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The seast of the

1 KINGS, 8.

dedication of the temple. Peiore 46 ' In the 39 plain of Jordan did the 10 And it came to pass, when the priests


CHRIST CHRIST king cast them, † in the clay ground be- were come out of the holy place, that

1004, tween * Succoth and · Zarthan.

the cloud , filled the house of the LORD, 47 And (Chr. 1.17. Solomon left all the vessels 11 So that the priests could not stand

9 E.. 40. 34, + Heb in the unweighed, because they were exceeding to minister because of the cloud : for the

2 Chr. 5.13, tuf many : neither was the weight of the glory of the LORD had filled the house of

14. brass + found out. the LORD.

7. 9 Get 3.17. 48 And Solomon made all the vessels 12 1. Then spake Solomon, The LORD

r 2 Chr. 6.), Jol S. 16. that pertained unto the house of the said that he would dwell · in B the thick &c. LORD: y the altar of gold, and the darkness B.

· Lev. 16. 2. table of gold, whereupon a the 60 shew 18 ! I have surely built thee an house to Ps. 18. 11. bread was, dwell in, "a settled place for thee to a

& 97.2

2 Sam. 7. 49 And the candlesticks of pure gold, bide in for ever. herche

five on the right side, and five on the 14 And the king turned his face abont, iar 3.14.

Ps. 132. 14. left, before the 6 oracle, with the flowers, and is blessed all the congregation of Is

and the lamps, and the tongs of gold, rael: (and all the congregation of Israel * Sam. 6. . EL. 37. 10,

50 And the bowls, and the snuffers, and stood ;)
the basons, and the spoons, and the 15 And he said, y Blessed be the LORD

y Luke 1.
2t censers of pure gold; and the hinges God of Israel, which spake with his
of gold, both for the doors of the inner mouth unto David my father, and hath 12 Sam. 7.

5, 25. house, the most holy place, and for the with his hand fulfilled it, saying, 1 Heb.

doors of the house, to toit, of the 63 tem. 16 . Since the day that I brought forth 2 Sam. 7.
my people Israel out of Egypt, I chose

2 Chr. 6.5, 51 So was ended all the work that king no city out of all the tribes of Israel

Solomon made for the house of the to build an house, that my name might ver. 29. † Het kole


And Solomon brought in the be therein ; B but I chose • David to be Deut. 12.11. † things which David his father had over my people Israel.

el Sam. 16. dedicated; even the silver, and the gold, 17 And it was in the heart of David 1.

2 Sam. 7.8. and the vessels, did he put among the my father to build an house for the name

i Cbr. 28.4. 2 Chr. S.L. treasures of the house of the LORD. of the LORD God of Israel.

dSap. 7.9. 18 . And the LORD said unto David my 1 Chr. 17. 1, CHAPTER 8.

father, Whereas it was in thine heart to 42 Chr. 6. 8, 1 The feast of the dedication of the temple, 12, build an house unto my name, thou didst 9.

9 Solomon's blessing. 22 Solomon's prayer. 62 well that it was in thine heart.
merife of peace offerings.
19 Nevertheless I thou shalt not build 82 Sam 7.

5, 12, 13,

ch. 5. 3, S. of Israel, and all the heads of the forth out of thy loins, he shall build the # Hec.

tribes, the chief of the 1 fathers of the house unto my name.
children of Israel, unto king Solomon 20 And the LORD hath performed his
in Jerusalem, 6 that they might bring up word that he spake, and I am risen up
the ark of the covenant of the LORD out in the room of David my father, and sit

of the city of David, which is Zion. on the throne of Israel, , as the LORDg 1 Chr. 28. 12,16 2 And all the men of Israel assembled promised, and have built an house for the 5, 6.

themselves unto king Solomon at the name of the LORD God of Israel. L 34. * feast in the month Ethanim, which is 21 And I have set there a place for the the seventh month.

ark, wherein is the covenant of the A ver. 2. 3 And all the elders of Israel came, LORD, which he made with our fathers, Deut. 31.26.

and the priests took up the ark. when he brought them out of the land Dret 31.9.

4 And they brought up the ark of the of Egypt. desh, S. LORD, and the tabernacle of the con. 22 | And Solomon 8stood before ithe 12 Chr. 6. . 1S.

gregation, and all the holy vessels that altar of the LORD in the presence of 12, &c.

scere in the 3 tabernacle, even those did all the congregation of Israel, and spread * Ex. 9.33. Chr. L. S. the priests and the Levites bring up. forth his hands toward heaven:

Ezra 9.5.

Lai. l. 15. 5 And king Solomon, and all the con. 23 And he said, LORD God of Israel, gregation of Israel, that were assembled there is no God like thee, in heaven a m Rs. 15. U. unto him, were with him before the ark, bove, or on earth beneath, * who keepest 2 Sam. 7.22.

# Deut. 7. 9. sacrificing sheep and oxen, that could covenant and mercy, with thy servants Dot be told nor numbered for multitude.

Neh. 1.5. that • walk before thee with all their

Dan. 9.4. 6 And the priests " brought in the ark heart :

. Gen. 17.1. of the covenant of the LORD unto his 24 Who hast kept with thy servant Da. ch. 3. 6.

place, into the oracle of the house, to vid my father that thou promisedst him: 2 Kin. 20. c. 6. 19. the most holy, place, even k under the thou spakest also with thy mouth, and wings of the cherubims.

hast fulfilled it with thine hand, as it is 7 For the cherubims spread forth their this day. 5.

two wings over the place of the ark, and 25 Therefore now, LORD God of Israel, Heb.

the cherubims covered the ark and the keep with thy servant David my father p? Sam. 7.
staves thereof above.
that thou

12, 16. promisedst him, saying,

ch. 2. 4. And 5 they'drew out the staves 5, that pt There shall not fail thee a man in

+ Heb. 1 Chr. .... the t ends of the staves were seen out my sight to sit on the throne of Is.

7re shall EL25.2. in 6 the holy place before the * oracle, rael ; † so that thy children take heed to polle cheese Deut. 1o 2 and they were not seen without : and their way, that they walk before me as • Dret 19.5. there they are unto this day.

thou hast walked before me.

man from

maty sight. 9 * There was nothing in the ark * save 26 And now, O God of Israel, let thy

1 Heb. the two tables of stone, which Moses word, I pray thee, be verified, which

only v 107. here. pat there at Horeb, P when the LORD thou spakest unto thy servant David my 2 Sam. 7. 2 made covenant with the children of father.

25. Israel, when they came out of the land 27 9 But I will God 9 indeed dwell on the r 2 Chr. 2. 6. Deals of Egypt.

earth ? behold, the heaven and heaven of

Isai. 65. 1.

Jer. 23. 24. heavens cannot contain thee; how much

Acts 7. 49. VAR RESD. - 59 V. 46. circle. COV48. Lit. less this house that I have builded ?

& 17. 24. presencs-bread. -61 V. 49. chancel. - 62 V. 50. Or, 28 Yet have thou respect unto the

#2 Cor. 12. uudisbes (Ex. 25. 88).

Chap. 8. prayer of thy servant, and to his suppli17. L. fathers' honses. - 2V. 4. tent of meeting.

Stent. Ve. 6, 8. chancel.-IV. 8. the staves VAR. REND. - 7V. 14. i.e. saluted by invoking had such a length. 6 from.

a blessing. #V. 22. came forward to.-IV. 27. VAR. READ.-Chap. 8. V. 1. B And it came to pass, What? will God, Th. Hi. Ba. when Solomon had finished the building of the VAR. READ.-v. 12. B Jerusalem, Targ,

Th. botice of the LORD, and of the king's house, after V. 16. B but I chose Jerusalem that my name should twenty years, that then, Sept. Th. .

be there, and, Th. Bo. (after 2 Chr. 6. 6 and Sept.)

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63 nare.



Lev. 5. 1.

* * وورا و

Lev. 26. 17.



Solomon's prayer at the

1 KINGS, 8.

dedication of the terrple. Before cation, O Lord my God, to hearken un. and that they may know that + this


to the cry and to the prayer, which thy house, which I have builded, is called by CHRIO: 1004.

servant prayeth before thee to day : thy name.

29 That thine eyes may be open toward 44 IB If thy people go out to battle

this house night and day, even toward against their enemy, whithersoever thou + Deut. 12. the place of which thou hast said, "My shalt send them, and shall pray unto the

name shall be there : that thou mayest | LORD † toward the city which thou hast

hearken into the prayer which thy ser- chosen, and toward the house that I † Beb #Dan. 6. 10. vant shall make all toward this place.

have built for thy name :

Chut za Or, in this 30 * And hearken thou to the suppli- 45 Then hear thou in heaven their prayer place. cation of thy servant, and of thy people and their supplication, and maintain their 2 Chr. 20. Israel, when they shall pray || toward this I cause.

TOT, place: and hear thou in

heaven thy 46 If they sin against thee, (* for there is Neh. 1. 6. şor, in this dwelling place : and when thou hearest, no man that sinneth not,) and thou be place. forgive. angry with them, and deliver them to

Pro 31 If any man trespass against his the enemy, so that they carry them away f Heb. and neighbour, tand van oath be laid up: captives * unto the land of the enemy, 1 Jean he require on him to cause him to swear, and far or near; an oath of

Bthe oath come ß before thine altar in 47 Yet if they shall f bethink them. - Lev.26 this house :

selves in the land whither they were y Ex. 22. 11

32 Then hear thou in heaven, and do, carried captives, and repent, and make . Deut. 25. 1. and judge thy servants, - condemning supplication into thee in the land of

the wicked, to bring his way upon his then that carried them captives, p saying,
head; and justifying the righteous, to We have sinned, and have done perversely,
give him according to his righteousness. we have committed wickedness ;

33 When thy people Israel be smit- 48 And 80 return unto thee with all
down before

the enemy, because thoir heart, and with all their soul, in they 10 have sinned 10 against thee, and the land of their enemies, which led b Lev. 26.39, b shall turn again to thee, and confess them away captive, and pray unto thee :

thy, name, and pray, and make suppli. toward their land, which thou gavest unto, Du. 6. 10 Xeh. 1. 9. cation unto thee in this house :

their fathers, the city which thou hast

34 Then hear thou in heaven, and for. chosen, and the house which I have built
give the sin of thy people Israel, and for thy name :
bring them again unto the land which 49 Then hear thon their

prayer and
thou gavest unto their fathers.

their supplication in heaven thy dwelling Lev. 2619 35 [ When heaven is shut up, and place, and maintain their | cause,

Or, Deut. 28.23. there is no rain, because they "10 have 50 And forgive thy people that have

sinned 10. against thee; if they pray to- sinned against thee, and all their trans-
ward this place, and confess thy name, gressions wherein they have transgressed
and turn from their sin, when thou against thee, and give them compassion
atflictest them :

before them who carried them captive,
36 Then hear thou in heaven, and for that they may have compassion on them:

give the sin of thy servants, and of 51 For they be thy people, and thine I P. 25. 4. thy people Isracl, ll that thou dteach 11 inheritance, which thou broughtest forth Seal!

17.11. them the good way wherein they sbould out of Egypt, * from the midst of the
& 9, 12,
walk, and give rain upon thy land, which furnace lt of iron lB:

Jer Il. el Sain. 12.

thou hast given to thy people for an in- 52 That thine eyes may be open unto

the supplication of thy servant, and unto Lps. 26. 16,

37 S / If there be in the land famine, the supplication of thy people Israel, to

if there be pestilence, blasting, mildew, hearken unto them in all that they call Deut. 28.21, locust, or if there be caterpiller; if their for unto thee. 22, 27, 38,

enemy besiege them in the land of their 53 For thou didst separate them from Chr. 20.9. cities B ; whatsoever plague, whatsoever among all the people of the earth, to be sickness there be ;

thine inheritance, as thou spakett by jurisdic- 38 What prayer and supplication soever the hand of Moses thy servant, when thou Deut # (10n.

be made by any man, or by all thy peo- broughtest our fathers out of Egypt, O
ple Israel, which shall know every man

Lord Is B God.
the plague of his own heart, and spread 54 And it was 80, that when Solomon
forth bis hands toward this house:

had made an end of praying all this
39 Then hear thou in heaven thy dwell-prayer and supplication unto the LORD,
ing place, and forgive, and do, and give to he arose from before the altar of the
every man according to 12 his ways, whose LORD, from kneeling on his knees with

heart thou knowest ; (for thou, even thou his hands spread up to heaven. el Sam. 16. only, I knowest the hearts of all the chii. 55 And he stood, vand blessed all the dren of men ;)

congregation of Israel with a loud voice, 18. I Chr. 28.9.

40 That they may fear thee all the saying,
days that they live in the land which 56 Blessed be the LORD, that hath giren
thou gavest unto our fathers.

rest unto his people Israel, according to Ps. 130. 4. 41 Moreover 13 concerning a stranger, that all that he promised: there hath not . Deut. 1

is not of thy people Israel, but cometh failed one wor of all is good promise,
out of a far country for thy name's sake; which he promised by the hand of Moses

42 (For they shall hear of thy great name, his servant.
i Deut. 3. 24. and of thy strong hand, and of thy 57 The LORD our God be with us, as

stretched ont arm ;) when he shall come he was with our fathers : e let him not
and pray toward this house;
leave us, nor forsake us:

Josh !!! kl Sam. 17.

43 Hear thou in heaven thy dwelling 58 That he may incline our hearts annu. kinge 19. place, and do according to all that the to him, to walk in all his ways, and to

stranger calleth to thee for: *that all keep his commandments, and his statutes,

people of the earth may know thy name, and his judgments, which he commanded I Ps. 102. 15. to 'fear thee, as do thy people Israel; our fathers.

59 And let these my words, wherewith I VaR. REND.-10 V8, 33, 35. kept sinning.--IV. 36. have made supplication before the LORD, because thou teachest. - 12 V. 39. Insort, all. 13 V. 41. hearken thou) unto.

VAR. REND.-14 v. 51. i.e. for melting iron. VAR. READ.-V. 31. B (A. V. is ungrammatical.) be 15 V. 53. Jahveh (pronounce Yahweh). come and swear (lit. swearing), all rersions, Th. . VAR. READ.-18. 44–51. B interpolated, TA.; com Ba. (pt.) I'. 57. B Lit, in the land of his gates; 08. 43, 52. V. 53. B The parallel report (2 CM Sept. Pesh. Th. in one of his cities; in the land, 7. 41, 12) inserts two verses, equivalent to a for: (at) his gates, Be. (pt.)

of consecration, and therefore probably genuine, 22.

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25, 26,

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Ps. 11. 4. Jer 17. 10. Acts 1. 24.

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Ps. 67. 2.

God's covenant with Solomon.

1 KINGS, 9.

Solomon buildeth divers cities.

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L. 23. 34.


I ver. 24.




Pefore be nigh unto the LORD our God day the land which I have given them; and Before CHBIST and night, that he maintain the cause this house, which I have hallowed' - for CHRIST

cir. 992. of his servant, and the cause of his peo- my name, will I cast out of my sight; ple Israel tat all times, as the matter and Israel shall be a proverb and a by- Jer. 7. 26. shall require : word among all people :

o Deut. 28. 60 That all the people of the earth 8 And 2 B P at this house, which is high B, day.

may know that the Lord is God, and every one that passeth by it shall be Ps. 14. 14. 6 Josh 4.31. that there is none else.

astonished, and shall hiss; and they shall p 2 Chr. 7. 1 u. 17.

61 Let your heart therefore be 16 per- say, 9 Why hath the LORD done thus un. 21. I kap 13. fect with 16 the LORD our God, to walk to this land, and to this house?

Deut. 29.

24, 25, 26. in his statutes, and to keep his com- 9 And they shall answer, Because they

Jer, 22.8, 9. d Deat. 4.2, mandments, as at this day.

forsook the Lord their God, who brought Q And î the king, and all Israel with forth their fathers out of the land of reh. Il

him, offered sacrifice before the LORD. Egypt, and have taken hold upon other
63 And Solomon offered a sacrifice of gods, and have worshipped them, and

peace offerings, which he offered unto served them : therefore hath the 'LORD
the LORD, two and twenty thousand oxen, brought upon them all this evil.
and an hundred and twenty thousand 10 [ And it came to pass at the end rch. 6. 37,
sheep. So the king and all the children of twenty years, when Solomon had built


&7.1. of Israel dedicated the house of the LORD. the two houses, the house of the LORD,

2 Chr. & I. 64 · The same day did the king hallow and the king's house, the 15 middle of the 18 court that was be- 11 (Now Hiram the king of Tyre had 2 Chr. 8... fore the house of the LORD : for there furnished Solomon with cedar trees and he offered 19 burnt offerings, and meat 3 fir trees, and with gold, according to all

offerings 19, and the fat of the 17 peace his desire,) that then king Solomon gave 1? Chr.4.1. offerings : because the brasen altar that Hiram twenty cities in the land of Galilee. Heb. were

was before the LORD was too little to 12 And Hiram came out from Tyre to not right in
receive the burnt offerings, and meat see the cities which Solomon had given
offerings, and the fat of the 17 peace bim; and they t pleased hini not.

& Josh. 19.
13 And he said, What cities are these

That is, 6 And at that time Solomon held »ia which thou hast given me, my brother?

Displeasfeast, and all Israel with him, a great And he called them * the land of Joan. 13. 5. congregation, from the enterin in of 5) Cabul nto this day.

Dirty. Jud. 13. Hamath unto 'the 21 river of Egypt, before 14 And Hiram sent to the king sixscore 4 ch. 5. 13. the LORD our God," seven days B and talents of gold.

15 | And this is the reason of seven days, eren fourteen days ß.


2 Sam. 5.9. Gr 15.18 CE 54

66 On the eighth day he sent the peo- levy which king Solomon raised; for to Josh, 19. * 101.7.& ple away: and they I blessed the king, build the house of the LORD, and his

Josh. 17. and went into their tents joyful and own house, and Millo, and the wall of 1. 19. glad of heart for all the goodness that Jerusalem, and y Hazor, and · Megiddo, cir. 992. the LORD had done for David his ser- and a Gezer.

a Josh. 16. thand rant, and for Israel his people.

16 For Pharaoh king of Egypt bad gone CHAPTER 9.

up, and taken Gezer, and burnt it with Judg. 1. 99. 1 God's covenant in a vision toith Solomon. 10 fire, band slain the Canaanites that dwelt Josh. 16.

The mutual presents of Sooman and Iliram. 15 in the city, and given it for a present
In Solomon' works the Gentiles reere his bond.

cir. 1014
unto his daughter, Solomon's wife.
men, the Israclites honourable servants. 24 Pha.

e Josh. 16. 3. 17 And Solomon built Gezer, and BethTOON's daughter remdeth to her house. 25 Solo. mon's yearly solemn sucrifices. 26 His nary horon the nether,

2 Chr. S. S. Jetcheth gold from Ophir.

18 And Baalath, and B Tadmor in the d Josh. 19. AN ND it came to pass, when Solomon wilderness, in the land , had finished the building of the 19 And all the cities of store that Solo.

2 Chr. 8. 4, honse of the LORD, and the king's mon had, and cities for his chariots,

ech. 4. 26. house, and all Solomon's i desire which and cities for his horsemen, and † that

1 Heb. the he was pleased to do,

which Solomon s desired to build in Je. desire of 2 l'hat the LORD appeared to Solomon rusalem, and in Lebanon, and in all the Selon 014 the second time, das he had appeared land of his dominion.

Ich ha

desired unto him at Gibeon, 20 9 And all the people that were left of

ver. 1. 3 And the LORD said unto him, I have the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites,

92 Chr. 8.7, beard thy prayer and thy supplication, and Jebusites, which were not of the that thou hast made before me: I have children of Israel,

A Judg. 1, 21, Lallowed this house, which thou hast 21 Their children that were left after 27, 28. built, i to put my name there for ever; them in the land, whom the children & 3. 1. ? and mine eyes and mine heart shall be of Israel also were not able utterly to Josh. 15. there perpetually. destroy, kupon those did Solomon levy a

& 17. 12. 4 And it thou wilt A walk before me, tribute of bondservice unto this day.

& Judg. 1. 28. as David thy father walked, in integrity 22 But of the children of Israel did So

See Gen.O. of heart, and in uprightness, to do ac- lomon *make no bondmen : but they

25, 26. cording to all that I have commanded were men of war, and his servants, and Ezra 2. 55, thee, and wilt keep my statutes and my his princes, and his captains, and rulers

Neh. 7. 57 judgments : of his chariots, and his borsemen.

11.3. 5 Then I will establish the throne of 29 These were the chief of the officers

m Lev. 25. 11.12. thy kingdom upon Israel for ever, * as that were over Solomon's work, "five 39.

I promised to David thy father, saying, hundred and fifty, which bare rule over * See 9 Chr.
There shall not fail thee a man upon the people that wrought in the work. 8. 10.
the throne of Israel.
6. But if ye shall at all turn from fol. VAR. REND.-2 V. 8. this house shall be an exam.
lowing me. ye or your children, and will ple (?), lit. high, Ke. . But 8ce Var. Read.
not keep my commandments and my sta-

v. 11. cypress. — *V. 13. Or, they were called. tutes which I have set before you, but go

- 5 As if = Like nothing, Hiller, Geo. Ew. (The and serve other gods, and worship them : explanation of Jor. and marg., displeasing, is base7 Then will I cut off Israel out of less.) ---OV. 22. knights.

VAR. READ.--Chap. 9. V. 8. B this house which Psa. Rend.

16 V. 61, i.e. devoted to. — 17 Vs. 63, was high shall become heaps, Targ. Th. Comp. 2

18 V. 64. inner, Ex. Th. and vir Chr. 7. 21. Or, this house shall become heaps (or,
19 the burnt- and meat-offerings. a heap), Pesh. . (1.) V. 18. B So Heb. marg.
-21 torrent.
Chap. 9. IV. 1. i.e. Versions, Jos, virtually Ex, (adding, of Aram), Be, and

Ke. (adding, of Hamath). Comp. 2 Chr. 8. 4. Tamar, WAR. Rzad.-P. 65. 8 Interpolated in accordance Test (probably), Th. Bo. . Comp. Ezek: 47. 19; 48. with 2 Chr. 7. 2, Th. Ka. Not in Sept.

28. For 'in the land,' , reads of Paran.'

& 21. 22.

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2 Chr. 8.11.

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14. 12.

Queen of Sheba's visit to Solomon.

1 KINGS, 10.

Solomon's wealth Before 24 1 7 But • Pharaoh's daughter 8 came came no such *kalmug trees, nor were Belar CHRIST up out of the city of David unto p her seen unto this day.

CHRIST cir. 992.

house which Solomon had built for her: 13 And king Solomon gave unto the och. 3. 1. I then did he build Millo.

queen of Sheba all her desire, whatso Cu. 25 f And three times in a year did ever she asked, beside that which Solopcb. 7. 8. Solomon offer burnt offerings and peace mon gave her fof his royal bounty. So Hot 92 Sam. 5. 9. offerings upon the altar which he built she turned and went to her own coununto the LORD, and he burnt incense try, she and her servants.

fliny 2 Chr. 32.5. 10 t upon the altar 10 that was before the 14 Now the weight of gold that came Swiss Chr. 8. 12, LORD. So he finished the house.

to Solomon in one year was six hin. 13, 16.

26 q And .king Solomon made ! navy dred threescore and six talents of gold, Heb.

of ships 11 in Ezion-geber, which is be. 15 Beside that he had of the Bomer12Chr. 8.17. side Eloth, on the † shore of the Red sea, chantmen, and of the traffick of the in the land of Edom.

spice merchants, and of all the kirgs 19C93 t Num. 33. 27 And Hiram sent the il navy his of 7 A

and of

l governors of P2. 35. servants, shipmen that had knowledge of the country.

1 Or, Deut. 2. 8. ch. 23. 18.

the sea, with the servants of Soloinon. 16 [ And king Solomon made two hun. saptaria. + Heb. lip.

28 And they came to "Ophir, and fetch- dred targets of beaten gold: six hundred

ed from thence gold, four hundred and shekels of gold went to one target. #ch. 10. 11. & Job 22. 24.

twenty talents, and brought it to king 17 And he made mthree hundred shields - ca 14 % Solomon.

of beaten gold; three 10 pound of gold CHAPTER 10.

9 went to one shield : and the king put 1 The queen of Shebe almireth the orisilom of So.

them in the house of the forest of eh : lomon 14 Solomon's gold. 16 Ilis targris, 18 The Lebanon. thrine of ivory. 21 it is vessels. 24 His presents. 18 g . Moreover the king made a great 2C & 26 His chariots and horse. 28 His tribute.

throne of ivory, and overlaid it with t., & 2 Chr. 9.), AND when the a queen of Sheba heard the best gold ß.

A of the fame of Solomon concerning 19 The throne had six steps, and the
Matt.12.12. the name of the LORD, she came
Luke 11.31.

to to top of the throne toas round behind : 1 6 See Judg. prove him with hard questions.

and there were t stays on either side on 2 And she came to Jerusalem with a the place of the seat, and two lions Prov. 1. 6. very great train, with camels that bare stood beside the stays.

spices, and very much gold, and precious 20 And twelve lions stood there on the hands
stones: and when she was come to Solo- one side and on the other upon the six
mon, she communed with him of all steps : there was not f the like made in Heb...
that was in her heart.

any kingdom. t Heb. 3 And Solomon told her all her t ques. 21 [ P And all king Solomon's drinking picu 1 tourde. tions: there was not any thing hid from vessels were of gold, and all the

ressels 13, de

of 4 And when the queen of Sheba had seen were of pure gold; | none were of silver : 10r, there all Solomon's wisdom, and the house that it was nothing accounted of in the days he had built,

of Solomon. 5 And the meat of his table, and the 22 For the king had at sea a 11 nary of + Heb. sitting of his servants, and the fattend. Tharshish 11 with the 3 navy of Hiram : Gre, M standing. ance of his ministers, and their apparel, once in three years came the 11 nayy of 1 Or.

and his j cupbearers, and his, ascent Tharshish , bringing gold, and silver, outlera. by which he went up untol the house of ivory, and apes, and peacocks.

1 Or, cl Chr. 26. 16. the LORD; there was no more spirit in her. 23 So 'king Solomon exceeded all the ter

tepke 6 And she said to the king, It was a kings of the earth for riches and for reh. 3. IL Heb. true report that I heard in mine own wisdom. word. land of thy 'Jacts and of thy wisdom. 24 [ And all the earth † sought to Solo1 Or, 7 Howbeit I believed not the words, mon, to hear his wisdom, which God had Heb saying. until I came, and mine eyes had seen put in his heart.

it: and, behold, the half was not told 25 And they brought every man his pre ist. ** # Heb. thens me: † thy wisdom and prosperity exceed. sent, vessels of silver, and vessels of gold,? Aast added eth the fame which I heard.

and garments, and armour, and spices, 8 Happy are thy men, happy are these horses, and mules, a rate year by year. goodness to the fame.

thy servants, which stand continually be- 26 And Solomon 'gathered together ... d Prov. 8. 34. fore thee, and that hear thy wisdom. chariots and horsemen : and he had a . ch. 5. 7.

9. Blessed be the LORD thy God, which thonsand and four hundred chariots, and Het delighted in thee, to set thee on the twelve thousand horsemen, whom he be * Deat. I throne of Israel: because the LORD loved stowed in the cities for chariots, and

Israel B for ever, therefore made he thee with the king at Jerusalem. Sam. 8. king, I to do judgment and justice.

27 - And the king made silver to be in the 13. Ps. 79. 9.

10 And she gave the king an hundred Jerusalem as stones, and cedare made Prov. 8. 15.

and twenty talents of gold, and of spices he to be as the sycomore trees that are 9 Ps. 72. 10, very great store, and precious stones : in the 12 vale, for abundance. 15. there came no more such abundance of 28 + And

13 Solomon

had horres spices as these which the queen of Sheba brought out of Egypt 13, B1+ and y linen, Euzk. ***

gave to king Solomon. A ch. 9. 27. 11 " And the 3 navy also of Hiram, that VAR. REXD,-6 v. 15. Lit, men of the travellers, 1... | algum brought gold from Ophir, brought in from merchants (*), De W. Ke.; or, ambassadors ( trees,

Ophir great plenty of * / almug trees, and Ba. But sce Var. Read. ? Chr. 2.8.

- 7the Bordering tribes * 9. 10. 11. precious stones.

(lit. admixture), i.e. Bedawis, Th. . ( 2 Chr. 9.11. 12 And the king made of the * almug Hi. (Arabia requires a change of rovel-points | Or, rails. trees. $1 pillars for the house of the 3 v. 16. i.e. shields large enough to cover the + Heb.

Lord, and for the king's house, harps whole body: — 9V8, 16, 17. were spread upon. a prip. also and psalteries for singers : there 10 v. 17. Lit. manehs (minä). - liv. 09. Rell,

Tharshish-navy (i.e. a strong built one), Er. Th.. VAR. REND.--7 V. 24. As soon as. - 8 had come. Tharshish ship, Sept. De W. Hi.-

19 r. 27. lowlands 9 V. 25. Or, thank. 10 Lit. with (or, by) him (or, -13 v. 28. as for the export of the horses which it). Sense obscure. 11 Vå. 26, 27. Or, ship, Sept. Solomon got from Egypt. -- l'a troop of ropa De W. HII. -Chap. 10. IV. 5. 'Or, burnt offerings merchants used to fetch a troop (of horses), Ge. XI which he offered in, all Versions, Th.- 2 V. 6. state. But see Var. Read.

-3 V's. 11, 22. Or, ship, Sept. De w. Hi.---- * Vs. 11, VAR. Read.- V. 15.8 fines of the subject (provinces 19. sandal-vood. 2 Chr. 9. 10, i has algum-wood. Sept. Th. Hi., partiv . (1.) — v. is. B gold from v.19. a balustrade (7), Ev.; lit. a prop, or, props. Uphaz, 1 MS.' Pesh. (1.)

Comp. Jer. 10. 9; Dan. 103 VAR. READ.--Chap. 10. V. 9. B Insert, to establish V. 28 B even from Tekoa the royal merchse (them), Sept. (as 2 Chr. 9. 8).

used to fetch a troop (of horses), Sept. (partiy) Tk.

wisdom and



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Or, the west,

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He is seduced to idolatry.

1 KINGS, 11.

Solomon's adversaries. Belore yarn : the king's merchants received the 16 For six months did Joab remain Before CHBIST linen yarn i B at a price.

there with all Israel, until he had cut

CHRIST 1. 981. 29 And a chariot came up and went out off every male in Edom :)

cir. 981. of Egypt for six hundred shekels of sil 17 That Hadad fled, he and certnin

ver, and an horse for an hundred and Edomites of his father's servants with Josh 1.6

fifty: "and 50 for all the kings of the him, to go into Egypt; Hadad being yet

Hittites, and for the kings of Syria, did a little child. hrane. they bring them out 15 t by their means 15. 18 And they arose out of Midian, and CHAPTER 11.

came to Paran: and they took men with

them out of Paran, and they came to
I S.lomon's wives and conrubines. 4 In his old Egypt, unto Pharaoh king of Egypt ;
age they draw him to idolatry. 9 God threaten.

which gave him an houre, and appointed
eth Aini 14 Solomon's adversaries were lladu,
who was entertaind in Egypt, 23 Reton, roho

him victuals, and gave him land.
reigned in Damascus, 98 and Jeroboam, to whom 19 And Hadad found great favour in the
Alijih prophesied. 4 Solomon's acts, reign, and sight of Pharaoh, so that he gave him
deala: Rehoboam succeedeth him

to wife the sister of his own wife, the dr. 122

UT . king

Solomon loved many sister of Tabpenes the queen.
strange women, together with the 20 And the sister of Tahpenes bare him

daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Genubath his son, whorn Tahpenes wean-
Deut. 27. Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidoni ed in Pharaoh's house: and Genubath
ans, and Hittites;

was in Pharaoh's household among the Or, baride

2 Of the nations concerning which the sons of Pharaoh.

LORD said unto the children of Israel, 21 * And when Hadad heard in Egypt - 1 Kings 2. F. 34. 16. Ye shall not go in to them, neither that David slept with his fathers, and that

10, 34. shall they come in unto you: for surely Joah the captain of the host was dead, they will turn away your heart after their Hadad said to Pharaoh, Let mo depart, Heb. Send gods: Solomon clave unto these in love. that I may go to mine own country.

me audy. 3 And he bad seven hundred 'wives, prin. 22 Then Pharaoh said unto him, But cesses, and three hundred concubines : what hast thou lacked with me, that, and his wives turned away his heart. behold, thou seekest to go to thine own

4 For it came to pass, when Solomon country. And he answered, $+ Nothing : 1 Heb. Not. # Itel 17. was old, that his wives turned away his howbeit 6 let me go in any wise B.

heart after other gods: and his heart 23 And God stirred him up another
was not perfect with the LORD his God, adversary, Rezon the son of Eliadah,
I as was the heart of David his father. which fled from his lord y Hadadezery 2 Sam. 8.
5 For Solomon went after , Ashtoreth king of Zobah :

3. Jade 13 the goddess of the Zidonians, and after 21 And he gathered men unto him, and 2 Etaps 23. Milcom the abomination of the Am became captain over a band, 'when Da : 2 Sam 8. mnonites. vid slew them of Zobah: and they went to

& 10.8, 28, Curied

6 And Solomon did evil in the sight of Damascus, and dwelt therein, and reigned
the LORD, and twent not fully after the in Damascus.
LORD, as did David his father.

25 And he was an adversary, to Israel
7 Then did Solomon build an high all the days of Solomon, B beside the
place for Chemosh, the abomination of mischief that Hadad dids: and he abhor.
Bioab, in the hill that is a before Jeru- red Israel, and reigned over Syria ß.
salem, and for Molech, the abomination 26 I And Jeroboam the son of Nebat, ch. 12. 2.

2 Chr. 13.6. of the children of Ammon.

an 7 Ephrathite of Zereda, Solomon's ser. 8 And likewise did he for all his strange vant, whose mother's name was Zeruah, Jade 11.36 wives, which burnt incense and sacrificed a widow woman, even he blifted up his 2 Sat, 20.

into their gods.

hand against the king.
99 And the LORD was angry with Solo. 27 And this was the cause that he lifted
mon, because his heart was turned from up his hand against the king : Solomon

e eh. 9. 4. the LORD God of Israel, which had ap-built & Millo, and 't repaired the breaches 9

+ Heb

closest. peared unto him twice,

of the city of David his father.
10 And bad commanded him concern. 29 And the man Jeroboam was a mighty
ing this thing, that he should not go man of valour: and Solomon seeing the

after other gods : but he kept not that young man that he was industrious, he + Heb. 1

di work, which the LORD commanded.

made him ruler over all the charge of 11 Wherefore the LORD said unto Bolo the house of Joseph.

+ Heb.

bunden, mon, Forasmuch 88 3 this t is done of 29 And it came to pass at that time

cir. 980. thee 3, and thou hast not kept my cove when Jeroboam went out of Jerusalem,

nant and my statutes, which I have that the prophet Ahijab the Shilonite 4 ch. It. 2, r. 31 commanded thee, I will surely rend the found him in the way; and he had clad

kingdom from thee, and will give it to bimself with a new garment; and they
thy servant.

two rcere alone in the field :
12 Notwithstanding in thy days I will not 30 And Ahijah caught the new garment
do it for David thy father's sake: but I that was on him, and rent it in twelve

Sael Sam.

15. 27. will rend it out of the hand of thy son. pieces :

24. 5. 13 P Howbeit I will not rend away all 31 And he said to Jeroboam, Take thee the kingdom ; but will give 4 one tribe ten pieces : for sthus saith the LORD, ver. 11, 13.

to thy son for David my servant's sake, the God of Israel, Behold, I will rend r. 12, 39.

and for Jerusalem's sake which I have the kingdom out of the hand of Solo.
• Des 11

mon, and will give ten tribes to thee :
14 ( And the LORD 'stirred up an ad. 32 (But he shall have one tribe for my
versary unto Solomon, Hadad the Edom. servant David's sake, and for Jerusalem's
ite: he was of the king's seed in Edom.

15 For it came to pass, when David VAR. REND.-5V. 22. Nay. -6v. 25. So Ge. Ke. 1 Cher 2.19,

*Bwas in B Edom, and Joab the cap. Rather, but as for this mischief that Hadad did (he tain of the host was gone up to bury abhorred, &c.), Ew. But see note :-?V. 26. i.e.

the slain, after he had smitten every Ephraimite (as 1 Sam. 1. 1), not -- Beth-lehemite (as Deal.03. male in Edom;

1 Sam. 17. 12.)—B V. 27. Lit. the rampart.—' shut

in the ravine (riz. Tyropæon), Th. Ew. . TAR. BEXD.-15V. 29. with them, lit. in their hand. VAR. READ. - V. 22. B Gr. Me. . insert here

Chap. 11. IV. 3. i.e. queens. 2 V. 7. i.e. east (after Sept. Cod. Vat.), And Hadad returned to 01.-7. 11. thou hast purposed such things. his own land (thus far also Cod. Aler. Eto. Th.); * 1. 15. was at war) with, Ke. . But See Var. this is the mischief which Hadad did ; and he Read

abhorred Israel and reigned over Edom (Cod. 11. VAR. Rzad. - Chap. 11. V. 15. B had smitten, places this at end of 0.25). V. 25. B See preSept. Park. Tk. (1.)

ceding note.


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