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have sufficient ground to believe the Volume Gospel; and if so, then whosoever XII. hath these grounds offer'd to him, is under an obligation to believe it: for

Man is bound to believe that, for which he hath sufficient ground and reason; and every Man sins who neglects his duty, that is, does not do that which he stands bound to do.


And not only whoever disbelieves the Gospel, fins in so doing, but farther, he commits the greatest sin that now men are capable of. I say now capable of: for I doubt not but that it was a sin of a higher degree, for those who sawChrist's Miracles to disbelieve, than it is for us who have only the relation of them. For by the same reas son, that he is more blessed that believes, and hath not seen; a greater curse belongs to him, who hath seen, and get doth not believe; and consequently such a Person is guilty of a greater fin. But because we cannot now see the Miracles of Christ, the greatest fin that men in this Age are capable of, is to disbelieve the Gospel confirmed


by Miracles, whereof we are assur'd m
by credible Relation. For the fin of Sermon
disbelieving now hath these two aggra-

VII. vations.


1. It is against sufficient Light and Evidence: and in this it is equal to the fins which are committed against Natural Light.

2. It is a fin against the greatest Mercies and Blessings that ever were offer'd to the World: and in this it exceeds the fins against natural Light. Whoever disbelieves the Gospel, he rejects the offer of eternal Life and Happiness. And these two aggravations the Apostle puts together, Heb. 2. 3. How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation, which at the first began to be Spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed nto us by them that heard him! And if this be thus, it highly concerns us to enquire into the Nature of this Faith; and this brings

me to the

Seventh Observation; That to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son



of God, is truly and properly ChristiVolume

an Faith. But the Consideration of XII.

this, I shall leave to tlie next Opportunity.

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Of the Christian Faith, which

Sanctifies, Justifies, and Saves.

The Second Sermon on this Text.

JOHN XX. 31.
But these are written, that ye might

believe that Jesus is the Christ, the
Son of God; and that believing ye
might have life through his Name.


N my former Discourse upon these

words, I propos'd Eight Observations from them, Six of which I have already dispatch’d, designing to Difcourse of the remaining two more at large. I proceed therefore to the

P 2



Seventh Observation which I laid XII.

down, viz. That to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, is truly and properly Christian Faith. This is the description which is here given of Christian Faith.

In Prosecution of this, I shall do these two things.

First, Shew you what is included in Believing that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

Secondly, Prove that this is truly and properly Christian Faith.

First, What is included in believing that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God? It signifies a firm and effectual perswalion that Jesus, that is, the Person the History of whose life and death is related in the Gospel, is the Chrift, that is, the true "Mefias, promised and prophesied of in the Old Testament to be the Saviour of the World; and that he is the Son of God, that is, the only begotten of the Father, who was fent by him into the World, and


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