K. xxiii. 9, 16. by Josiah of David's scorned 'house.' Miracles on king, altar, & propbet custiria three 974. 2 Chr. xi. 17. The priests, Levites, & God-fearing Israelites, migrating into Judah straztbeton 972. 1 K. xiv. 22-26. physically for Rehoboam's first 3 years. With security, Judah's idolatry 981 bon 971. 2 Chr. xii. 2-19. general; it is punished by the invasion (941] of SHISHAK, 1 who saeks Jeroslen tot I-D

1 Kings xv. ple, & makes Rehoboam tributary. Judah repenting at Shemaiah's presehing, Genesiske 958. 2 Chr. xi. 21, 22, ABIJAM (Abijal, Chr.), Rehoboam's son by his favourite wife Maacha 901), ob 957. xiii. 20. father's sins, but is spared for David's sake. After his appeal to Israeien Voort Zan

1 Kings xv. 19. God enables him to crush Jeroboam's offensive power. He allies himself with ST. 956. xiv. 1-18. Ahijah tells the wife of Jeroboam the doom of his promising sun, of the drais Esto 355. xv. 8.

ASA, Abijam's son, for piety like David's enjoys 10 years' peace. Revolutions in I 951. 2 Chr. xiii. 20. Jeroboam dies, by God's visitation (Chr.); NADAB his son adopts his poliez. B.14 L

1 Kin. xv.25-34. Issachar kills Nadav in his 2nd year & extirpates Jeroboam's race; but, for erdety&aats

xvi. 1-7. ing Jeroboam's policy, incurs a like doom which Jehu son of Hanani annocices BCA 951. 2 Chr. xiv. 8--8. Asa,reforming corruptions of 3 reigns, destroys the images,&c. The people maittain that

1 Kings xv. 14. places' until B.C. 726. Whilst enjoying peace. Asa fortities Judah, i.e. rebels 292 ET 941. 2 Chr. xiv.9-15. ZERAH the Ethiopian (Osorchou fi., k. of Egypt invading Judah, Gdanssen das

by victory at Mareshah, & Judah recovers independence ? (971). Encouraged by 4:35

Asa purges his kingdom of idols, &c., and depuses the idolatrous quern-moeber Yezbed 9-15. 940. xvi. 1. (margin). Baasha invading Judah fortifies Ramah (6 m. N. of Jeru-alem to blockade it 31.7.

Asa, bribing Benhadad I. to transfer his alliance from Baasha, is relieved by his cres 6.

N. E. Israel, and fortities Geba and Mizpah, N. of Ramah. Harasi snouben Aa47--10. ture of peace (and victory over Syria) for this lack of faith; Asa persecutes him as a 930. 1 Kings xvi. 8. ELAH, Baasha's son, succeeds. In his 2nd yr. ZIMRI murders him,& destruys be 929.

16, 29. OMRI, made king by the army, captures Tirzah seven days later, Zimri brzy 925.

23. palace over his head. Omri defeats and kills Tibni after four years' civil war, and its XX. 31.

year removes to his new capital Samaria. He is worsted in war with Sštis 1 Kn # 918. Xvi. 29-34. AHAB son of Omri exceeds him (as Omri his predecessors, v. 251 in spostaer, Y*

Phonician Jezebel, he makes her's the state-religion, building a temple to Beness

in Samaria,& establishing priesthoods to each (400 & 450). Jezebel almost estirsin Jesus xix. 14, 18. prophets and worship. Hiel rebuilding Jericho, suffers Joshua's curse. 916. 2 Chron. xvi. 12. Asa becomes diseased in his feet, & relies unduly on physicians. He dies 2 yrs after 914. IK. xxii. 41-3, JEHOSHAPHAT, Asa's son,aged 35, fortifies Judah, especially its X. fruntier, sa 46. his father's reformation, walking

in David's first ways', Israel's evil example nütsikes 912. 2 Chr. xvii. 6-19. His commissioners(princes, 2 priests,9 Levites teach the Law throughout Ju-ab. Hezeya (sce xv. 3.) exceedingly by peace, tributaries (Philistines & Arabs of South),

& gifts seeiler mal 910. 1 K. xvii. Jas.v. During 3* vears of dronght invoked by him ravens and a Phanieisn widos feed the 906. xviii. (17. Elijah, after the test-sacrifice on mount Carmel, begins a reformation Dt. 1. 6-11,

2 Chr. xv. 13), & rain is given at his prayer. In Horeb, God reveals to him-diz

a fugitive from undaunted Jezebel-the completion of His work by Elixha, Hasse 2 Chr. xviii. 1. Elisha is called. Jehoshaphat's son Jehoram marries Athaliah, daughter of Abalo da

1 Kings xx. 2. God aids Ahab in successive invasions by a great Syrian confederacy; bat after the exa 900.

26-40. victory at Ajhek, Ahab wrongly spares Benhadad II., accepting his promise to resto

xxii. 1. eadite cities lost by Omri (: including Ramoth-Gilead, and unfulfilled), &c. Pesce last & z. 1 Sheshonk I., whose triumpha aro recorded on the Temple at Karnak (Thebes). 2 Egypt is apparentis unaggressire ar trintiLCE




PART I.-OLD TESTAMENT. B.C. 199. 1 Kings xxi. 17. Elijah meeting Ahab in the vineyard of Naboth, judicially murdered by Jezebel's order,

sentences Ahab, Jezebel, and their race. Ahab repenting, its fulfilment is postponed (884). 897. xi. 2-40. Ahab summons Israel to recover Ramoth-Gilead, the key of S. Gilead, from Syria ; Jeho

2 Chr.xviii.2-31. shaphat, then Ahab's honoured guest, assists, & has a narrow escape. On his way home, he 898. xix. 1-3. is rebuked by Jehu the son of Hanani for this ungodly alliance. Ahab's death, in spite of his

2 K. i. 1; iii. 5. disguise, literally fulfils Elijah's and Micaiah': prophecies. Moab rebels against Israel. 1
1 K. xii. 51. AHAZIAH retains his father Ahab's idolatries, & openly dishonours God by sending to con-

9 K. i. 2-16. sult Baal-zebub of Ekron; Elijah replies & foretells his death (see Lk. ix. 54). Jehoshaphat's
1 K. xxii. 48, 49. commercial alliance with Ahaziah is rebuked by Eliezer of Mareshah (Chr.) & not renewed.
2 Chr.xix. ll. Jehoshaphat makes a progress throughout Judah to reform religion & the judicial system.
IX. 1-30. Moab with Judah's vassals Ammon and Edom invading Judah from the S.E., Jehoshaphat

proclaims a fast and Judah assembles at Jerusalem (cp. Joel i. 14). His prayer is answered Ex. xiv. 13, 14, through Jahaziel, a Levite. Finding the confederates self-destroyed near Tekoa, the army

celebrates God's deliverance in the valley of Berachah ( blessing'). Peace follows. 2 Kings i. 17. JEHORAM, succeeding his childless brother Ahaziah in Jehoshaphat's 18th year, destroys iii. 1--3. Ahab's image of Baal, and partly reforms Israel (cp. ch. 1. 27 ; xiii. 6), but retains Jeroboam's ii.

state-religion. Elijah being translated, Elisha succeeds him. See 0. T. Miracles. 805. iii. 6-27. Jehoram, aided by Jehoshaphat, invades Moab from the ş. by the wilderness of Edom

(Judah's vassal), the Syrians commanding the N. approaches (897). The allies lacking water aro, for Jehoshaphat's sake, saved through Elisha and promised Moab's complete re-conquest.

King Megha 1 sacrifices his firstborn to Chemosh. Elisha, besides other miracles (2 K. iv. 1 S03. vi. 8-23. -37; vi. 6), cures Naaman, & saves Jehoram often, & himself at Dothan, from Syrian invaders. 892. vi. 24; vii. Samaria besieged ; Jehoram threatens Elisha. The Syrians' flight changes famine to plenty.

2 Chr. xxi. 3-6. Jehoshaphat, grown old,disperses his sons in fenced cities, making JEHORAM, aged 32, king11; 2 K. viii. 18. consort 2 (cp. 1 Chr.xxix. 22). Jehoram murders his brothers, & influenced by Athaliah his wife, (Jos. Ant. ix. 7). forcibly establishes the Ahabite idolatries (899),

building a temple for Baal in Jerusalem. 891. 2 Kin. viii. 1. Elisha foretells a 7 years' famine, during which he miraculously cures poisoned pottage for the

iv. 38-41. prophets' school at Gilgal, & feeds 100 men with 20 loaves of the firstfruits' cp. Lev. ii. 14). 889. viii. 20-22. Jehoshaphat dies. Edom revolts from Judah, though defeated at Zair (fulfilling Gen. xvii.

2 Chr. xxi, 12. 40). Jehoram (Jehoshaphat's son receives Elijah's writing', prophesying his lingering death, 887. 16, 17, & disaster to his house & Judah. Philistines & S. Arabians (912) take Jerusalem, kill all his 885.

19, 20. sons but Jehoabaz the youngest, & Jehoram dies miserably after 2 years' illness, unregretted. 2 K. viii. 7-15. Elisha visiting Damascus is consulted by Benhadad II. through Hazael, but foretells his 3.

death & Hazael's succession & oppression of Israel (881-819). The 7 years' famine (891) ends. 2 Chr, xxii, 1-4. Jehoahaz or AHAZIAH, aged 22, succeeding Jehoram (Jehoshaphat's son), by his mother 884, 15; 2 K. viii. 28. Athaliah's counsel maintains the Ahabite idolatries & alliance. He helps Jehoram Ahab's son)

Jos. Ant. ix. 6. to recover Ramoth-Gilead from Hazael, now king, & visits Jehoram lying wounded at Jezreel. 2 Kings ix. JEHU anointed by Elisha's order to execute judgment' on Ahab's house and policy

(1 K. xix. 16), heads a revolution and reformation. Beside Naboth's vineyard, he kills Jeho2 Chr. xxii. 6–9. ram, Ahaziah escaping mortally wounded (Chr.); Jezebel, Ahab's 70 sons, & Ahaziah's breth2 K. I. 1-28. ren (i.e. kinsmen, see 867), perish successively, with their adherents. Jehu destroying Baal's

public worship, is promised the throne for generations (772). Jehu neglects this oppor. 29-33. tunity to abolish Jeroboam's state-religion ; Hazael overruns the trans-Jordanic provinces, 3 2 Kings xi. ATHALIAH, sole survivor of Ahab's and Jezebel's family, usurps the throne on Ahaziah's 2 Chr.xxi.10-12. death, & massacres the survivors of David's line except Jehoash (Joash), Ahaziah's infant son

by Zibiah of Beersheba, whom Jehosheba, Ahazinh's sister & wife of Jehoiada the high priest, xxiv, 7. hid 6 years in the

pillaged & partly ruined Temple. Athaliah maintains Baal worship. 878. 2 K. xi. 4--21. In the 7th year of the reigns of Athaliah and Jehu, and 8th of Joash's age, Jehoiada con. 2 Chron. xxiii. certs with the five commanders of the royal guard and their supporters secretly, assembled

at Jerusalem, the restoration of David's dynasty, apparently extinct by successive massacres (see 892, 887, 881). He produces and crowns JOASH in the Temple, executes Athaliah out

side, & restores David's Temple-service. The people renew the Covenant and destroy Baal's 2 Chr. xxiv. 2, 3. temple and high priest Mattan. During Jehoiada's lifetime (d. B.C. 850, aged 130), Joash

XXV. 1. is faithful (840]; Jehoiada chooses him two wiveg. Amaziah is born, B.C. 866.

Jonah i.-iv. Jonah of Gath-hepher threatens Nineveh, Israel's destined scourge ; it repents, & is spared. 836. 2 Kings xii. 6. Joush interposes in his 23rd year, Jehoiada and the priests not having repaired' the Temple

2 Chr. xxiv. 6. as ordered (726). The people respond liberally, and the workmen's zeal and honesty leave a

7, 14. surplns for replacing the sacred vessels, &c., given to Baal by Athaliah's sons. 2 K. xii. 1, 2, 6. JEHOAHÁZ,Jehu's son,retains Jeroboam's innovations, & still tolerates Ahab's Ashérah.6 819. 3, 7, 22. Hazael crushing Israel (Amos i. 3—5) limits its army to 10 chariots, 50 horse, and 10,000 foot. 612 4, 23xiv. 26. --Jehoahaz repenting and praying, God in pity grants Israel deliverance (after Jehoahaz's

ziji.19;xiv.25,27. death) by his son Jehoash & grandson Jeroboam II., as Elisha & Jonah successively foretell. 810. 2 Chr. xxiv. 17. Joash (Ahaziah's son), yielding to the princes, relapses with Judah into Baalism (873).

19-22. Successive prophets vainly appeal & protest ; and Jehoiada's son Zechariah is stoned be

Matt. xxiii. 35. tween the Temple and altar. by ungrateful (878) Joash's order, The Syrians capture Gath, $89. 2Chr.xxiv.23,24. defeat Judah's great host, kill the princes, take as Jerusalem's ransom the sacred offerings of

2 K. xii. 17-21. four reigns, & so execute judgment against Joash', who, left in great diseases, is assassinated. xiv. 1 ; xiii, 9, 24. AMAZIAH,JEHOASH, & Benhadad III. succeed their

fathers Joash, Jehoahaz, & Hazael. xiv. 6, 6; 2 Chr. Amaziah, respecting Moses' Law, spares the children of his father's murderers, and at a Xxv. 6-10, 13. prophet's bidding dismisses 100,000 Israelite mercenaries,

who, returning, spoil cities of Judah. 2 K. xiii, 14, 19. Joash seeks Elisha in his death-sickness, but curtails God's favour by want of faith (812). 838. 20-21. Elisha dies (aged 90?); a dead man, laid in his grave during a Moabite inroad, revives. 25.

Joash, by the 3 victories promised through Elisha, recovers Hazuel's conquests. 827.

xiy. 7. Judah also revives, until Amaziah, puffed up by his re-conquest of Edom, silenced a pro

2 Chr.xxr. 11-16. phet's rebuke of his adoption of Edom's idols ; God-forsaken, he persists in provoking war 896. 2 K. xiv. 8-14 with Israel. Joash, having replied (thistle and cedar) captures Amaziah at Beth-shemesh, 2 Chr.xxv.17-27. breaks down 400 cubits of Jerusalem's N. wall, & returns with hostages, & the sacred & other

treasures (839) to Samaria. Amaziah outlives Joash 15 years, during which he apostatises. 825. 2 K. xiv, 23, 24. JEROBOAM II., Joash's son, retains Jeroboam's state-religion, yet through God's pity 822. 26-28. realises Jonah's prophecy, delivering Israel from Syria to its original frontiers (Hamath to

R. Arnon, Num. xxxiv. 12), and reconquering (895) Moab (Amos vi. 14) & Solomon's lost su. xiii. 5. zerainty over Damascus, perhaps weakened by Assyrian aggression (862, 771). 810. xiv. 19, 20. Amaziah flees from conspirators, who kill him at Lachish. The people make his son

Chr. xxvi. 1-15. UZZIAH (Azariah, Kings) king, aged 16, Faithful during Zechariah the seer's lifetime, he
2 K. xv.1-4. is marvellously helped'. He recovers Solomon's Red Sea trade by restoring Elath (lost with

Edom, 889), & his dominions—to the S.W. (as far as Egypt) S. and S.E.-by conquest of the
Philistines, Arabians, Mehunims (i.e. Maonites), and by Ammon's submission 1758). He

1 On the Moabite Stone, Mesha records how he had won & secured independence. 2 Some think Jehoram was king-consort B.C. 897, before Elijah': translation; others that Elijah survived Jehoshaphat. Also Shalmaneser II. (Black Obelisk; British Museum) claims Jebu as Assyria's vasal. 4 Or, In Jeroboam II.'s reign. 6 Bee Variorum and Bible & Monuments, III.(d.) 6 Including Joel (?).


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develops the S. pastoral and agricultural districts,

and strengthens Jadah by recreatics Christ.

re-equipping the army, & Jerusalem with towers & novel artillery, restoraz it S. Eu

In Jeroboam II.'s reign and onward, Amos and Hosea announce tbe X Tribes rise

of God's respite by abusing their recovered prosperity to increase their religioss. Del, and Amos vii. 9. social corruption. They foretell the destruction of Jehu's dynasty (772) & of Israel's essa

Hos. i. 4,5; X.5,6, (bow"), and the nation's extinction (with her calf-worship. &e.) to captinis iste de 787. Ain, vii. 10-17. bidding Judah be warned. Amos, accused to Jeroboam II. of treasonable colpix

as a false prophet by Amaziah, high priest at Bethel, foretells his dishonour cap, 784. 2 K. xiv. 23, 29. Jeroboam Il. (N. kingdom's and founder', dies. Anarchical interregaus 114 es [etri. 773. XV. 8-12, ZACHARIAH, son of Jeroboam II. and 5th of the dynasty, succeeding, God's post 772. Hos, i. 4. Jehu is fulfilled. He follows his predecessors' example, & is murdered o man's last SHAL

Amos vii. 9. LUM, son of Jabesh : Jehu's dynasty thus ending violently as foretold Sbalan nga

2 K. xv. 13, 14. 'a full month' is slain by MENAHEM, son of Gadi, who buys his confirmaatiaistbek 771. 19, 20.

dom of its first (mentioned) Assyrian invader Pulfor an exceptional tribate raitis 765. 2 Chr. xxvi. 16.

Uzziah, proud of his wealth and power (Is. ii. 7-16), persists in usurping the Presi 2 K. xv. 6—7. (like Korah, &c.), and becomes leprous in the Holy place. JOTHAM his son isirs 761. 23, 24.

PEKAHLAH succeeds his father Menahem in Uzziah's 50th year. legial bs: 759.

25-35, phesy, PEKAH, son of Remaliah, a general of Pekahiah, kills him & his Guadelor 758. 52: Isa. vi. Uzziah dies. God in glory reveals Judah's captivity to Isaiah. Jothan pats dolore

2 Chr. xxvii. 5. Ammonites (810). Judah prospers for his faithfulness, though he tolerates that at pas

Isa. ii.-V. (951). But formalism & idolatries, injustice & crimes, luxury & wantonnes id,
Mic. i. 9; vi. 16. rebuked by Isaiah & by Micah, who pronounces Samaria's doom for infecting Jakt

strengthens Jerusalem, especially Ophel (the lower end of the ridge), adding the Tree 2 Kings IV. 37. upper gate. Toward the reign's end, Rezin king of Syria and Pekah combine ans 742. xvi. 1.

AHAZ, Jotham's son, aged 20, reigns 16 years. Weak and foolish (Les 2 Chr. xxviii. duces (810) the Israelite Baalism and Canaanite worship of Moloch (1 k dis ab. 735*

5. son to him (see 7), and worshipped at the high places. Rezin and Pekab szked

to set the son of Tabeal' on David's throne. After 2 crushing victories, the albes 71

sands captive, Rezin to Damascus and Pekah to Samaria where Olet's renoma Isa. vii. their restoration), and besiege Jerusalem. Isaiak, sent to encograge Abu, viii. 4, 7,8 failure, and Syria's captivity and Israel's obliteration (65 years hence) by Asts Jasi

also to be overrun, except Jerusalem (718]). He gives-Ahaz refusing to choose soos

firmatory of God's aid, viz. the birth of a son Isaiah's) by one then a v € 2 Kin. xvi. 6. virgin-born IMMANUEL (see Micah v. 2). Rezin deprives Judah finally at Elaibe 2 Chr. xxviii. 17. Edomites and Philistines invade Judah. Ahaz, surrounded by foes, hires issue

20---. volunteering vassalage, & seeks help of the Syrian gods. TIGLATH-PILEBER estere De

Amos i. 5. cus, fulfilling Isa. viii. 4, & removes the Syrians to Kir, and Naphtali & Israel Efs 734* 2 Kin. xv. 29. with Gentile Galilee (Heb. circuit, i.e. the border, Is. ix. 1) to Asyria. Ahas, the 1st Cap

xvi. 10-18. H.P. Urijah, replaces Solomon's brasen altar by a copy of one st Darbascus Hatred2 tirity. Jer, xi. 13.

impoverished, Ahaz pillages & closes the Temple, and fills Jerusalem & Judah dan 739.

2 Kin. xv. 30. HOSHEA, son of Elah, kills Pekah, and, after a long struggle or ixtirrerun Tier, 780.

xvii. 3. succeeds, proving the last and best king of Israel. SHALMAS ESER makes hin treats 726. xviii. 1-6.

HEZEKIAH, Ahaz's son, aged 25, at once rouses the priests,&e. (856) toreak Tana: 2 Chron. xxix. undo Ahaz's innovations. The services recommence with a sin-otfering for sI :

of the doomed N. remnant, responding to Hezekiah's appeal, join in a solemn Pazere la xxxi. salem being previously purged of Ahaz's altary and the brasen serpent, Veter. Ta cp. xxxiii. 17. worshippers a bolish the high places (951),

and idolatry, even in Ephraim and Ms. 725. 2 K. xvii. 4. Hoshea, allying himself with So king of Egypt, withholds the Ass Tian triste. 721.


neser imprisons him (Hos. x. 7) B.C.793, and besieges Samaria. It falls in the ind Isa. Ixviii. 1-4. Hezekiah's 4th year, apparently to Shalmaneser's successor, the usurper Sak:03 laul 2d Cap

Micah i. 6, 7, who carries the rest of the N. tribes captive to Assyria and to his recent costs Xecs tivity.

Kingdom of Israel ends (254 years): Judak is sparet 133 yean. 2 K.xviii. 7-8 Hezekiah prospers, subduing Philistia, & accumulating wealth. His illnes Š TECRET,

xx. 1-11. the shadow's retreat on Ahaz's sundial as the pledge of 15 year's additional life. falna. ab. 712* Isa. xxxviii. MERCDACH-BALADAN a Chaldaan chief (who, meditating the reless of Best 2 K. xx. 12–18. the Assyrian yoke, collects allies during 12 years--Inscr.) sends an emtsson Jens

to which Hezekiah self-confidently displays his resources; Isaiak foretels Judah's sçesias and captivity by Babylon.

Rise of a party in Judah, opposed by Isaiah (vx. 6; XX, 1-7; Jyri 1, Sel, szinte

independence of Assyria by aid of Egypt. Hezekiah at length yielding is 701*

Assyrian tribute. Isaiah (xxix. 1-8; XXX. 97-33) foresees the consequences, bet 2 Kin. xviii. 13 deliverance. SENNACHERIB

Attacks Hezekiah, takes 46 fenced cities, &threates Je note, --xix. 7. Hezekiah buys peace with the Temple's treasures : but Sennae herib demands the 2: P. 80.)

of Jerusalem. Isaiah (xxxiii.) repeats his reassurances, and predicts Sennacherib's me xix. 7. violent death at home fulfilled 681 B.C.); TIRHAKAR, an Ethiopian king of Ege 2 xix. 8-37, the field, Sennacherib threatens Hezekiah in a letter. Isaiah foretells Jerusalta's na

2 Chr. xxxii. bility & Judah's recovery. That night, the flower of Sennacherib's arms perishes 698. 2 Kings xxi. MANASSEH, Hezekiah's son, aged 12, reigns 55 years. Immediate resenica sbor Jatt

Jer, viii, 1, 2, 5. hopeless corruption (see Isa. xxix. 18). Manasseh restores the high places, the low
2 Chron, xxxiii. Baal-worship (892, 741), and Moloch-worship in the valley of Hinnom's sons (Torbet
2 K. xxiii. 6. 11. ficing a son (7:11). He sets up in the Temple & courts Asherah's emblem ETOTE

Zeph. i. 4,6. for star.worship, consecrating_priests to all ; & probably instals in the precipets beres
Jer. viii. i, 2. chariots dedicated to the Sun, Persian-fashion. He practises divinations. Probe

appeal and protest, and persecution fills Jerusalem with martyrs' blood Jer i 2 K. xxi, 10—16. xxu. 37). For guilt greater than that which cost the Amorite Canaan, Jadah ssd Jerssale 677. 2 Chr. xxxiii. 11. are sentenced to Samaria's fate. Assyrian invaders carry Manasseh to Babyan the fansa

residence of ESARHADDON (only), there he repents, and being restored bodiebes de

sparing only the illegal worship of Jehovah in the high places. He fortifes Joigharide Ezra is. 2, 9. 10 salem. EsarnadDON (? by his general Asnapper), colonises Samaria. SAYARITAS 613. 2 K. xxi. 19. Under AMON, Manasseh's son, Judah reverts to its condition before Manasseh'sri abi 641. 2.Chr. Xxxiii. 25. After years, conspirators murder Amon; the people execute them & make his sa Isas

2 Kin. xxii. 1. JOSIAH, aged 8, grows up amid established idolatries, even in the Temple, perler
Zeph. i. 4--18. Jehovah's worship (Ezek. xxiii. 39). Zephaniah describes Judah as openly a secret

iii. 1--7. trous, godless & past feeling; full of wealth illgotten & abused, of tyrannusa rulas, a
ii. 1-3. judges, reckless prophets, and time-serving priests. He encourages the faithfal rent **
iii. 8-20. beyond the Captivity (by a new power, the Chaldæans, Habakkuk i 5-10-sentabel

hastening through Judah's impenitence-to Judah's restoration, and even to that of me
2 Chr. xxxiv. 3.
In the 8th year of his reign, Josiah seeks Jeborah; and

in the sth. Trobably aft: 680.

the Temple and Jerusalem, begins a progress as far as Naphtali, destroying at idoledo 6:29. Jer. i. 11-16. crating for ever the altars and high places, esp. at Bethel (fulfilling 1. m. 2). In the te



Jer. ii.--vi, year, Jeremiah is called to foretell an invasion ('evil') from the north (606) for Judah's id latry. 025. Herod. i. 74. About the 17th, NABOPOLASSAR seizes Babylon, and (or 20 years later) allied with the Medes

Hab. i. 5. 6. destroys Nineveh and the Assyrian Empire, as foretold by Nahum & Zephaniah (ii. 13-15). 021. 2 Chr. xxxiv. 8. In the 18th year, during the Temple's repair with the contributions of all Israel (see 836), a

2 Kings xxii. 3. copy of the Law is fount & read to Josiah. In dismay at the penalties incurred (Lev. xxvi;

Rom. xi. 22. Dt. xxviii.) he consults Huldah;, she foretells their intliction, but, for Josiah's contrition,

2 Kin. xxiii. only after his death. Josiah publishes the Law in the Temple, causes the nation to renew

2 Chr. xxxiv. 29. the Covenant, & completes the reformation throughout his dominions. 623, XXXV.

David's Temple service & the ark being restored, a great passover is kept strictly by Judah Jer. xxii, 15, 16. & the remnant of Israel. Divination (Isa. viii. 19) &c., is suppressed & the administration of jus

iii. 10; iv. 4, 14. tice amen ied. But Jeremiah exposes the reformation's superticiality. Interral of 13 yeurs. 610. 2 Chr. XXXV. 20. After the Temple's restoration, Pharaoh-Necho marches against Carchemish, the key of

2 Kin. xxii. 29. the Euphrates-valley, i.e. NaBOPOLASSAR's new kingdom (617); Josiah attacks him, and is

Zech. xii. 11. mortally wounded near Megiddo. The mourning for Josinh becomes proverbial.
2 Kin. xxiii. 30. The people anoint JEHOAHAZ, (Shallum, Josiah's 3rd or 4th evil'son) aged 23, but Necho
Ezek. xix. 3. returning victorious to Riblah deposes him there 3 months later, & takes him to Egypt; making

JEHOIAKIM (Josiah's 2nd son Eliakim), aged 25, tributary king; he reigns 11 years. 609. Jer. vii.. xxvi. Jeremiah, threatening the Temple with Shiloh's and Zion with Samaria's fate, for Ju

Micah iii. 12. dah's open idolatry, is tried as a false prophet, but is saved by Ahikam and his party, on
Jer. xxii. 13-17. Micah's precedent. He denounces Jehoiakim as a heartless tyrant, covetous, and oppress-

ing an impoverished people to build magniticent palaces, reckless of prevailing injustice, and xxvi. 20. a relentless persecutor, e.g.of Urijah. He foretells Jehoahaz’s death in Egypt (Jer. xxii. 12). 607. xlvi.2; 2 K.xxiv. NABOPOLA8sar's son Nebuchadnezzar defeats Necho at Carchemish (610) & sweeps the

7; Jer. xxxv. Egyptians from Syria. The example of the Rechabite refugees in Jerusalem rebukes Judah's xxv. 3, 8, 29. apostacy. After 23 years of fruitless appeal, Jeremiah revenls NEBUCHADNEZZAR's mission

(my servant,') against Judah, her neighbours, and Egypt, the 70 years Captivity, and Baby. 1st Dan. i. 1-17. lon's (Sheshach) destruction. Jehoiakim surrenders, but is restored as the tributary of Ne

Isa. xxxix. 7. buchadnezzar, who sends Daniel, &c., to Babylon for the royal service. The 70 years begin. lirity. Jer. xxxvi. 9. Baruch reads publicly Jeremiah's collected prophecies; Jehoiakim destroying the roll is 60. Dan. ii, 1, 36. doomed to die ignominiously and successorless. Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream

2 Kings xxiv. 1. (the image) of the 4 Empires, followed by Messiah's kingdom. After 3 years, Jehoiakim

Jer. xxii. 19. rebels ; Chaldeans, &c. overrun Judah, and probably kill and insult Jehoiakim as foretold. 593 2 Kings xxiv. 6. JEHOIACHIN (Jer. Coniah, Jeconiah), Jehoiakim's 'evil'son, aged 18, reigns 3 months 2nd Jer. xxii. 24–30. and 10 days, and surrendering to Nebuchadnezzar is carried captive to Babylon, as foretold, ('? De Jos. Ant. x. 6. 3. with the Temple's golden vessels and the flower of the nation, including Ezekiel & the germ ticily. Ezek. xix. 5--9. of the future restored nation (good figs, Jer. xxiv. 5, 6, 7; see Ezek. xi. 16). Nebuchadnez

2 Kin. xxiv. 17. zar makes Mattaniah, Jehoahaz's brother, king over the poorest'Ezek. xvii.), with the title,

Jer.xxiii. 16-40. ZEDEKIAH. Jeremiah opposes a general restlessness, fostered by false prophets in Chal. 593. xxvii., xxix. 15. dæa & Judah who predict the Chaldean Empire's speedy fall, & restoration to Jehoiachin and

xxviii. 3, 4. the exiles. Zedekiah vacillates, but following the national party brings ruin on himself and Juxxix. dah's relics, as foretold (Jer. xxvii. 17; xxxviii. 17-23). Jeremiuh, in a letteriby Zedekiah's em.

bassy), bids the exiles pettle down, promising the restoration of a converted remnant at the 70 15, 24. years' end; false prophets oppose, & Shemaiah writes urging his punishment. In Zedekiah's 596. ? xxvii. 3rd or 4th year, embassies from his neighbours concert a rebellion with him; Jeremiah replies

xxviii. ('yokes), declaring Nebuchadnezzar's irresistibility. Hananinh's death discredits his counter595. Jer. li. 59-61. predictions. Zedekiah visiting Babylon in his 4th year, Jeremiah sends his prophecies of Ba

1.-li. 58. bylon's fall, the preliminary of the Restoration (by Cyrus, Isa. xliv. 28; 2 Chr. xxxvi. 20-23). Ezek, i.--vii. In the 5th yr.of Jehoiachin's captivity, Ezekiel foretells to the exiles Jerusalem's siege,Judah's

viii.- xix. captivity & the restoration of a converted remnant; in the 6th, God's withdrawal from the Tem393. IX.-xxiii. ple polluted by idolatry) & Jerusalem, & Zedekiah's meditated perjury & capture, denouncing

xxi. 21 --27. the false prophets; in the 7th, Nebuchadnezzar's advance and Zedekiah's and Jerusalem's ruin. 2 Chr. xxxvi. 13. Zedekiah, in his sth year, breaking his oath, allies himself with Egypt (Hophra) & rebels.

Eze. xvii. 12-21. The Chaldeans advance; Judah's late allies join them, esp. Philistia, & Edom (denounced by 531. Jer. xxxiv. 7. Obadiah). In Zedekiah's 9th year, only, Lachish, Azekah, and Jerusalem hold out; he asks 50. Xxxix. 1. God's aid through Jeremiah, but is bidden to submit. In the 10th month, Jerusalem is in. XXXIV. 8. vested; a fact at once revealed to Ezekiel (xxiv.). On the approach of an Egyptian army, the

Hebrew freedmen are re-enslaved; the Chaldæans raise the siege; Jeremiah, again invoked, Xxxvii. 5. predicts their return and success, & is imprisoned as a truitor. Zedekiah consults him se 559.


cretly, and transfers him to the quarters of the royal guard (court of prison), where, in the xxxii. 6. 10th year, amid the horrors of a protracted blockade, he foretells the Restoration (redeeming xxxiii. 15-26. Hanameel's field as a sign), and the fulfilment of all God's covenants in a sprout of David's

XXX, 2, 4. stem when apparently dead, Jehovah our Righteousness. He republishes his prophecies of
Xxxi. 31. hope (xxx.xxxiii. the New Covenant) to sustain the faithful of Israel in captivity. Jeremiah
Xxxviii. 5. surrendered by Zedekiah to Pashur &c., is left to starve in Malchiah's dungeon; Ebedmelech
14--28. rescues him. Zedekiah guarantees his life, but fears to adopt his urgent counsel to save Je-

rusalem by surrender, & leaves him in the guard house till released by the Chaldæans. 598. xxxix. 2. In Zedekiah's 11th year (4th month) the N. wall is breached. The king is captured (Ezek.

lii. 6, 11. xii. 12) near Jericho, blinded at Riblah, & at Babylon (fulfilling Ezek. xii. 13) dies in prison. Sril 2 Kings xxv. 8. In the 5th month, Nebuzar-adan destroys the Temple, chief buildings, and the walls, send

Jer. xxxix. 10. ing 32 of the survivors to Babylon with all valuables. He assigns lands to a remnant: Jere. tirili.

xl I. miah choosing to remain is consigned to Gedaliah the governor. Jeremiah writes Lamenta. Lament. i.-v. tions. Refugees gather round Gedaliah, but Ishmael of the blood-royal murders him (in the

Jer. xl. 7. 7th month). The remnant of Judah tearing Chaldean vengeance consult God through Jere. 587. xli xlii. miah. Bidden to remain, they deny Jeremiah's inspiration, & flee into Egypt, taking him &

xliii. 8; xliv. Baruch by force. In Taphanes, & after their dispersion, Jeremiah warns them of consuming Jox. Ant. x. 11. punishm nt through Nebuch vinezzar's conquest of Egypt (probably in 568 B.C., cf. Ezek. & Inscriptions. xxix 17—20), unless they abandon idolatry; as a pledge, he predicts Kophra's deposition.

Israel's Captivity; the Restored Jewish Nation. The Age of World-Empires. 570. The 29, 33.

indulges in self-confidence, being proud of his victories over Egypt, Juda, and other Laby

countries, the magnificence of his buildings, and is smitten with madness (lycanthropy). 34.

After seven years ("times”) spent almost as a beast of the field, his understanding returnEin

36, 37. ing, he humbly acknowledges God's power and goodness towards him: and is confirmed in

his kingilom. A few years afterwards he dies, having reigned about 43 years. 362. 2 K. xxv. 27. Evil-merodach his son succeeds in the 37th year of Jehoiachin's captivity, and in his 1st Jer. xxii, 30. year releases and pays the highest hononr to this last earthly king of David's line.

Evil-merodach reigmed 2 years, and after Neriglissar's usurpation, etc., the line of Nebu. chadnezzar was restored in Nabonadius (or Nabonedas), the last king of Babylon, with whom

his son Belshazzar was latterly associated as king. He commanded in Babylon while NaboDan. vii. nedus took the field against Cyrus. In the first year of Belshazzar's reign in Babylon, Daniel

Dan, 19:32, 27,


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