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brand of the Beast, as we find him described," Revel. 13. 13, 14, And Sermop

XIII. he doth great wonders, and deceiveth 7** them that dwell on the earth, isę means of those miracles which he had

power to do.

And now the Church of Rome may be allowed to work Miracles; and yet Divine Miracles, such as were wrought for the first Confirmation of Christianity, may be ceased in the Church: which is a fufficient answer to the Objection, and upon the whole matter thews, that the Miracles pretended to in the Church of Rome, are so far from giving any confirmation to her Doctrines, that they are rather an evident proof that she is the Apostate and Anti-Christian Church.

I might now draw two or three Inferences from this whole Dil. course. As,

I. We have great reason to admire the Wisdom and Goodness of God in the Dispensation of the Go


spel, that by the sending down of Volume his holy Spirit to endow the first XII.

Publishers of this Heavenly Doctrine with such Miraculous Gifts and Powers, he hath given such abundant Testimony to the Truth of our Religion, and such firm grounds for our Faith to rely upon.

II. The consideration of what hath. been said convinceth men of the great fin of Infidelity, and the unreafonableness of it, after fo cļear conviction and demonstration as God hath given to the World of the Truth of Christianity.

III. and lastly, They who believe the Gospel are utterly inexcusable, if they do not obey it, and live according to it: for this is the great end of all the Miracles, which God hath wrought for the confirmation of Christianity, that by the belief of the Gospel men might be brought to the Obedience of Faith, and live conformably to the Precepts of that Holy Religion, which the Son of God by lo many Miracles hath



planted and preserved in the World.
But these I have * discours'd of on a-


XIII. ņother occasion, and therefore shall insist upon them no farther at this Vole time,

10. Seran,



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XIV: )


The Advantages of Truth, in

Opposition to Error.

The first Sermon on this Text.

1 JOHN. IV. 4, 5. Ye are of God, little children, and have

overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. They are of the world : therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

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N the beginning of this Chapter

the Apostle cautions Christians against the false Teachers, and false Prophets, intending more especially those of the Gnostick Sect, as is

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