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The Condition of the Gospel

Covenant, and the Merit of
Christ, consistent.

The Fourth Sermon on this Text.

JOHN XX. 31.
But these are written, that ye might

believe that Jesus is the Christ, the
Son of God; and that believing ye
might have life through his Name.


Have in my former Discourses on

these words treated largely of the Nature of Christian Faith, particu. larly as it Sanctifies, Justifies, and Saves men. All that I farther propose

upon this


is, to make some reflections Volume whole Discourse, particularly that XII. which relates to justifying Faith, and

then to apply all to our own Use.

I have already taken notice of two Objections, to which my Discourse may seem liable, and if yet there remain any prejudice upon any

Man's Spirit against this Doctrine, I would desire such calmly to consider it, and the agreeableness of it not to the opinions of men, but to the Word of God, and the suitableness of it to the great design of Christian Religion, every where exprest in the Gospel, which is to bring men to Holiness and Obedience. And what Argument and consideration can be more

powerful to take men off from sin, and to excite them to the practice of Holiness, than this, that Repentance and Obedience are an indispensable Condition of our Justification and Pardon? And this is the very point in difference, whether the Gospel do not make Repentance and Obedience conditions of our Pardon and Justification, as well as an assent to the truth of the Gospel, and a trust in Chrift


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as the meritorious cause of our Salva

Sermon tion. That they are, I have endeavoured to prove from Scripture; and for X. the farther clearing of it, I desire that the Nature of the Gospel-Covenant may be well consider'd, which I take to be this. On God's part there are certain Benefits promised, Juftification, and Pardon of sin, and eternal Life and Salvation. On our part there are certain Conditions required before we can be made partakers of those Benefits; these are, to assent to the truth of the Gospel, trusting in Christ as our only Saviour, Repentance from dead works, and a sincere purpose and resolution of Obedience, and a holy life; these make


the whole and entire Condition of the Gospel, and are often exprest by this one word, Faith, which signifies the whole duty of a Christian; because he that truly believes the Gospel, will do whatever the Gospel requires. And hence it is, that to be a Christian, and to be a Believer, are in the Phrase of the New Testament all one. Now the matter in controversie is plainly this; whether this whole Condition be required of us in order to our Par


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ndon and Justification, as well as in
Volume order to our Salvation. That Repen-

tance, and Obedience, and Holiness
of life, are Conditions of our Sal-
vation, I think is universally agreed;
I am sure it is clearly exprest in these
two Texts, Christ is the author of
eternal Salvation to them that obey him,
Heb. 5. 9. Without holiness no man
Shall see the Lord, Heb. 12. 14.

that the Condition of our Justification
and Salvation are the same, I think is
every whit as clear both from Scri-
pture, and from the general acknow-
ledgment of Divines by necessary con-
fequence. From Scripture, St. James
fays, that the same thing that justifies
us, faves us : for when he disputes,
whether we are justified by Faith
only, or by Faith and Works, he hath
this expression, What doth it profit,
my brethren, tho’a man say he bath
Faith, and have not works, can faith
save him? From whence the inference
is plain, that


the condition that we are justified, we are saved. And 'tis evident by necefsary consequence from the general acknowledgment of Divines; for I think this is universally agreed by Divines,


very fame

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