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the afro asiatic types are different and are not like a african american and also many of them have beautiful brown skin colors not black the lydians mixed with the people of phut and cush not just cush the lydians are the hittites and the hittites mixed with the idumeans adites the imliq are from Lud son of shem when thamud perished the remaining sons of Aram were known as Arman the people who succeeded the ad and thamud are the Imliq a mix the imliq are adites and the imliq mixed with the Hamitic canaanites the Phoenicians who were just another branch of the dravidians the other being the sumerians and the imliq mixed with another canaanite people like pure aboriginal people of north america the imliq are known as the giant people another name for imliq is amorite
imliq are probably the arameans and you people forgot to mention that Prophet Jonah was sent to Nineveh northern Iraq many iraqi kurds have the cmh not talking about Jewish

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