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Antipater, of Idumæan descent, appointed Procurator of Judæa by Julius Cæsar, B.C. 47. married Cypros, an Arabian,

Phasael and HEROD (1) (afterwards called "the Great") joint Tetrarchs of Judæa, B.c. 41, Herod sole king, B.C. 31. Died, B.C. 4.
Herod married-Doria,........ Mariamne,...



Cleopatra, grand-d. of Hyrcanus. d. of Simon, h. priest.

a Samaritan.

of Jerusalem,

Sons of Herod :- Antipater

(put to death by his father,

B.c. 4).


("the tetrarch," (Ethnarch of (Tetrarch of Ituræa d. of Herodias

i.e. of Galilee). Judæa, Idumea, and Trachonitis). by Philip I. m. (1) daughter of and Samaria),

(op. Matt. xvi. 13; Aretas, Arab king ; Matt, ii, 22.

Mark viii. 27). (2) Herodias. Deposed and

d. A.D. 33-34. Deposed and banished, A.D. 6. banished, A.D. 40.

Herod (king of Chalcis), HEROD AGRIPPA I.,(5) HERODIAS. d. A.D. 48.

(succ. to tetrarchy of Matt. xiv. 3-11. m. (1) Mariamne.

H. Philip II., A.D. 87. Mark vi. 17-28.

H. Antipas, A.D. 40. Luke iii. 19.

Judea and Samaria m. (1) PHILIP I.,
m. Salome,
added, A.D. 41).

d. of Herodias m. Cypros, grand-
by Philip I.

daughter of Phasael. d. A.D. 44.

AGRIPPA II.(6) BERNICE (or Berenice), DRUSILLA. m. Felix, (king of Chalcis, m. Herod king of

Acts xxiv, 24, after separation A.D. 48-53). succ, Chalcis, after whose

from her first to tetrarchy of death she returned

husband, Azizus, Philip II. for a time to her

king of Emesa.
A.D. 53-100.

d. A.D. 100; the
Acts xxv. 13, 23.

last prince of
xxvi. 30.

d. A.D. 79.
the line.
Several names, both of wives and of descendants, have been omitted in the above Table; but those given will suffice to elucidate the New Testament history.
(2) Philip (Matt. xiv. 3; Mark"vi.'17; Luke il. 19).
(1) Herod the King (Matt. ii. 1, 3; Luke i. 5); Herod (Matt. ii. 7, 12—10, 22); The King (Matt. ii. 9).

3 Herod the Tetrarch (Matt. xiv. 1; Luke iii. 1, 19; ix. 7; Acts xiii, 1); Herod (Matt. xiv. 8, 6; Mark vi. 16-22; Luke fil. 19; viii. 3; ix. 9; xxiii, 7–12, 15; Acts iv: 27);
(4) Philip the Tetrarch (Luke iii. 1).

(The King (Matt. xiv. 9; Mark vi, 22, 25—27);

King Herod (Mark vi. 14). (5) Herod the Kit Herod (Acts xii).

King Agrippa, Agrippa (Acts xxv, 13, etc.; xxvi. 1, etc.)




Being a Bevision of the Arrangement

AUTHOR OF "BIBLICAL RESEARCHES IN PALESTIXE," ETC. The general expectation of the Messiah-the impatience of the Roman sovereignty, fostered by the bold and turbulent doctrine Judas the Galilean the extraordinary excitement of the more fanatical part of the people, which led them to crowd round the bare of each successive adventurer, who either assumed or migtat assume that character the rigid prudence of the chief prists, lest the slightest indication of revolt should compromise the safety of the city and the Temple, and expose the whole nation to be pers sentment of the Roman governor-these circumstances of the times sufficiently account for the reception which such a teach. Jese of Nazareth met with in Jerusalem. Appearing, as he did, with doctrines so alarming to the authority of the p iesthool of appointment to the fanatic populace-so repugnant to the national pride, as implying the dissolution of the Mosaic constitution and the establishment of a new and more comprehensive faith-and, above all, openly assuming the mysterious title, the son of excites less astonishment than sorrow and commiseration, that the passions of such a people should at once take arms, and proceed the the most awful vi lence against a Teacher, whose tenets were so much too pure and spiritual for their comprehension, whose caste was so remote from their pre-conceived notions of the expected Messiah

Melman's History of the Jews, Book 2 AL PART 1.-EVENTS CONNECTED WITH THE BIRTH AND CHILDHOOD OF OUR LORD.-TIXB: About 135 years БЕст. .

MATT. XARK LCKS 1. The Genealogies

1. 1-17 2. The birth of John announced to Zacharias. -Jerusalem

1. 0-25 3. The birth of Jesus announced to Mary.-Nazareth

1. 26-38 4. Mary's visit to Elisabeth, and her song of praise. -Jutta (?) ..

1. 39-56 5. The birth of John the Baptist. Jutta (?)

1. 57-80 6. An angel appears to Joseph.-Nazareth

1. 18-25 7. The birth of Jesus.-Bethlehem 8. Angelic announcement to the shepherds.

Near Bethlehem 9. Circumcision of Jesus ; his presentation in the temple, and prophecies of Simeon and Anna. - Bethlehem and Jerusalem

2 21-08 10. Visit of Magi.-Jerusalem and Bethlehem

2. 1-12 11. Fligbt to Egypt. Herod's jealous cruelty. Return to Nazareth. 2. 13-23

2 32, 40 12. At twelve years of age Jesus goes up to the Passover.-Jerusalem...


TIME: About one year (sce note 1); commencing about eighteen years after sect. 12. 13. Preparatory ministry of John the Baptist.–The Desert and

: the Jordan

3. 1-12 1. 18 3.1-18 14. Baptism of Jesus. - The Jordan

3. 13-17 1. 9-11 3. 21-23 15. Jesus is led by the Spirit to the desert; his temptation.Desert of Jadea

4. 1--11

1. 12-13 41-13 16. Testimony of John the Baptist to Jesus.- Near the Jordan 17. Two of John's disciples follow Jesus; Andrew brings Peter to

him.. 18. Jesus returns to Galilee; Philip becomes his disciple, and

brings Nathanael 19. His first iniracle at Cana in Galilee; visit to Capernaum PART TIL-FROM THE FIRST PASSOVER DURING OUR LORD'S PUBLIC MINISTRY CXTIL THE SECOND.-TIE: 1 year 20. Jesus goes up to the Passover at Jerusalem; he expels the

traders from the temple 21. Nicodemus visits him at night.-Jerusalem 22. He leaves Jerusalem, but remains in Judea, and makes

disciples. Further testimony of John the Baptist.-Anon .. 23. After John is cast into prison, Jesus leaves Judea for Galilee.

1. 14 2. Passing through Samaria he manifests himself

as the Messiah to a woman of Sychar at Jacob's well; many Samaritans

believe on him 25. He begins his public ministry in Galilee

4. 17 1. 14, 15 4. 14, 15 26. He comes again to Cana in Galilce, where he heals a noble

man's son lying ill at Capernaum. 27. He takes up his abode at Capernaum, and teaches publicly 4. 13-16 1. 21, 22 28. Miraculous draught of fishes; call of Peter, Andrew, James, and John.-Sea of Galilee, near Capernaum.

4. 18-22 1. 16-20 &1-11 29. Jesus heals a demoniac in the synagogue.--Capernaum ......

1. 23-28 30. He heals Peter's wife's mother, and many others

8 14-17 1. 29-34 31. His first circuit with his disciples throughout Galilee

4. 23-25 1. 35-39 32. He heals a leper. On account of his great popularity he retires from the town to desert places

& 1-4 1 40-45 5 12-16 33. He returns to Capernaum, and the people flock to him; he heals a paralytic let down through the roof.

9. 2-8 2. 1--12 6. 17-26 34. He calls Matthew to follow him

9. 9

2. 13, 14 PART IV.-FROM THE SECOND (see note 2) PASSOVER UNTIL THE THIRD.-TIME: 1 year. 35. Jesus at Jerusalem at the Passover; heals a sick man on the

sabbath, and asserts his oneness with the Father in power,

works, and honour; the Jews seek to kill him 36. The disciples pluck ears of corn on the sabbath.-On the way to Galilee (1)

12. 1-8 223-28

4. 12

(1) This time is made out by reckoning six months of John's John v. 1, was the Passover. The third Paskover is the onementie ministry before he baptized the Saviour, and about six more between in John vi. 4. which our Lord appear not to hare celebrated ** that event and the first Passover during our Lord's public ministry Jerusalem, probably because the rulers were seeking to him: * (2) It is here assumed that the feast of the Jews," mentioned in John vii,

* By permission of J. Gurney, Esq.

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37. Healing of a withered hand on the sabbath. T'he Pharisees

begin to plot his destruction.-Galilee...
38. Jesus withdraws to the Sea of Galilee, and is followed by great

multitudes from the surrounding country. He heals many.. 39. He retires to the mountain region, and chooses the twelve

apostles; the people follow him.-Near Capernaum 40. The sermon on the mount 41. Healing of a Roman centurion's servant.-Capernaum. 42. Jesus raises a widow's son at Nain. His fame spreads through

all the country ..: 43. Mission of inquiry from John the Baptist in prison. ---Galilee. 44. Jesus upbraids the inhabitants of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and

Capernaum for their unbelief.. 45. At a Pharisee's house, Jesus is anointed by a penitent woman 46. He heals a blind and dumb demoniac; the scribes and Phari

sees charge him with being in league with Satan 47. His remarks upon their demand of a sign 48. His reply when told that his mother and brethren were

seeking him ..... 49. Ata Pharisee's table, he exposes the hypocrisy of the Pharisees

and scribes 50. He warns against hypocrisy, covetousness and unwatchfulness ;

and reproves for blindness to the signs of the times. 51. His discourse when told of the slaughter of certain Galileans.

Parable of the barren fig-tree.... 52. A great multitude collect around him; and he addresses them

out of a boat on the lake. Parable of the sower ... 53. Other parables: The tares, the grain of mustard seed, the

leaven, the hidden treasure, the pearl of great price, and the

net cast into the sea 54. Jesus crosses the lake with his disciples, and stills a storm .... 55. Two demoniacs at Gadara. --South-east coast of Sea of Galilee 56. Feast at Levi's house; discourse respecting association with

publicans 67. Question of John's disciples respecting fasting, and our Lord's

reply 58. Raising of Jairus's daughter; healing of a woman with an

issue of blood. 59. Two blind men healed, and a dumb demon cast out.-Caper

naum (!) 60. Jesus visits Nazareth, teaches in the synagogue, and is rejected


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4. 16-30
(see note 3.)
8. 1-3
(see note 4.)
9. 1-6

61. Jesus makes a second circuit in Galilee, teaching and healing 9. 35-38 62. He sends forth the twelve apostles

6. 7-13

6. 14-29

9. 7-9

6. 30-44

9. 10-17

6. 1-14

6. 45-56

6. 15-21

6, 22-11

10. 1,5442

11. 1 63. Herod, hearing of Jesus, supposes him to be John the Baptist,

whom he has just beheaded. Account of John's death..... 14. 1-12 64. The twelve return to Jesus ; he retires with them to a desert

place on the other side of the Sea of Galilee; a great multitude follow him, whom he teaches : he feeds five thousand

14. 13-21 65. He sends the disciples away across the Lake, and at night comes

to them walking upon the water; he goes to Gennesaret, and inany resort to him

14. 22-36 66. The multitude who had been miraculously fed seek Jesus, and

find him at Capernaum; he teaches in the synagogue; many

disciples are offended and leave him, Peter's contession .... PART V.-FROM THE THIRD PASSOVER UNTIL OUR LORD'S ARRIVAL AT BETHANY, SIX DAYS BEFORE THE FOURTI.

TIME: One year, less one week. 67. Pharisees and Scribes from Jerusalem object to the neglect of

the tradition of the elders as to washing hands; our Lord's reply.-Capernaum

15. 1-20 68. Jesus goes northward to the region of Tyre and Sidon. A

Syrophenician woman obtains deliverance for her daughter.. 15. 21-28 69. He returns through Decapolis to the mountain region near the

Sea of Galilee : great multitudes follow him; he heals many, and feeds four thousand

16, 29--38 70. He sends away the people, and crosses the lake to Dalmanutha. 15. 39 The Pharisees and Sadducees again require a sign

16. 1-4 71. He again crosses the lake. The disciples cautioned against the leaven of the Pharisees, etc.....

16. 4-12 72. A blind man healed. -- Bethsaida (Julias) 73. Jesus goes to the region of Cæsarea Philippi. Peter and the other disciples again profess their faith in him

16. 13-20 74. He foretells

his own death and resurrection, and the trials of his followers. -Region of Cosarca Philippi...

16. 21-28 75. His transfiguration and subsequent discourse

17. 1-13 76. Casting out of a demon which the disciples could not cast out 17. 14-21


7. 24-30

7.31 to 8.9

8. 10-12

8. 13-21
8. 22-26

8. 27-30
8. 31-38

9. 1
9. 2-13
9. 14-29

9. 18-21
9. 22-27
9. 28-36
9. 37-43

(3) Robinson places Lukech, iv.16-30 in Section 27: assuming two different visits to Nazareth; but as Lake's narrative, in ver. 23, implies that Jesus had lived for some time in Capernaum, and had wrought many miracles there, before this visit to Nazareth, it appears more probable that the three narratives all refer to the same event

(4) Robinson places Luke ch, vill. 1–3 between Sections 45 and 46; but there appears to be no sufficient reason for supposing the circuit in Galilee related by Luke to be different the seco one mentioned by Matthew and Mark.






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ver. 77. Jesns again foretells his death and resurrection.-Galilee 17. 22, 23 78. The tribute-money miraculously provided. --Capernaum

17. 24-27 79. The disciples contend who shall be the greatest; Jesus exhorts to humility, self-denial, and a forgiving spirit..

18. 1--35 80. The sending forth of the seventy evangelists. --Samaria 81. Jesus finally leaves Galilee, going up to the Feast of Tabernacles

at Jerusalem. A Samaritan village refuses to receive him

(see note 5). 82. Ten lepers cleansed.--Samaria (2) 83. Jesus at Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles (about six

months after the third Passover). He teaches in the temple ; the people are divided in opinion respecting him; the rulers

atteinpt to seize him 84. His judgment is asked on an adulteress. -Jerusalem.; 85. Jesus teaching in the temple, declares himself to be the Light

of the world, and asserts his Divine pre-existence; the Jews

seek to stone him 86. Reply to a lawyer's question; parable of the good Samaritan.. 87. Jesus at the house of Martha and Mary.

Bethany.. 88. The disciples again taught how to pray. - Near Jerusalem 89. The seventy return, having accomplished their mission 90. A man born blind is healed on the sabbath. Questions and

objections. Discourse concerning true and false teachers and leaders; controversy among the people respecting Jesus.

-Jerusalem.. 91. Jesus at Jerusalem at the Festival of Dedication (about three

months after the Feast of Tabernacles : sect. 83). Teaching in the temple, he asserts his oneness with the Father; the Jews

charge him with blasphemy, and seek to seize him; he retires

beyond the Jordan, and many resort to him 92. He is informed of the sickness of Lazarus, goes to Bethany,

and raises Lazarus from the grave 93. Many believe on him, and the Sanhedrim determine to put him

to death; he retires with his disciples to Ephraim near the

desert. 94. He goes to Judara, and to the other side of the Jordan, and is

followed by multitudes; heals an infirm woman on the sabbath 19. 1, 2 95. He goes through Peræá towards Jerusalem : some Pharisees

warn him to escape from Herodi's jurisdiction 96. He dines with a chief Pharisee on the sabbath, and addresses

the guests : parable of the great supper.... 97. He teaches the multitude what is required of true disciples 98. Many publicans and sinners flock to him: the Pharisees mur.

mur. Parables: The lost sheep, the lost piece of silver, and

the prodigal son... 99. Parable of the unjust steward 100. The Pharisees reproved. Parable of the rich man and Lazarus 101. Jesus inculcates forbearance, faith, and humility 102. Reply to the Pharistes concerning the coming of the kingdom

of God. 103. Parables : the importunate widow, and the Pharisee and

publican 104. Precepts respecting divorce.

19. 3-12 105. Jesus receives and blesses little children

19, 13-15 106. The rich young ruler who rejected the terms of discipleship. 19. 16-30 Parable of the labourers in the vineyard

20, 1-16 107. On the way to Jerusalem, Jesus a third time foretells his sufferings, death, and resurrection

20. 17-19 108. Ambitious request of James and John, and our Lord's discourse thereupon

20. 20-28 109. Healing of two blind men near Jericho

20. 29-34 110. Visit to Zaccheus.-Jericho.. 111. On coming near Jerusalem, he corrects the false expectations

of his followers by the parable of a nobleman going to a far

country and entrusting ten servants with ten pounds........ 112. Jesus is expected at Jerusalem at the Passover, and the rulers

lay wait for him; he arrives at Bethany six days before the
Passover, and many come to him there..

TIME: Seven days.
113. First day of the week. Jesus enters Jerusalem, attended by a 21. 111
great multitude; at night he returns to Bethany

14-17 114. Second day of the week. He goes into Jerusalem ; on his way,

curses the barren fig-tree ; expels the traders from the temple; 21, 12, 13 and in the evening again returns to Bethany

18, 19 115. Third day of the week. He again goes into the city in the morning, passing by the withered fig-tree..

21. 20-92 116. He teaches in the temple: the Jewish rulers seek his destruction,

but fear the people; they challenge his authority ; parables of the two sons, and the vineyard let out to husbandmen

21. 23-46

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(5) Some would place the passages in the Gospel of John from first intimations of his approaching Cente ch. vii. 2 to ch. xi. 54 between sections 70 and 71. They think that three synoptic Gospels represent bim ss taking them to the events there related occurred before Jesus finally left Galilee; through Galilee, straight to Jerusalem I the and that, probably, after the raising of Lazarus, and the retreat to order

of events, only a few weeks would interyer deze Epbraim near the desert, he led bis disciples northwards, and transfiguration on mount Hermon and the crecimi s jus In the quiet rotirement of Cæsarea Philippi gave them the Klem.

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vi. Parable of the marriage feast
3. Question of the Pharisees and Herodians concerning payment

of tribute to Caesar
.). Question of the Sadducees respecting the resurrection..
1. A lawyer questions Jesus; his reply concerning the two great

commandments. 1. His question respecting the Messiah's parentage

Warnings against the example of the scribes and Pharisees
% Commendation of a widow's offering....
b. Some Gentile proselytes desire to see Jesus; he announces his

approaching sufferings and future glory...
Jesus finally leaves the temple: and on the mount of Olives, on
his way to Bethany, foretells its destruction, and the over-
throw of the Jewish state
He proceeds to speak of his future coming to judgment.

Parables of the ten virgins, and the five talents..
. Fourth day of the week (beginning at sunset). The rulers con-

spire to seize Jesus secretly and put him to death. At a supper at Bethany, he is anointed

by Mary. Judas makes his compact with the chief priests; Jesus remaining at Bethany this day Pilk day of the week. Jesus sends two disciples into the city to make preparation for the Passover, and follows them with the rest of his disciples in the afternoon Sixth day of the toeek (beginning at sunset). He celebrates the

paschal supper with the twelve. They contend who shall be the greatest Jesus washes his disciples' feet. . He foretells his betrayal, and points out the traitor ; Judas

withdraws. He foretells the fall of Peter, and the dispersion of the twelve . He institutes the Lord's supper... ..(1 Cor. 11. 23-25) . His valedictory address to his disciples, and intercessory prayer . His agony in Gethsemane

His betrayal and apprehension
. He is brought before the high priest in the night. Peter thrice

denies him
In the morning, be is brought before the high priest and the
council: he declares himself to be the Christ; is condemned
and mocked.
The chiet priests and rulers take him before Pilate, to obtain
his crucifixion
Pilate pronounces him innocent, but sends him to Herod, and

Herod sends him back to Pilate.
Pilate seeks to release him; the Jews demand the release of
Barabbas and the crucifixion of Jesus: he is scourged and
mocked; the Jews accuse him of claiming to be the Son of God
and making himself a king, and obtain a sentence of death..
Judas repents and hangs himself

(Acts 1. 18, 19)
Jesus is led away to be crucified
The crucifixion
Jesus expires on the cross. The supernatural signs which
accompanied his death; and the centurion's testimony.
The taking down of the body from the cross; the embalmment,

and burial
Serenth day of the weck. The guard set at the sepulchre......

TIME: Forty days.
First day of the week. The resurrection at early dawn.-Jeru-

The women go to the sepulchre to complete the embalmment:
they find the sepulchre open and the body absent; Mary
Magdalene returns to the city to tell Peter and John
The other women remaining at the sepulchre see two angels,

who announce to them the Lord's resurrection, and tell them
to carry the tidings to his disciples ...
The women return to the city, and on the way Jesus meets them
Peter and John go to the sepulchre, which they find empty...
Mary Magdalene, having returned to the sepulchre, sees the

Lord, and receives a message to his disciples
Report of the guard on returning into the city.
Jesus is seen by Peter ; then by two disciples on the way to

...(1 Cor. 15. 5) Evening following the first day of the week. He appears to the

eleven apostles, "Phomas being absent.. ..(1 Cor. 15.5)
Evening following the first day of the next toeek. He appears
to them again, Thomas being present..
The apostles having gone to Galilee, Jesus shows himself to

nide of them at the Sea of Tiberias
He meets five hundred on a mountain in Galilee..(1 Cor. 15. 6)
He is seen by James, and then by all the apostles. -Jerusalem.

(Acts 1. 3–8; 1 Cor. 16. 7) . He ascends into heaven. -- Bethany ....... ........(Acts 1. 9-12)

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